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Sunday, December 31st, 2006

One of my dear friends and her husband have been contemplating sexual encounters outside of their marriage bed. The more that I talk with them about it, the more I think that they are far too caught up in labeling what they are interested in doing before they do it. Is it polyamory? Is it swinging? Is it an open marriage?

To me, a preconceived definition is the equivalent of standing at the edge of a pool and arguing over whether it is heated. You have absolutely no idea until you’re knee-deep in it.

Admittedly, there should be an extraordinary amount of caution when bringing any new kind of sexual experience into a monogamous relationship. The intent should always be to enhance. And if at any point it doesn’t favorably stimulate the bond you have in your primary relationship, then you should get out of the pool altogether, towel off and wait for the thunder and lightning to cease. (more…)

The Magic 8 Ball

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

Will he, will I, will we? How long will it take? Will it be worth the wait? Will I be another notch in his belt? Will he call me afterward, even if it’s to say “fuck off” or “you were a lousy lay”? Will we truly connect on an emotional and intellectual level in bed and out? Will I want to lay there afterward and “sleep” with him? Will I want to gather up my things afterward and scoot out the door only to delete him from my friends’ list immediately when I get home and pray he feels the same?

There is no predicting the dynamic that will unfold between three, four, or more people in the same bed. It can be bliss, or it can feel like a trainwreck. You could be off to an incredible start, chemistry in text is progressing well. You may feel like you’d travel to the other side of the continent just to give it a whirl. And, then you think, dear Christ that’s completely absurd. There are loads of fabulous, eligible men here in San Francisco–three of whom you had in your bed just last weekend!

Perhaps it isn’t a new relationship. Rather, it’s a relationship that has been sexual and you’re trying to fold it back into your life in a more productive way (see Breaking the Golden Rule). At times that feels like trying to gather up the dust after a nuclear explosion to see what you can reassemble with just a little salve. Tonight, I am of the opinion that talking about it any more is a complete waste of time. We have discussed each other’s insecurities, boundaries, emotions, feelings, worries.

We three agree that none of those things outweigh the positives of sharing an intimate experience with someone that we both feel strongly about and are attracted to. J and I are both interested in bringing back the “close threesome” to our list of repeated experiences. We want to find or develop a chemistry with someone, a friendship that involves terrific foreplay and some of our more “vanilla” likes such as cooking and music…only to retire to the bedroom for a beautiful evening of lovemaking with our dear friend.

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Deletes

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

UPDATE: The inspirational photo is now at the end of this post!!

I am one of the guilty little vixens on some sites like Craigslist posting ads and sometimes looking to connect with someone/groups. Tonight I posted an ad (the revenue from my first 451 Press check to the crafty reader who can find it). As I’ve said before it truly does not matter how well-worded or articulate your ad, you will still get cock pics, cock descriptions and other inappropriate responses.

But, I digress.

Now, by no means do you need to have the artistic prowess of Steve Diet Goedde, but when taking photos of yourself that you plan on emailing out to individuals that you have never seen before, do think of the following:

1. Do not sprawl on anything. Sprawling is rarely effective, especially when you haven’t seen the inside of a gym in over a year and your abdomen hasn’t seen sunlight in that same amount of time. The photo that I’m talking about included the individual slumped Al Bundy-style on the couch.

2. Be careful to select a decent background. The photo burned into my brain this evening is of the Al Bundy character sitting on his grandmother’s floral sofa. She may roll over in her grave at the thought. (more…)

The Night Turned to Morning

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

To read Part I, click here.
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To read Part III, click here.

My self-appointed editor commented discreetly today that up till now my story has been a good telling of events, without a lot of emotion behind it. The million-dollar question was what was I thinking and feeling? Was it just “sport fucking” or was there a greater connection within the group or between me and certain individuals?

In large part, this event was orchestrated not to carry the emotional weight of other encounters that J and I have had. We did not know our partners that well (unusual for us). We wanted rather to focus on the true intent of Global Orgasm Day (G.O.D.), which is the “huge influx of physical, mental and spiritual energy with conscious peaceful intent will not only show up on Princeton’s REGs, but will have profound positive effects that will change the violent state of the human world.”

Secondly, it is my preference in scenarios such as this not to draw an emotional roadmap for my readers. I assume that you are quick enough to infer a connection between Nate and I. If I do not mention an intellectual bond it’s because I cannot speak on French literature and Greek philosophy while sucking his cock. I have many talents, but expounding the 21st century interpretations of Plato’s Cave while servicing two men just isn’t a hobby of mine.

Fortunately, J and I seduced Nate into staying when all others left. J saw quickly the bond I was creating with Nate and wanted to seize the chance to bring another trusted male into our bed–an anniversary present to me, J later said.


I couldn’t have planned my first encounter of the evening more perfectly. I wanted to be with Nate first. A part of me wished J would come up behind me as I sucked Nate’s cock, spurring on my appetite for this new lover. But, he didn’t. He was focused completely on Jean, with good reason. As I turned from finishing Nate, Jean was bouncing atop J’s cock with the enthusiasm of a sorority girl.

Rich kept fucking Kim from behind until he and she both came. Rich whispered something to Kim that made her giggle. Jean reached for her hand and helped her sit atop J’s face. It was his good fortune to drink of her after Rich was finished. And, in truth, Jean and Rich navigated the transition so completely that you would think they had discussed it beforehand. It was fluid and J was completely enthralled.

Nate cleaned up and came back to the sofa. I had taken a seat there in the middle, fingers deep in my clit and pussy watching J please both women. Jean had begun kissing at Kim’s back, neck and shoulders. I was prepared to get up and join them, just to kiss Jean’s flawless skin…

Rich came back to the couch with Nate. They each sat on either side of me. Both were spent, but still eager to please. Nate moved to sit at my feet, but I nudged him upward to stay near me instead. It was more intimate not to suck and tease at my clit, but to kiss me. I wanted that intimacy from Nate. (more…)

The Night Was Upon Us, Part III

Monday, December 25th, 2006

To read Part I, click here.
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Another knock at the door brought Matt, Kim, and Jackie. Matt’s confidence was certainly more boastful with two beautiful women on his arm. I greeted them all warmly. As they stepped inside, I could hear that Rich got his playlist working. There was some seductive fado playing in the background.

Kim looked lovely and tranquil in her dark brown, flowing skirt and faux corset. Her dark blond hair was wound about her head, revealing her long, elegant neck. The long bejeweled earrings she wore teased about her neck and shoulders as she moved to greet everyone.

Jackie’s coat was cinched up tightly so that when she opened it to hand to Rich–it revealed the only items she wore underneath. Blood red bustier, garter belt and stockings set against her porcelain skin. She gave a hearty laugh when she took it off and saw Matt’s face. I could tell that she had made a dramatic entrance just for him. She took him by the hand and went to the bar, asking for his help pouring drinks that she brought.

J welcomed Kim and took her to the bedroom to find Jean and Rich. I stood, gawking at Jackie’s toying with Matt. There was an incredible sexual energy between them. And, he was evolving quickly out of his shell around her.

The last knock at the door startled me a bit in part because it suddenly occurred to me who was missing.


I realized where Matt’s nervousness had settled down as soon as I heard the knock. It was in the pit of my own stomach. I could see through the peephole only that he was wearing a tight collarless black shirt and black leather coat.

Deep breath. God, what am I, in high school? I repeated a quick mantra that I was the hostess, had invited him…that I was the insatiable beast that might even intimidate the hell out of him. Ok, that’s a little bold, even for my little ego. But, I needed a reverse from the timid feelings that were washing over me, and double quick.

“Well, it looks like we can begin now! Come in!”

“Hi! How are you this evening, Lo?” he kissed me on the cheek and stepped past me to enter the room.

“Absolutely perfect.”

Nate walks in and gets a hearty, masculine hello from Matt. Matt unwinds his arms from Jackie long enough to shake Nate’s hand. Then Nate turns to me, “Well, where’s the rest of the group?”

“In the bedroom, I would imagine.”

He slips his arm around my waist and whispers, “Let’s join them.”

He leads the way into the bedroom and stops just past the doorway. Jean and Kim are half-dressed in their lingerie and J and Rich in the buff. J is between Jean’s full, beautiful thighs. She is probably thinking of nothing but his tongue on her clit, eyes closed and head half-buried in pillows. (more…)

Sugasm #60

Monday, December 25th, 2006

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasmer participants. Want in Sugasm #61? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form.

This Week’s Picks
A night at the opera (
“There were limits to what could be done where there was any discernible level of visibility. But I was familiar with these limits and had enjoyed them before.”

In Praise of Older Men (
“I would expect her to have at least one lad on the side, and perhaps more.”

A Nawty Story: Cookies and Cream (
“I pull my hand away from her pussy and sniff her fragrances on my fingers.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Raunchy Wrapping Paper (

Editors’ Choice
Christmas for the lonely wanker (

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The Night Was Upon Us, Part II

Monday, December 25th, 2006

Well, you know how much I enjoy leaving you wondering what turn my forays will take next, but it was never my intent to leave you in the lurch! With the end of this tale, I wish you the merriest of Christmases, the happiest of holidays…


I just slipped into a black sheer slip that stopped at the curve of my ass (a favorite place for a new friend of mine) and pulled my hair up as I heard the first knock on the door. I heard J let Jean and Rich in. In truth, we asked them to show up about thirty minutes before the rest of the guests. As the other experienced couple in this setting, we thought having them in the room as other guests arrived would be put others (mostly Matt) at ease.

I wet my fingers in a musky perfume, dabbing it behind my knees, ears and between my breasts. I had already dusted my most intimate places lightly in honey dust. I opened the bathroom door and was surprised to step right into Rich’s arms. His hand was extended to knock as I opened the door.

“Well, hello sexy!” he said, as his hands went to my back keeping me from fallling backward at my own startle.

“My favorite couple. I’m glad you’re both here,” I enjoyed finding myself in his clutches so soon. His hands travelled up my spine, to cradle my head as he turned me into his lips. His lips were warm and his breath sweet.

“How are the preparations going?” he asked, pulling away from my lips.

“We’re finished, except for the music in the next room.”

“Jean and I brought a playlist. I’ll put it on when I come out. Jean is in the kitchen. Go say hello.”

Jean was in the middle of setting out all the champagne. Well, at least she was before J greeted her, I guessed. He had her propped on the counter when I entered. Her skirts were pushed up so that the milky white skin above her thigh-high stockings was exposed. She was exquisite. Her thick curly brown hair fell around her face, shrouding she and J in their kiss. (more…)

The Night Was Upon Us, Part I

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

It isn’t often that I live an experience so outside the norm of my life that I am left the next day imagining that it was a dream. Not a perfect, surreal dream, but an imagining of my own life. It was as though I lived as someone else for a moment, hosting my first “party.” Our celebration of what a friend unable to attend called “G.O.D.” (for Global Orgasm Day) was completely spiritual and exhausting, mentally and physically.

Did we achieve a change in global consciousness as was intended by the experiment? Who knows. Only the boys at Princeton can tell me that. But, the air in the room smelled of sex and the emotion of order was euphoria during multiple, varying points in the evening…

First, the little details: What in the hell do you bring/do for something like that if you’re the host?

Our toy bag included:
- Plenty of lubes and oils (some edible, some hypoallergenic…yes, I’m nothing if not the thoughtful hostess)
- A variety of condoms
- Full stock of waters and juices (We invited guests to bring limited alcoholic beverages of their choosing. We chose not to drink that evening, but welcomed conscious, responsible drinking by our playmates.)
- Tea lights (For my rugged, testosterone-laden readers–I adore you–but it’s a type of candle that is small, easily toted, and beautiful set up in large quantities.)
- At least a half-dozen dildos and vibrators (including the iBuzz Two from LoveHoney that I will be reviewing in the next couple of days)
- Hygiene-related items for our guests: personal cleansing wipes, toy santizers and breath mints. (more…)

Global Orgasm Day

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

I’ve been posting for a while on Global Orgasm Day. J and I are hosting a party tonight in an exclusive hotel in San Francisco. We have a marvelous guest list.

My holiday present to you, gentle readers, will be a full telling of the event sometime this weekend. Cut me a little bit of slack though. I anticipate being completely exhausted tomorrow.

In the meantime, let me know what you’re doing today. Whether or not you believe in the “science” behind it, who needs more than a little nudge to stop the ridiculous holiday bustle and have an orgasm?

How many orgasms have you had in honor of Global Orgasm Day?
Less than one (I’m going to bed to “buzz”)
Between 1 and 5
Over FIVE!
I’ve lost count!!!
Global what?
I refuse to celebrate the day (please don’t read this blog anymore) free polls

Full, But Not Satiated

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

We walked in early to check on the room for our Munch. I don’t worry about the littlest details, typically. But what we asked for was quite different than any other banquet room reservation.

I asked for the room to be set up to mingle, not for a formal dinner. So the couches and chairs were placed about the room in a way that was conducive to eating, talking, drinking and flirting. We wanted this munch to feel like it was being held in someone’s living room to ease any nerves that were present amidst our guests.

The food was being put out when we arrived, amidst the charming little board games on the low tables we requested. The dark velvet couches were spaced in a round table like setting, with some seating on the periphery if individuals decided to pair off. We were a small group for such a room, but the organization in the center was pleasing. We certainly aren’t going to sit or fuck in such a confined group later on, so giving our “menu items” the chance to walk around and develop some intimacy together tonight was perfect. (more…)

Meme in L

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Monsieur Tom Paine has tagged me with a meme (again).

Ten Things That Begin With L:

Lascivious - I am inclined to lust and wanton behavior. (EDITED: To remove thoughtless dictionary attempt to use “lascivious” in a sentence….)

“Long Relationships” - Tom has accused me of being the writer over on this site. Truth be told, I’d be awful at writing that blog. Long relationships are not my forte. I’m much better at the restlessness (see Restless Cravings).

- I once had a rendezvous with a love in London. We are neighbors (less than 50 miles away) in real life. But, the opportunity never presents itself to see each other. So, we travelled cross the pond to meet. Great distance spawned great intimacy, staying in a small flat in central London. Our host was a charming Italian poet, who had been born in New York. We did surface from our room smelling of lust and sex for tea, which usually doubled as breakfast. We spoke lovingly with our beguiling hostess, sharing our secret romance with her. There was something comforting that let us believe speaking of it to her would be safe. We left that poet speechless, save her neatly written well-wishes tucked under our door on our last morning with her.


Global Orgasm Munch

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Well, you can’t just expect us to show up with hard cocks and wet pussies tomorrow evening, can you? Alright, J and I could perhaps…but, we’re more acquianted with the group. We’re hosting a munch this evening for those individuals who made it thru our screening process for our Global Orgasm Day Celebration. We reserved a room at a charming Italian restaurant in North Beach for the following guests:

Nathaniel - 6′2″, 43 years old, single, salt and pepper dark brown hair (my weakness), dark green eyes. He was selected after much discussion between J and I. He resembles with frightening similarity the love from Restless Cravings that I spoke of. It’s staggering actually. I’ve made a promise to J not to concentrate on Nathaniel for that reason. That was a strange promise to make…

Matt - 5′10″, 37 years old. He is the youngest invitee and the “married, playing single” of the bunch. He was invited because I am a sucker for funny guys and he managed to keep up with my wit in chat long enough to interest me.

Jean and Rich - A 40-something couple. She is 5′5″, slender, with this Farrah Fawcett, gypsy-cut hair that I think is just beautiful. She is soft-spoken (on the phone) and looks amazing lying in an old victorian bath tub. Rich is 6′1″ with an athletic build. He’s got a runner’s body from the photos. That’s not typically my type, but he and Jean make an incredibly dynamic and charming couple. Plus, they have a great deal of experience as swingers. As it turns out, they are members on a swinger site that we belong to and we’ve never connected with them before. What a shame! Our participation must be slipping… (more…)

Girl talk, Part II

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

To read Part I, click here.
She let her robe fall from her shoulders. Her eyes were focused on mine as she removed her clothes. We’d seen each other in the buff before. I’d seen her atop J’s cock and she’d seen me sprawled on the bed deep throating her husband. Despite all of that, this is the first time I saw her a little nervous as she removed her clothing. Her eyes spoke of a want for approval with every inch of skin that she revealed to me. I walked to her side of the bed, eyes still locked in hers.

In moments, she was naked before me. I smiled at her, letting my finger trace her hairline. “You’re beautiful, T. Let me hold you.” I pressed my lips to hers just to feel the warmth from her body for a moment. The chill of the room made us both anxious to climb into bed. She pulled back the covers and I unfastened my bra sliding into the bed behind her.

T rolled to face me and said, “I can’t believe you’re here. Actually, I can’t believe that the guys AREN’T here.” They always joked that they’d never be farther away than the nearest television with a game on. We knew they really meant they’d have the game on only loud enough to make us think they were watching, while their ears were to the door of our room.

We talked briefly about why she’d been feeling down. I lay there next to her as she looked up, talking to me but not making eye contact. I ran my fingers thru her hair. I played gingerly with her earring and then earlobe. I brushed her cheek with the back of my hand. Her telling of her story became broken. She started to repeat herself when I kissed her neck, just below her earlobe. My kisses continued down her neck to her clavicle.

Her story stopped. She didn’t feel sexy. I could fix that. (more…)

Girl talk, Part I

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

All this chatter about unicorns had me thinking of my only true girlfriend. She is a beautiful Hawaiian with creamy brown skin. She has elegant feminine curves to her body, with enough meat on her bones that you can guess she indulges in life (and dessert) the way she SHOULD! Her dark, sleek hair is cropped short as a nymph’s. She has a laugh that would calm even the most nervous partner. And, her spirit is worth celebrating, in and out of bed.

She and her husband have played with J and I on a few occasions. In and out of the bedroom, they are incredible people. What J and I love most about them is their tireless souls. Laughter is a part of all they do, even sex. I once laughed in the middle of an orgasm with B that has remained unparalleled ever since.

T has been feeling down lately. We have spent precious little time nurturing our friendship and I am awful at returning phone calls. Truth be told, I detest phones. T leaves me sarcastic messages usually, taunting me into picking up the phone and calling her back…“Where are you? Have you fallen into a black hole? Pretend like you’re a part of civilization and call me back, ok?” (more…)

Sugasm #59

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

I’m happy to say that I’m in this week’s Sugasm again–though I took a risk in entering my Playing at the W, Part III (
series. It was a little intense, even to experience. It has its own niche of readers. Anyway, enjoy the stories!

The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasmer participants. Want in Sugasm #60? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form.

This Week’s Picks
By Invitation Only (
“I was being watched by a room full of people, but all I could think about was his thick cock, pounding me, his balls slapping against my ass.�?

Love that aural sex (

“…The lazy way your honeyed tones flow out, saying my name, or merely whispering “Is that good, baby? You like that?�? as you slide a finger in and out of me, deliberately and slowly.�?

What BDSM Can Tell Us All About Sex (part 1) (
“That’s another form of power exchange: if I ‘let’ you have sex with someone else, it’s very different than if you sneak off and fuck that person without having permission.�?

Mr. Sugasm Himself

Everyone Diggs Porn (

Editors’ Choice
Sandra Claus (

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