Oral Sex

Number One

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

towel.jpg“I want to make you cum tonight, Rors…at least three times�? he said to me, as the steam in the shower hugged our bodies.

He turned off the shower, and pulled back the curtain, steam lingering in the air. I reached for a towel, but he pushed me against the bathroom wall and began kissing me again.

“I’m dripping all over the floor,” I pouted.

“Really?” he whispered on my lips. “I didn’t know I made you that wet…let me feel.” His tongue found that spot on my neck and I giggled as he slid his fingers once again into my slit. Water pooled at my feet, dripping from my hair and rolling down my back. I moaned as he slowly rubbed and pinched at my clit, and my legs began to shake a little.

“Fuck meeee…” I whispered, nibbling on his earlobe. “God that feels good.”

“Not yet.” He held me against the wall like he did in the shower and slowly slid his middle finger deep into me. My hair was plastered against my forehead and my breath was ragged.

He grabbed my wrists with one hand and pinned them to the wall over my head, continuing to finger fuck me slowly, gently. Every time he ran his wet fingers over my clit, I shuddered a bit. Before I could build up an orgasm, though, he was moving again - inside me, stroking my asshole, running fingers down my thighs.

“You still want me to fuck you?” He asked after about 15 minutes, watching my face writhe with pleasure and longing. He rested a finger on my clit and began to tap it, which made me arc my back and cry out.

“Rori…” he said, pushing against me so I felt his rock-hard cock on my leg as he continued tapping my clit, “…do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yeehssss,” I panted, wanting to feel him deep in me. “Fuuuuuck meeee…”

He kissed down my collar bone, between my tits, down my stomach, as he knelt down, always keeping one finger on my swollen clit.

“Too bad…I don’t want to fuck you yet. I want you to cum all over my face.” And with that, he buried himself in my pussy, making me cry out again as his tongue slurped at my juices. “Cum for me, pretty lady.”

I began to grind again his face, feeling like I’d fall over if he would not have been pressing me firmly against the wall with one hand as he used the other to finger me deeply. I screamed out, trying to hold back a bit longer against the intensity of his lapping tongue and pulsing fingers. He suddenly pulled his slick fingers out of my pussy and instead slipped them slowly, intensely, into my tight asshole. The sensation drove me over the edge and I lost control.

“Cum for me, Rori,” he growled, and I did, my orgasm dripping down his chin when I finally opened my eyes.

“Your fingers are still up my ass,” I said with a smirk, albeit weakly and still panting a bit.

“I know,” he replied, a devilish twinkle in his eye, “You don’t think I’m done with you yet, do you? That was only number one.”

To be continued…

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Sunday, December 30th, 2007

You can read the first part of this tale here…

“Fuck me now,” I said, bent over and wet in front of his already hard cock. Steam filled the bathroom and he stepped closer to me and grabbed my ass, enjoying the feel of my smooth skin. He spanked me and I yelped, the water intensifying the slap.

“Bend over farther,” he growled. “Grab your ankles.”

shower_2.jpgI was happy to oblige, the water running down my neck as the blood rushed to my head. I felt him close behind me, lovingly caressing my ass and sliding his fingers occasionally into my exposed pussy. The shower was filled with steam, making it hard to see and breathe.

He played with my pussy with the tip of his cock and my knees went weak. He was in one of those moods…a mood for all-out love-making, not just a quick fuck in the shower. He was in the mood to enjoy every inch of my tight body, to explore every part of me.

And I was right. He slid his cock into me slowly, deeply, without hurry, and waited there, feeling me quiver around him. He filled me to the brim, his balls pressed against skin and he took in the feeling of being in me.

“Fuck, Rori. You feel so good. I could stay like this all my life, living in your pussy.”

“I would let you…” I lifted my head from the floor and saw stars as the blood began flowing again. He grabbed my hair, twisting his hands around the wet tendrils, and slowly, carefully, with every intent to feel every movement, began to fuck me. The water flower down my back and ass, tickling us both as he slid in and out slowly. I felt an orgasm begin to build and grow as he yanked my head back, thrusting into me faster and faster, his balls bouncing against my clit.

Suddenly he stopped, pulled me upright, and pinned me again the shower wall, facing him. He got down on his knees, not spending long teasing my lips with his tongue and nibbling my milky-white thighs before beginning to lick my pussy. I gasped as he found my clit with his tongue and moaned as he sucked it before going back to licking up my juices.

“God you taste like heaven.”

One hand on my stomach to pin me to the wall, he began to finger me with the other hand, slowly, as the water kept us warm. I moaned some more, gasping each time his fingers pumped into me, hitting my G-spot. He watched me, a smile on his face, enjoying my pleasure.

“I want to make you cum tonight, Rors,” he said, “at least three times.”

To be continued…

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Head and Romance

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

“I’m cold.”

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it is that I’m always cold. I sleep with about three blankets during the winter, and often wearing a sweatshirt. I much prefer the summer months when I can lounge around in next to nothing instead of bundling up in multiple itchy layers. My skin screens for sunlight.

Kiss.JPGHe pulled me closer in response, running my arms and wrapping himself around me. I love fucking…but I love snuggling as well. Being pulled again him, his breaths tired and deep, was making me shiver…and not from the cold.

I kissed his lips softly and he opened his eyes, looking into mine. I’m a romantic girl and his stare made me melt. I felt myself start to grow wet as his legs rubbed mine and he kissed me deeply. His fingers ran through my hair, pulling my lips closer to his own.

Pulling away, he looked deeply into my eyes again, his fingers still entwining in my curls. Slowly, he began to push. I knew what he wanted, and I began to salivate.

Why? Because, simply put, I love his cock. I love pleasing him, so I allowed him to push my head under the covers as he peeled off his boxers with his free hand.

My gasp caught in my throat as he forced his cock into my mouth, using his grasp my my hair to push my head down until I was taking it in completely. My eyes began to water as I sucked, suppressing the urge to gag. I rubbed the head of his penis against the back of my throat and he moaned with pleasure


Five Important Steps to a Better Blow Job

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

istock_000000503845small.jpgPerhaps I’m not the authority on this subject. After all, I don’t have a penis. I don’t know how it feels.

That said, I’ve never had complaints. And, I’ve gotten a lot of requests. So, I must be doing something right. I know that not every girl out there likes to give head. Ladies, change your ways. You can learn to enjoy it…or at least tolerate it. The fellas in your life want blow jobs. Humor them occasionally! Here are my five important steps to a better blow job:

1. Learn to swallow. Swallowing cum is hard; I won’t deny that. Talk to any guy through, and they’ll tell you that yes, they like to cum in your mouth. It just feels better. At the least, allow your man to cum in your mouth and then spit it out if you have to. Over time, however, you’ll learn to swallow, and it won’t be a big deal anymore. If you’re currently have trouble swallowing, check out “How to Be a Cum-Guzzler”.

2. Move your tongue around. If you’re just doing a little head bobbin’, it gets kinda boring. Give him full benefits of your wet, hot mouth - lick, slurp, suck, and constantly mix it up.

3. Let him know you’re alive and enjoying yourself. I get it - some girls don’t like to suck a cock. I can appreciate that. HOWEVER, if you constantly tell your boyfriend that you hate sucking cock, how do you think that will make him feel? Imagine him continually saying, “I really hate licking your pussy. It sucks. It is so gross.” That’s a confident booster, huh? You don’t have to pretend that you love giving head, but give it your best effort to like it a little. And, while you’re giving head, let him know that you’re having fun and that you’re turned on by his huge, hard dick. Moan, look into his eyes, and suck that dick greedily. You have to want it.

4. Don’t ignore the balls. Some guys are more sensitive than others, so definitely be careful. No teeth, please. Some girls, though, forget that the balls are there. Gently sucking or licking a guy’s balls can lead so some of the most intense pleasure possible for a guy. While you’re sucking his shaft, you can also use your hands to carefully fondle them.

5. Suck hard. While most guys will ask that you don’t use your teeth, you don’t have to treat his penis like it’s made of glass. Watch how he strokes himself sometime - he’s probably fairly rough with his cock. I’ve never had a guy complain that I’m sucking too hard…they love it. The harder, the better. Pretend that you’re sucking on a thick milkshake through a straw - yes, you should be sucking that hard.

How do you feel about these tips? Is there anything you would add or remove?

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All About the Tricks

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

…because it can’t be all about the treats. (click on that link to read the first part of this night…but if you don’t have time, let’s just say that the girl next door had just called me while she was fucking her husband to invite me to join in…)

I didn’t knock, and the door wasn’t locked. Which is a good thing, considering that I ran next door wearing nothing but a black thong, a bright red bustier, and my devil horns. I closed the front door carefully behind me, the moans of my neighbor and J* filling my ears and making me drip. Have I mentioned that I love Halloween?

They noticed me as I walked into their bedroom (how could you not?), and I took in the scene before me. Still partially in her costume, the girl next door was positioned on the edge of the bed, her jungle-inspired bottoms yanked savagely to one side and her bra still on, but burst with her bouncing tits, which peeked out from under the cups. Her legs wrapped around him, J* stood naked at the edge of the bed, but still looked very much like Tarzan even without the ridiculous hammock-like costume. His abs were rock-hard and his tanned skin on rivaled by her own caramel-colored legs.

istock_000000167457small.jpgWithout pausing in his thrusts, he beckon me to the bed. She gasped with every push into her, the girl next door gasped, taking him into her tight pussy balls deep. His right hand was pressing into her lower torso, holding her steady as he fucked and he used his right hand to undo my top, letting it slip to the floor as I allowed my thong to fall with with them.

“Jump on her face,” he commanded with a smile. I looked at her for approval, but she seemed lost in the fucking motion, her eyes closed and her mouth open.

“Go ahead. She wants it. She wants to taste you tonight.” J* continued fucking and she continued gasping for breath.

I hopped onto the bed and slowly, cautiously straddled her open mouth, facing J*. I began to lowered care, not sure if she knew that I was there, but she reached up and grabbed my thighs to bring me down on her tongue. She licked hungrily, alternating between sucking on my clit and jabbing her tongue into my quivering pussy. I lost myself there, on her face, which seemed to bury itself deeper in me every time J* thrust into her. I looked down and realized that, without knowing it, I was pinching my own nipples, and my moans and screams mixed with hers, howling into the Halloween nights.

I reached down and began playing with her nipples - caressing, pinching, pulling - which caused to to arch her back and lap at my juices even more quickly. J* began to fuck harder and faster, and I saw that he was watching us play with one another. He unwrapped her legs pulled them up as through her feet were in stirrups at the doctors.

“Hold her open for me,” he grunted to me. And I knew exactly what he wanted. He cock was dripping with her juices, and, still on her relentless mouth, I reached down and spread her ass cheeks, using my fingers to play with her asshole. He forced his cock in and she shook below me, stopping her licking to scream in pain and pleasure. He beautiful clit, pierced, was before me and I rubbed it vigorously, imagining that it was my own clit and I was masturbating. It took less than a minute and the girl next door was squirting - spraying J* the bed, and me with her orgasm. She went limp with exhaustion, and I slid off of her wet face.

“Did my little slut cum?” smiled J*. I waited for her to answer, but he wasn’t talking to her. He was talking to me. His little slut. I shook my head no. No, she had kept me on the edge, but I hadn’t let myself cum into her eager mouth.

“We’ll just have to do something about that then, won’t we?” The girl next door’s smile lit up the room and, her cum still running down her legs, she pushed me backwards until I was laying where she was only moments before. She straddled my face as I had done hers and J* began to fuck me from the edge of the bed. And before long, we were both hollowing into the Halloween night yet again.

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How to be a Cum-Guzzler

Friday, September 14th, 2007

A woman and her boyfriend are out having a few drinks. While they’re sitting there having a good time together, she starts talking about this really great new drink. The more she talks about it, the more excited she gets, and starts trying to talk her boyfriend into having one. After a while he gives in and lets her order the drink for him.

The bartender brings the drink and puts the following items on the bar: A salt shaker, a shot of Baileys, and a shot of lime juice.

The boyfriend looks at the items quizzically and the woman explains. “First you put a bit of the salt on your tongue, next you drink the shot of Baileys and hold it in your mouth, and finally you drink the lime juice.”

So, the boyfriend, trying to go along and please her, goes for it. He puts the salt on his tongue……..salty but OK. He drinks the shot of Baileys……..smooth, rich, cool, very pleasant.

He thinks……..this is OK.

Finally he picks up the lime juice and drinks it. In one second the sharp lime taste hits, the Baileys curdles, and it feels as if he has a mouth full of nasty snot. This triggers his gag reflex, but being manly, and not wanting to disappoint his girlfriend, he swallows the now foul tasting drink.

When he finally chokes it down he turns to his girlfriend, and says, “Jesus, what do you call that drink?”

She smiles widely at him and says, “Blow Job.”

Want a few more laughs? Don’t forget to check out The Penis Game!

istock_000001084658small.jpgThat has to be one of my favorite jokes of all time.

Yesterday, I talked a bit about my partner’s parting shot, and how I swallowed every drop (and on film to boot). I have to say, though, that drinking cum isn’t easy. In fact, there’s a lot of girls (and guys) out there who will tell you that drinking cum is impossible. And if you girlfriend or wife isn’t into drinking cum? Well, maybe it’s better to just let it go. After all, at least she’s giving you the blow job, right?

But swallowing can really be a joy. It’s a really nice feeling for your partner and helps with clean up. I don’t know about your man, but most of the guys that I’ve been with say that there’s no better end to a blog job than the girl (or guy) swallowing every last drop of cum as she (or he) looks up into the eyes of the guy she’s sucking. It can be a real turn-on, and it’s not as hard as you may think. Here are some tried-and-try tips that I’ve successfully used to swallow cum:


The Day Before

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Tomorrow is the big party. Since my grocery store run-in with the girl next door, I can’t stop thinking about her. I’ve thought about calling, about making up some excuse to knock on her door…but I’ve settled for the view from my bedroom window instead.

And I haven’t been disappointed.

istock_000001258825small.jpgLast night, I watched the girl next door slip into a silk negligee, its blood red tones perfectly paired with her silky sin. The lace around the top showed her nipples already peaking through as her partner, J*, massaged her shoulders, ran his hands along her sides, admired her curves.

I watched as she happily sighed with anticipation, turning to grasp his face in her hands and kiss him hard, still, I’m guessing, tasting of the wine she’d been sipping only moments before. She slid to her knees, and in a moment J* was unzipped and in her mouth. He was still wearing his jeans, so it was hard to get a good look at the bulge they had been hiding all day, but it didn’t matter. The site of her in her thong, teasing him ever so gently was enough to have me licking my lips. My hand traveled down my own pants as I watched her suddenly take him in completely. J* grasped at her hair, his head bent back and his torso pushed forward, allowing her to get the best angle for the deepest suck. he reach down, fondling her left breast, as she slowly slid her mouth back from him before engulfing him completely again.

He pulled her up to standing, kissing her and undressing her from the very negligee she’d just put on ten minutes ago. She coyly led him away from the window, to my dismay, and I saw them walk into the bathroom for what I can only assume was the steamiest shower on the block. I sat back on my bed and closed my eyes, my fingers still wandering. J* and the girl next door have been the source of my most intense orgasms since I moved in last year.

shadow.jpgAs a moan escaped my lips and my thighs began to tremble, I opened my eyes to see if the couple had returned from the shower. And there she was, standing at the window in all her glory.

Looking at me. I had forgotten to close my curtains.

I froze, and she smiled, caught. She walked away from the window, leaving her drapes open as she lay down with J*, who was already dozing off in bed.

Tomorrow is the party. And I think I should still go. In fact, I’m now even more excited to see the couple, talk to them, be close enough to feel their energy.

What should I wear?

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The Seven Deadly Sins in Bed: Gluttony

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007


glut·ton·y [gluht-n-ee]: noun, excessive eating and drinking, greediness in eating.

We’ll talk about greed a bit later this week, but really, gluttony can be a form of greediness in bed. Now, I’m sure that *most* people you meet won’t object to lots and lots of oral sex. I love it. My partners have always loved it. Everyone’s happy, right? Chah.

But are you really listening to what your partner wants? There’s an epidemic sweep the world right now: bad oral sex. And that really sucks. Or blows. Or licks. Whatever.


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