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Why I brown-filed your response

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

Let’s face it. If you’re a decent-looking woman looking for sex (even if you say you’re part of a couple) you’re going to be swarmed with responses from any ad you post. Case and point: the ad that J and I posted for our Winter Solstice Party has been inundated with responses.

Here are the stats:

48 single males
13 males that would love to “play single” even though they are married
11 couples
4 unicorns

The number of female responses always makes me a little blue. I’d love to see a greater number of confident, single women looking for sexual experiences with couples and groups. I suppose that’s why there’s never a cover charge for the mysterious unicorn. We just count ourselves lucky when we see one. (more…)

A Business Affair, Part III

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

For Part I, click here
For Part II, click here

J reached down to my pussy, dipped his fingers into me and brought them to my mouth to lick. “That’s mine,” he said as I sucked my juices from his fingers. He stepped back from me to let me get down from the railing and shift my skirt. We walked toward our car. It had been quite a long time since I had sex in a car, especially with J. I wasn’t sure if we were, well…that flexible anymore. After all of this torment, I was not in the mood for a good laugh at our attempts. I wanted to be fucked.

“J, I’m not sure we’re as young–,” he turned me to him and backed me up against the hood of the car. I felt his hand at the base of my neck, guiding my mouth to his for a kiss. He kissed me with such fervor that I could feel his mustache chaffing my skin. It sent chills down my spine.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Lo. We’re not having sex in the car.” He turned me around and cupped my breasts in his hands. I could feel his hard cock at the small of my back. He nibbled at my neck and up to my ear. I felt his tongue at the base of my earlobe. He whispered, “I’m going to fuck you right here.” (more…)

A Business Affair, Part II

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

For Part I, click here
“Let’s go take a walk,” J whispered. My eyes met his with trepidation. I have never been to a dinner party with Professional J and met my lover in the same room. Normally the two do not mix. I don’t begrudge him that. Even I can “act” for an evening.

But, when my eyes met J’s, I knew we’d be on the hunt for a secluded place outside the hotel lobby. He took my hand from my lap and pulled me off of the barstool. We made our way through the crowd, trying not to attract conversation or glances from anyone. I felt like a teenager sneaking out of a high school prom.

Adonis stopped us on the way out, looking for some professional advice. For a moment, the fantasy that was developing in my head faded. J began talk about writs, motions, precedent…And then, he reminded Adonis that he was too young to think about work all the time. Adonis laughed nervously for a moment. J offered our tab at the bar to Adonis and a suggested conversation with some colleagues from the other firm. We sidestepped our way out of the room.

Around the corner and out the door, we were in the alleyway between the hotel and the parking structure. “Where are we going?” I asked.

“Well, here for a kiss for the moment.” He pressed his lips to mine firmly before I could protest. A City alleyway isn’t the best location to pause for intimacy. As his tongue teased mine, I felt strangely shrouded by his body against me. It was an indiscriminate moment, as my hands found their way under his suit jacket and up his back. We jumped at a noise farther down the alley. J laughed for a second at my nervousness. “God, Lo, you’d think we’ve never done this before.” (more…)

A Business Affair, Part I

Friday, December 15th, 2006

A sultry conversation yesterday before I was to be dressed and ready for my corporate husband’s dinner party had me wondering if I could pull off the evening in a civilized, conventional fashion. Some guests at the dinner were colleagues of J’s or from another firm. Some were there simply to rub elbows with influential urban businessmen. There were about 30 guests in total in the lobby of a beautiful hotel on the Embarcadero.

It takes me quite a long time to crawl out of my rural hovel in large gatherings, especially when the gatherings of people are not my fellow rural liberals. A beginning at the bar was in order. I sat down and ordered a manhattan. J had been waylaid when we entered and I graciously excused myself to get us some beverages. In a few moments, J approached me from behind. (more…)

Writing a good sex ad/profile, Part II

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Example of our Winter Solstice Party Ad:
We are a 40-something couple seeking intelligent, creative, thoughtful individuals (M, F, or MF) for sexual play on the evening of December 22nd. It is our hope to find a few individuals of similar interests and personalities to join us in sexual tribute to Global Orgasm Day. (The goal being to have as many incredible orgasms as you can stand, meditating on the energy and emotions before and after.) The evening will be hosted in a hotel suite and is only open to 8 people.

This is not a gangbang evening or any other half-drunken, wild, college romp in the sack. Rather, what we want is individuals who are considerate, respectful lovers. You should be:

- Open to at least incidental contact with a member of the opposite sex
- Non-smoker (it’s just our preference…)
- Disease free (with recent test results)
- Drug free (at least for the party)
- Over the age of 35

We are not interested in seeing any kind of pic in the first email. Just simply write us and tell us why you think you’re a good fit for the party, and a short scenario that you foresee as a possibility (2 or 3 sentences).

A bit about us: She is 5′8″, 155 lbs. dark green eyes and red hair. He is 6′2″ broad-shouldered, blue eyes, and sandy blond hair. (more…)

My Naughty List

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

Well, it’s officially the holidays now that JT’s Stockroom has sent me my “Holiday Gift Guide” email. And, with the discussion at Polyamorously Perverse about Presents, I thought I’d share a few things on my list:

Three things that I adore:
1. All blindfolds are not created equal. This padded leather one is my favorite. It completely blocks out all light and helps cheaters like me keep from getting a peek at our masters.
2. Njoy Double-ended stainless steel dildo…Oh yes! This is classy and hits all the right spots…
3. Yes, I bought a case for it, but it deserves it’s own drawer in my opinion. The Wartenberg Pinwheel is a must have for our toy bag when we travel. And by our bed it remains when we are home. The most delicate touch with this instrument has a chilling effect on your senses, and being blindfolded simultaneously intensifies it. It is versatile as well for rougher play and an easy way to mimic knife play (if like me, you’re a little too weak in the constitution for that). It is my favorite toy used on me and used by me when I dominate another.

It’s hard to narrow down to the three that I like…There are so many fabulous toys. (I have an upcoming toy review section that I’ll be adding to soon. Look for that.)

Three things that I haven’t tried:

1. Super Deluxe Violet Wand Kit (though I do have and highly recommend the Wartenberg Pinwheel, see above)
2. Bondage Opera Gloves For photography alone, these are beautiful. I can only imagine how elegant they would feel when worn. J knows that these have been on my list for a while.
3. Aneros Prostate Massager: Well, I can’t have everything on my wish list for me, now can I? Plus, I think J would adore this while getting the blow job of his life.
4. (Honorable Mention) There’s something about this candy cane that generates the nervous giggly laughter of our youth, but still manages to bring a little sexy to the occasion. I have a story about a candy cane that I promise not to share…

I often wish I would win a lottery that could ONLY be used for anything related to sex…Don’t worry, I’ll keep dreaming.

Writing a good sex ad/profile, Part I

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

If you remember my post for Global Orgasm Day Celebration, you’ll remember that J and I are planning a party for that evening. We are creating an internet profile/ad and looking for partner(s) that will help us celebrate that day in all its glory. In creating the profile for us, I have thought of the countless ads I’ve posted before for various things. And, in my mind, it is an art form.

There are a variety of things to consider before you throw something up for the world to see…

Tip #1: Decide upon your intent. If you want a loving, sexual relationship you’d write a different kind of profile than if you were looking for a quick romp in the sack. (more…)

Sugasm #58

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasmer participants. Want in Sugasm #58? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form.

This Week’s Picks
6 weird things about me (
“I’ve masturbated to completion more than 13,000 times.”

Polygamy, chastity, and sexual pragmatics (
“Lest you think the “sister-wives” could always take matters into their own or each other’s hands…”

What a woman wants (
“Tell me about the couple who would have you fuck the wife, and the husband watch.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
My Bare Lady (

Editors’ Choice
Don’t you dare cum yet (

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“Next-gen vibrator gives everything you and your partner need to enjoy music and music-activated vibrations at the same time. Even works with a Zune ;-)


A cock rant

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

I’ve been trolling (hate that word) about some sites J and I belong to lately. We’re looking (as I said) for a male lover to bring to our bed.

Let it be said that all applications new and old will be accepted. No one will be turned away.

I promise to get into what makes a good ad. But, before I do, I have a bit of a rant. In nearly every discussion, every post, every ad, every profile, cock pics and descriptions are always the leaders. If one were completely naïve to the world, one might think that we were seeking out manufacturers of dildos and apparatus for experimentation. One might think that we were seeking to make a mold of “THE” perfect cock to use for all eternity, that all others will pale in comparison. At least, you would think that’s what we were doing by the detail, the sickening detail, that goes into every ’submission.’ It is as if the cock-senders and cock-talkers think there is nothing else desired of them besides a stiff erection.

I beg to differ. When we select a lover, it will be based on many factors, not the least of which is a healthy, intelligent sexual appetite. I will not be judging on color, slant, cut, length, or otherwise. Admittedly, there are some that are more attractive than others. But don’t lube yourself up, take a pic and email that to me with no words expecting some sort of over-enthusiastic, horny response that would have you in my bed in less than an hour.

I like them many ways. But, rather than having one that “can split me in two” or “keep me going for hours” I’d rather have one not connected to a dolt. Size truly does matter not. Read it again. That’s right. It matters not. Stupidity and naivete, however matter a great deal.

And, so I step down from my soapbox…to sit upon a cock of my choosing this evening. It may not be the biggest in all the land, but it knows from whence it came, and where it is going.

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Restless cravings

Monday, December 11th, 2006

A new friend told me yesterday that he detected “a great deal of restlessness�? on my part. Which makes me think, either it was a lucky guess to see that. Or, I wear my stirrings on my sleeve. They are not as veiled as I might hope.

I make no secret that I have had many lovers in my life, nor that my sexual awakening came at a time that I had promised to be monogamous to a man I loved. It was a great betrayal, with great consequence. But, I was not restrained. Judge as you wish that statement, but it is true.

I roped myself too quickly to the social ties that would bind, seeing them as a checklist for status in the adult world. College, check. Relationship, check. Child, check. Unhappiness, check. Undiscovered soul and sexuality, double check.

Long ago, I found myself with another restless lover. He and I are kindred spirits in many ways. I still love him with all that I am. He was a part of my great awakening. He was also a source of strength when I had no one else around me. Some of these things, he would most likely shake his head at. For, more than exhibiting these things, he just embodied them plainly to me. Still, I have never been so naive as to wish a life with him. It causes me great pain to see that written, and I most often dismiss the thought immediately when it occurs to me. But, our soul’s songs would fly about too much for any peace, I fear. (more…)

Tell me your fantasy (Part II)

Sunday, December 10th, 2006

He walked to the couch and sat down, unzipping his pants. I knelt before him and took his flaccid penis into my mouth. I used my hands, tongue, and a good amount of spit to get him erect.

I was nestled in the pillow of my own bedroom as I had these thoughts of my hotel hook up. It was still early in the morning. I had crawled back into bed for a moment to warm up, to relax before my bath. I pulled the blankets up and closed my eyes, imagining his darkened hotel room.

The shades were completely drawn, letting in only cracks of light. One orange lamp on the table at the far side of the room gave light to what we were doing. Gradually, he became engrossed in what I was doing, hips pushing into my mouth and hands forcing my head down farther, trying to gauge how far he could push himself into me before I gagged. Each push of his hands on my head was a little harder. (more…)

Tell me your fantasy (Part I)

Saturday, December 9th, 2006

J grabbed my hand this evening. My hands are small and fair skinned, with short, manicured nails. J’s hands are at least twice the size of mine. We laugh that I can make a fist and his fist fits over mine, completely covering my hand. He brought my hand gently to his face as he knelt at the couch. It was his way of making me stop what I was doing for a moment, a brush of intimacy.

He could tell even though I’ve washed dishes and taken a bath since then that I touched myself today. Many times, actually. I detest and am turned on by that uncanny ability he has to detect my scent in a room or on me in some way. I became immediately self-conscious and coy about it. That little dance we do despite all of these years of catching me in this situation. He asked my fantasy—what I thought about as I played.

Was I thinking of an old lover? Was I thinking of an encounter we’ve had together? Was I thinking of a party we’ve been to? Was I fantasizing about him? (more…)

A Tale of Persuasion, Part III

Saturday, December 9th, 2006

David lies back to enjoy the hands upon his body, unaware of who is doing what to him. I whisper to J to take him into his mouth. His mouth slides over David’s cock quickly. There was no sensual pause as I might have done. It seemed like willingness to explore and not think at least for now. J’s hand slides to the base of David, cupping him as he sucks. J pauses, mouth agape for a moment as I slide off the couch beneath him. I take him into my mouth as swiftly as he had David.

David’s hand finds its way to the back of J’s head to guide him. J’s rhythm paused for a moment. He tells me later that it was that touch of intimacy that shocked him more than the intense feel of my mouth on him below.

J tastes drops of David briefly and I of him. J grabs me by the hair and pulls me to a position suggesting I straddle David. Without hesitation I sink onto David and develop a rhythm that’s guided by J’s hands. I feel J’s hands about my hips briefly and he moves upward to my breasts. He’s still wet from my mouth on him and slides into my ass easily. It takes a moment to develop a rhythm with the three of us that doesn’t have me jerking about. David’s thrusting becomes more internal within me and J pushes into me from behind. (more…)

A Tale of Persuasion, Part II

Saturday, December 9th, 2006

My head fell back against the couch and I reveled in their fingers, lips, and tongues finding the most intimate places on my body. I wove my fingers thru David’s hair, and gently guided him. Two or three more tugs at my nipple with his teeth and my breath became heavier and more erratic. I was so close. I let him push me quickly into my first orgasm. J drank from the pleasure that had well up in me below, nuzzling my clit a few times afterward just to hear me moan.

J reached up to caress my breasts and brush some of my juices onto my nipples, cooling them. And, then his fingers found their way into my mouth, letting me suck them gently for a moment. David watched us. I knew from looking in J’s eyes that he’d like to watch me suck David. I unfastened David’s pants, untucked his shirt and left him bare. I began kissing David, down his collarbone, to his nipples. My teeth gently bit at his ribs. He gasped, and I let my lips trail the bites with full, wet kisses. My hand was already on his cock, as my lips continued down his abdomen. I let my tongue play in the vertex of his thighs and groin, nibbling at the fleshy part of his thighs as I stroked him. J continued to watch. David glances at him briefly, but was still apprehensive to make eye contact with him, especially as I was about to take his erection into my mouth. (more…)

A Tale of Persuasion, Part I

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

Today on commentary for Sex on the Tube, Tom Paine and I spoke of bi-sexual experiences and what is often the dynamic in female encounters with men “egging on” the women and guiding the interaction.

“There is a wide range of “egging on�? scenarios. One is the BF or husband standing over the women issuing commands or rubbing their backs, etc. The other is encouraging the woman to explore her bisexual interests. “

It is the least desireable way to experience such a beautiful thing in my opinion. I’d rather my celebration be uninterrupted and pure, sensual in its tempo and exploration. It made me think of the first bi-sexual experience that J had. The experience was designed to be focused on me, and should the atmosphere be right for it (all planets aligned, etc) he would perhaps fall into intimacy of some sort with the other male.


I poured the wine almost immediately after David came in the door. Anxious hellos were exchanged. There was a sophomoric insecurity in the room between the three of us. The atmosphere reeked of a virginal experience, nerves and all.

After all, as lustily as we all spoke at the munch, it was a first experience for each of us. Conversation began a bit awkwardly and platonically. We talked about the munch, and the strange looking, awkward folk there. We’re too close to Santa Cruz, David said. Brings out the tree-huggers. I sat in the corner of the couch with one leg tucked under me, and my other foot tucked underneath David’s thigh. He was next to me and J was at my feet. My attention was focused on David, the curves of his physique, the way his lips parted when he spoke, or cast a smirk at me. (more…)

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