The Girl Next Door

Being the Mouse

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Shopping for Thanksgiving was tough. Not tough because I had to buy lots of food, but tough because I simply didn’t know what to buy. My mom and grandmother corner the cooking market. If I bring one pie, they’ve baked ten. So, I wandered around the grocery store aimlessly, contemplating the dishes I could make and seriously considering just showing up empty handed. I usually took 3/4 of whatever I made home again, after all.

I’ve decided to stop all of this nonsense with J* and the girl next door. I mean, it really is wonderful, but a lot of nonsense too. I don’t like going home at the end of an amazing orgasmic night and lying in an empty bed while the two of them cuddle. I think that it must be terrible lonely to spend your entire life being “the other girl.”

Not that J* has ever treated me like I’m a mistress. We have our secrets, but really, I’m not stealing him away any time soon, and we both know it. What he has with his wife is comfortable love. I’m really just a cat toying with that relationship. Or rather…I think I may be the mouse.

mouse.jpgTime to stop being the mouse, right?

As the mouse in a relationship, you’re at another person’s beck and call every moment of every day. And that may be fine if you’re in a BDSM relationship, but in any other sense, it just doesn’t work. I don’t like not knowing where I stand. I don’t like feeling pathetic. I don’t like that J* can call me and I come running, but I don’t dare call him. Nah, being the mouse is not for me. I have to be the cat.

Which is funny, because when I was little, my uncle called me “the cat”. It was my pet name.

Maybe I should get a rubber catsuit. Haha.

In any cause, being the mouse has gotten old. Is it strange that this is what ran through my mind as I was comparing prices at the supermarket? I think about sex too often and have it not often enough.

Masturbation called me to hurry home. Screw the pie crusts and filling. I bought a few cucumbers and jetted out of there. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have better Thanksgiving recipe inspiration.

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All About the Tricks

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

…because it can’t be all about the treats. (click on that link to read the first part of this night…but if you don’t have time, let’s just say that the girl next door had just called me while she was fucking her husband to invite me to join in…)

I didn’t knock, and the door wasn’t locked. Which is a good thing, considering that I ran next door wearing nothing but a black thong, a bright red bustier, and my devil horns. I closed the front door carefully behind me, the moans of my neighbor and J* filling my ears and making me drip. Have I mentioned that I love Halloween?

They noticed me as I walked into their bedroom (how could you not?), and I took in the scene before me. Still partially in her costume, the girl next door was positioned on the edge of the bed, her jungle-inspired bottoms yanked savagely to one side and her bra still on, but burst with her bouncing tits, which peeked out from under the cups. Her legs wrapped around him, J* stood naked at the edge of the bed, but still looked very much like Tarzan even without the ridiculous hammock-like costume. His abs were rock-hard and his tanned skin on rivaled by her own caramel-colored legs.

istock_000000167457small.jpgWithout pausing in his thrusts, he beckon me to the bed. She gasped with every push into her, the girl next door gasped, taking him into her tight pussy balls deep. His right hand was pressing into her lower torso, holding her steady as he fucked and he used his right hand to undo my top, letting it slip to the floor as I allowed my thong to fall with with them.

“Jump on her face,” he commanded with a smile. I looked at her for approval, but she seemed lost in the fucking motion, her eyes closed and her mouth open.

“Go ahead. She wants it. She wants to taste you tonight.” J* continued fucking and she continued gasping for breath.

I hopped onto the bed and slowly, cautiously straddled her open mouth, facing J*. I began to lowered care, not sure if she knew that I was there, but she reached up and grabbed my thighs to bring me down on her tongue. She licked hungrily, alternating between sucking on my clit and jabbing her tongue into my quivering pussy. I lost myself there, on her face, which seemed to bury itself deeper in me every time J* thrust into her. I looked down and realized that, without knowing it, I was pinching my own nipples, and my moans and screams mixed with hers, howling into the Halloween nights.

I reached down and began playing with her nipples - caressing, pinching, pulling - which caused to to arch her back and lap at my juices even more quickly. J* began to fuck harder and faster, and I saw that he was watching us play with one another. He unwrapped her legs pulled them up as through her feet were in stirrups at the doctors.

“Hold her open for me,” he grunted to me. And I knew exactly what he wanted. He cock was dripping with her juices, and, still on her relentless mouth, I reached down and spread her ass cheeks, using my fingers to play with her asshole. He forced his cock in and she shook below me, stopping her licking to scream in pain and pleasure. He beautiful clit, pierced, was before me and I rubbed it vigorously, imagining that it was my own clit and I was masturbating. It took less than a minute and the girl next door was squirting - spraying J* the bed, and me with her orgasm. She went limp with exhaustion, and I slid off of her wet face.

“Did my little slut cum?” smiled J*. I waited for her to answer, but he wasn’t talking to her. He was talking to me. His little slut. I shook my head no. No, she had kept me on the edge, but I hadn’t let myself cum into her eager mouth.

“We’ll just have to do something about that then, won’t we?” The girl next door’s smile lit up the room and, her cum still running down her legs, she pushed me backwards until I was laying where she was only moments before. She straddled my face as I had done hers and J* began to fuck me from the edge of the bed. And before long, we were both hollowing into the Halloween night yet again.

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All About the Treats

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

378876_candy_corn.jpgI love Halloween, but this year I just didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to actually make a half-decent costume. So, I turned to and old stand-by: a red and black outfit and a pair of sparkly devil horns on a headband. I figured it was pretty fitting, seeing as I was single-handedly driving apart my neighbors’ relationship. Happy Halloween.

Anyway…there I was last night handing out candy to the neighborhood kids and hoping that they’d be done soon so I could grab a drink at the bar, when I caught a glimpse of the girl next door also handing out candy. She was dressed in almost nothing (I’m sure the neighborhood moms will be talking about that one…), and her hair was pulled into a high ponytail, the fluffy curls bouncing down to her shoulders. She was wearing a leopard print bra and undies, with a green sarong tied around her waist and fake ivy snaking around her arms. Jane? Which meant that J* must be dressed as…

I gasped as I saw him in the light of the doorway and couldn’t take my eyes off of him as a chorus of children yelled “Trick or Treat!” and grabs handfuls of Milky Ways and Dum-Dums from my outstretch bowl. There he stood, Tarzan, wearing just a (bulging) loin cloth outfit that slung over one shoulder. I instantly felt like turning off my damn porch light and running across the yard to pounce on those six-pack abs. With an outfit like that, I didn’t even car that his wife was watching me stare.

J*’s eyes locked to mine and we both beamed at one another. It has been impossible not to think about J* ever since our brief meeting (aka janitor’s closet fuck) at the football game, but I was still nervous about being too friendly with his wife around. In the beginning, the three of us got along well, but it was she who called the shots. The girl next door invited me over for threesomes, held me on the edge until commanding me to cum, and watched as J* used every hole on my body before cumming on my face. But she knew. She knew that I had fallen for her husband, and that I kept coming back because I was in love (well, love is strong…in lust) with J*, not because I enjoyed time with both of them. And when she began to suspect that I was pursuing him, she closed me out of her life.

He had not been able to close me out of his. Oh, and he tried, but nevertheless, there we were, fucking at the football game, which was clearly against the rules of their marriage. Threesomes were fine. Affairs were not. J* was officially cheating.

And oh, I love that power. The girl next door is raw beauty, driven, successful, eloquent. She’s what I’m not. But, she no longer had a successful relationship. I felt better than her.

Last night, I saw her eyes narrow a bit, watching her husband look at me. I walked back inside and turned my lights off at around 10. A few minutes later, the phone rang. It was her, and she was panting, out of breath, moaning.

“Roooori, darling. Uhhhhh…what are you doing?” she gasped.

J* was fucking her. He was fucking her and she called me.

“Nothing.” I replied

“Oohhh, fuck, yes. Ohh…Rori, can you come over? FUCK! Ah! Ah! The door’s open. Come over, darling, we miss you.”


Until that moment, my night had been all about the treats. Now it was time for some tricks.

To be continued…

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Fantasy Football

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

He texted me during the second quarter: “I miss you.”

I looked at my phone, a bit awestruck for lack of a better world. It has been weeks since I heard from J* and the girl next door, as I’m sure you are all aware by the lack of posts about them. So, you can imagine my surprise at this random text message from 655092_football_5.jpgJ* as I stood packed into the crowd last Saturday, cheering on my favorite college football team with one of my good friends. My cell phone buzzed against my hip and amid the screaming, I was in my own world. He missed me. I snapped my phone closed and tried to concentrate on the game again.

After all, the last meeting I had with J* didn’t go so well, and since then I’ve gone from spending much of my free time exploring the pleasures of the flesh - my flesh - with both J* and the girl next door to keeping our curtains closed. I saw J* for the first time at the park the other day. My eyes blazed into his back until he turned around and caught them. I looked him up and down and walked away. God, how I wanted to rip off his shirt right there. It took every ounce of my willpower to keep walking.


“I see you.”

There’s nothing more unnerving than knowing someone is looking at you when you you can’t see them. He must be at the game too. I looked around trying to spot him in the 50,000+ crowd.


“Come get a soda with me at halftime.”

Of course, every play to finish the half seemed to take longer and longer. I swear, the officials reviewed them all. Finally, though, the clock ran out and I hurried to the nearest soda stand. He knew where I was, so he knew where I’d be.

Then, suddenly, there he was capturing me in his arms for a hug. He was wearing a jersey and jeans, and he looked casual and sport and hot as hell. The crowd swarmed around us as he stood there with me still in his arms. “I miss you too,” I mouthed.

J* and I weren’t friends. Hell, we haven’t even known one another for long. But I felt so full with him inside of me. I loved to imagine him loving me. Thoughts of his rock-hard abs and the thin happy trail leading down to his rock-hard cock was better masturbation material than any pornography you could ever imagine.

He kissed me. I couldn’t hear the band playing on the field and the passer-bys talking about the game. I was lost in his lips and wet tongue, probing my mouth. He was pushing me back, but not away - he followed me with his lips until my back was against a wall. J*’s hands fumbled behind me and a realized that we were leaning against a door. It swung open as he twisted the knob, and we were in a dark janitor’s closet. It wasn’t classy or clean…it didn’t even smell very good. But I didn’t care. I just wanted him inside of me again.



Thursday, October 11th, 2007

I saw them, shadows behind the curtains, curtains closed for the first time since…God, who knows when. Her shadow was sharp and dark - the girl next door must have been standing nearer to the curtain. His shadow was soft and gray on the bed. His shadow stood and walked toward her shadow, undressed her shadow, pulled her shadow close to him. And then their shadows were one.

254265_silhouette_series_3.jpgThe girl next door wasn’t stupid. She knew that I would watch her and J* fucking from my own bedroom window. She got off on it And yet, she had stomped into the bedroom earlier in the day and threw the curtains closed. As the sun set, I began to see there shadows, fucking, showering, caressing, and fucking again. And again.

Now, I couldn’t even tell from their shadows that they were at it again. Not fucking this time, though. This time was different. It was slow, gentle, caring. J* wasn’t dominating her like usual. He wasn’t forcing his cock into ass or throat-fucking her. He wasn’t even spanking or pulling her hair. He was just loving her, loving every inch of her body with his tongue and his hands. J* wasn’t just her lover; he was in love with her. Her, not us.

The honey-colored light draped their shadows and I closed my own curtain as well. I picked up my cell phone.



“Oh, wow, hey. What’s up, sweetheart?”

“Just wanted to talk. Just feeling blue.”

“Yeah? You want me to come over?”


And that’s how I found myself in bed with him again - a tall, dark-haired boy from my past who really, truly wanted to love me. Our legs tangled and our fingers laced, I gently sucked his bottom lip, playfully pulling with my teeth. He had one hand on my hip and carefully ran his fingers through my hair.

“I would love you, you know.”

When it’s love, and not just fucking, we don’t really have a say. Why do we love who we love and not the people who love us? Why, after a long day, does one person make us smile while another person is just a good time? Why do we deny ourselves love for sex? And why does it hurt so much? Love is really just shadows on the wall after all, not something tangible.

“I know,” I breathed, scratching my nails lightly down his back, as he liked. I was comfortable in his arms, safe. I began to grind against him, not a hard grind, just enough to really feel him. In a moment, he was inside of me, both of us gasping in relief and euphoria.

He didn’t make me forget that next door, J* was loving her, but he did make me orgasm three times.

And that counts for something, right? How many orgasms does it take to fall in love?

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We all have Secrets

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

J* is home. He’s been gone for over a week, and today I saw him step out of a taxi, unlock the door, go into his house, throw his briefcase on the bed, and take off his pants. Why do guys do that - take off their pants like its the plague or something? I’m not complaining, though. As always, their curtains were pulled open, and I admired the viewistock_000002505840small.jpg of J* in his baby blue boxer-briefs as unbuttoned his shirt and flung it on the chair.

The girl next door wasn’t home yet, but I slipped into my lace black bra and matching thong, threw a trench over it and, feeling a bit like a flasher, walked over and rand the doorbell. It took a few seconds for J* to answer (he was throwing on his pants, I assumed), but I waited patiently, feeling myself already start to moisten as I imagined J*’s tongue playing with my nipples again.

“What are you doing here?” J* asked, as he flung open the door. Ok, not quite the sexy hello I had imagined, but he hadn’t put his shirt back on, and he had obviously been somewhere warm because his torso was tanned to the color of rich honey, sweet enough to lick.

“Just came to welcome you home…”

“Oh, well thanks. My wife isn’t here…”

“Oh.” That’s the point, dumbass. I want to see what you’re like alone.

“Did you want to come in?”

“Sure.” Besides, I’m only wearing a thong and it’s the end of September. I’m literally freezing my ass off.

I wanted into his house and he asked if he could take my coat. I paused. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. My stomach was in a ball of knots, and I felt like a teen-aged virgin, so hungry for her first sexual experience and so worried that it wouldn’t be perfect. Do it, Rori. Just do it.


A Night Next Door, part 2

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

She was kissing him, he was kissing me, I was just kissing. We were all naked, and the flesh of our bodies rubbed against one another, causing moans to escape from each our lips. I felt lightheaded, there, on the couch, with the J* and the girl next door, wondering if I should protest and leave. Wondering if it would even matter. Maybe they would strap me to the couch, naked, and take naughty pictures to amuse themselves.

But I knew that I wouldn’t protest or leave. I didn’t want to. I wanted to be engulfed by their sexuality, a part of something that had been so secretive and special to me over the past for months, as I watched them fuck from my bedroom window. I was getting my wish. J* continued his advance, and the girl next door pushed me gently back, into a lying down position. God, I felt like I had to orgasm already.

“Do you want to cum?” the girl next door whispered into my ear. Did she read my mind? “You have to be a good girl if you want to cum. J* will make your cum, but only if you’re good.”

I would be good. His kisses traveled down my bare torso, as she slowly raised my arms over my head and pinned them. I ached to feel J*’s lips between by legs, but he stopped, looking into my eyes. “Will you be good?”

“Yes…” I whispered. I felt a bit silly, exposed and dripping wet. I’ve never been so vulnerable, not even the night of their party as they taped my sexcapades with J*’s brother.

“I can’t hear you.”

“Yes.” I said, horsely. J*’s hands were on my inner thighs, and it was all I could do to stop myself from grinding against them. I might have, if she had not had me pinned.

“Good. Then listen to me closely. No moving. You can scream, moan, cry, whatever you want, but NO MOVING. Do you understand? If you move, we’ll stop.”


J* smiled at me and began to lick slowly along my thighs, causing me to tremble, and I moved my legs a bit father apart. He stopped. “I mean it. No moving.” He was serious. God, I didn’t want him to stop.

He began again, and it was torturous to remain still as he softly kissed along my legs before sticking a single finger inside of me slowly. I moaned. I couldn’t help it. He moved dangerously slow, calmly licking around my clit and she moved from her pinning position to curl up next to me, legs wrapped over my torso and hand coming to a rest on my chest. I didn’t dare move my arms as she clung to me. “Can you feel me?” she asked. “Can you feel how wet I am?”

I could. She was spread so that her pussy was pressed firmly against me, confirming that she was as turned on as I was. “Yes.”

J* moved his index finger in and out slowly, wiggling, exploring, getting to know me. I gasped each time he licked my swollen clit, agonizingly need to feel him, wanting to cum hard. As he added another finger, she played with my nipples, pinching, gently twisting, licking. My body was theres, and with each passing second I was closer and closer to orgasming.

J*’s began stroking his thick cock as he continued slowly fingering me. He was much bigger than his brother. Much bigger than most, actually. I watched him swell to a full nine or ten inches, him never taking his eyes off of me.

And suddenly he stood and trust himself in me. I gasped, surprised and suddenly full of him, thrusting, pounding, fucking my brains out. She moved above me once more and tore my legs farther apart so that he was hitting my g-spot perfectly. I began to shriek. and she began to rub my clit hard as he continued thrusting. God, it felt so good.

“Don’t move!” He said, raising he voice to be heard over me. “Don’t move or I’ll stop.”

I don’t know if I moved. The room was spinning and I was coming, coming, coming. To a woman, a g-spot orgasm feels different than a clit orgasm…and I think I had both at once. They didn’t stop and I was screaming. I blacked out for a second, I think. I don’t really know.

What I do know is that after I came, he pulled out and she wrapped her lips around him, just in time for him to explode down her throat, mixing the taste of his cum with the taste of mine, running all over his cock. I lay there, my hands still in position over my head, my heart racing, gasping for air.

“You sluts,” J* said with a laugh, smiling at his wife and I.

It’s Thursday, and I haven’t seen them since. J*’s gone on a business trip, I think…I saw him leave on Monday morning, briefcase in hand, and he hasn’t been back since. She’s been home most of the time, her curtains usually open, but nothing exciting going on, unless I want to watch her read a book before bed at night.

I can still feel his thrusting. I can still feel her forcing my legs open farther and farther. I can’t wait for him to get home.

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A Night Next Door, part 1

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

front_porch.jpgWhen the girl next door called me to see if I was doing anything on Friday, I was excited. As I walked up to her door, I was so nervous that I thought I might yack in her flowerbed. And you know, then what would I do? Pretend I didn’t see it when she opened the door, even though it would be a bit obvious that the steaming pile of vomit was mine? Bury it before ringing her doorbell and risk her hearing me and opening the door to see me digging in her mulch like her cat digs in mine? Yeah…no.

Luckily I didn’t have to deal with that because as I approached the door, it flew open and to her saying something over her shoulder. We almost collided on the stoop–she was in a hurry.

“Oh, Christ. I’m sorry. Work just called, and there’s like, a burst water line or some shit. I don’t know. My papers are *dripping* wet apparently…” She kept walking and whatever else she said got lost in the slam of her car door. She zoomed off and left me standing there, wondering what to do.

“You can come in if you want.”

J* was standing in the doorway, holding a beer. He gave me a smile that a nun couldn’t resist, and I stepped into the house. He smelled like Tag, and I had a quick fantasy about tackling him like those girl do in the Tag commercials.

“You want a beer? Or some wine. Oh, well, wait. I think the wine is all gone…You want a beer?”

“I would love a beer.”

And so he walked into the kitchen to get me a beer, leaving me standing in the entryway. I was awkward and frozen, not sure if I should have accepted the beer or if I should have just gone home.

beer.jpg“Oh, yeah, sit, sit. Let’s talk,” he said, looking slightly embarrassed as he walked back from the kitchen with my beer in one hand and his in the other.

“What did you want to talk about?” I cooed. God, I was cooing. Who coos? And what did he want to talk about anyway? My poorly-lit cell phone sex tape? The fact that I left a puddle of cum on his bed and didn’t offer to get it dry cleaned? Oh god, maybe he found out I was using his private bathroom. Or maybe he was mad that I had sex with his brother. Or maybe…

“Well I wanted to talk about last weekend…”

So here it was. Here it comes. Either complete disgust or I’m golden. I could see he chest muscles beneath his tight t-shirt. I hope I was golden.

“I feel like we treated you a bit…unfairly…” he shifted uncomfortably in his seat. What the hell? Was he a prude? Wasn’t it his girl urging me to continue?

“Unfairly?” I asked, as though I didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Well, I mean, we don’t know you really. And my brother kinda just started humping you. And my wife kinda just started taping the whole thing. You ran off pretty quickly too. I just was a little worried that you did what you did to get us to like you. It was a bit unfair.”

My face burned red. I *had* agreed to the taping so they’d think I was cool. That was a bit junior high. Oh shit, they think I’m pathetic.

“We’re so sorry. Well, my wife is sorry and she wanted to tell you that. We should have never, ever put you in that position. We don’t even know you.”

I stared down into my beer, not sure what to say. It was all a little embarrassing. Here I was, with a man who makes me weak at the knees almost every night (little did he know…) and here I was, tongue-tied at his apology of taping me having sex. Really, can there be a more awkward situation?

“But…we could get to know you…” J* moved to sit beside me on the couch and my heart fluttered. Get to know me? What did he mean? Did he mean…?

couple_kissing.jpgYes, yes he did. His fingertips ran on my thigh, making the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. In a moment, he was softly kissing my neck, my ears, my lips, his strong hands ever stroking my legs. I sighed with pleasure. It was a moment I had been fantasizing about since the very first day I noticed that they often forgot to close their curtains. I know how well he could fuck…and now it was my turn to get a little first hand experience. His brother had just been a warm up.

Inevitably, the door opened. It was like the movies, where you’re yelling at the main characters to lock the fucking door, because you just *know* that they’re going to get caught. I mean, she was just running to her office quickly. And I’d already been there a good 15 minutes.

And as the door opened, he looked up to see her standing in the entryway, looking at us. I froze, not sure if I could outrun her or if I should just start apologizing that her man was laying on me, his penis already starting to harden through his jeans.

He kept kissing. Without so much as a pause, he continued nuzzling my neck, and as she set her purse down and kicked off her heels, his hand roamed to my chest.

“Christ, wait for me,” she said, walking over to us.

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(to be continued)

The Open Door

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Isn’t funny how easily a few glasses of wine can make you lose all inhibitions?

So let’s rewind and review a bit: there I was, at the party next door, on the girl next door’s bed, naked and pinned down by the brother of the guy next door. There’s one thing I knew, and that was that the brother was packing - I could already feel his swelling penis beneath his boxer-briefs. There’s one thing I didn’t know, and that was that the bedroom door wasn’t fully shut.

668609_muscular_male_torso.jpgJ*’s brother was a hunk. Not the kind of guy you could have an intellectual conversation with, but a real hunk. If I had any close girl friends, you bet I’d be calling them to brag. He’s that kind of guy- the shaggy hair falling into his deep, dark eyes, the tanned six pack, the large, soft hands already fumbling to unlatch my bra. His lips were full and kissing me all over as though he couldn’t get enough of the taste of the skin. As I lay back down on the bed, my nipples standing at attention to his wet tongue, I thought about all I had hoped for this party. The night was turning out so much better that I could have dreamed.

He had me pinned to the bed and was using the tip of his tongue to play with my nipples, enjoying watching me squirm. He released my arms, but I didn’t struggle to get away. I knew where he was going. In a moment, it was my legs he was pinning as he buried his tongue deep inside of me, stopping only to suck on my clit, which made me arch me back and gasp. I pulled on his hair, savoring every moment and knowing that my juices were flowing over his face, faster than he could lap them up.

Suddenly, he groaned, not able to wait any longer. I was like a toy in his strong grasp, as he flipped my onto all fours and yanked his underwear to the floor. In a moment he was in me and we were swaying in motion. It wasn’t making love or even having sex. No, this was a good, hard fuck.

And I’m not sure how long we would have gone like that. God knows I was already close to coming (although, granted, I had a head start). His powerful thrusts and moans told me that he would be ready soon too. And then, my eyes closed and my ass in the air, I heard it.

“dodo do do dodo do do dodo do do do…”

You know that tune I mean. The generic cell phone ring. Not mine. And, as I found out, not his either. I opened my eyes and looked in the direction of the sound to see about seven or eight people crowded around the open bedroom door, watching us.

“For God’s Sake, Don’t stop!” she said. The girl next door was holding up her camera phone, in what I’m guess was video recording mode.

J*’s brother was grinning sheepishly at the camera. He didn’t care. So, I had a decision to make Either scramble to grab my clothes and run to the bathroom or continue doing what I came here to do, in plain site of the party. My mind whirled, the tip of his hard, thick cock still deep inside of me while everyone waited to see what we would do next.

And in a split second I decided. I leaned back onto his penis, taking him inside balls deep and gasping. To some cheers and clapping, we continued to fuck, him railing me harder and harder with each thrust, building the most intense orgasms I had ever experienced. He grabbed my hips, fucking me fast and I couldn’t control my screaming as I came all over his throbbing cock. He came a minute later as I wrapped my lips around him. I swallowed every drop, looking into the camera as i gripped his ass to pull him close.

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life. My little performance may not have won an Emmy, but I have been invited back for another small “get together” tomorrow night. And I can’t wait.

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The Party Next Door

Sunday, September 9th, 2007


Red wine and I don’t mix well. I mean, we do at the time, but the next day is always a killer. Looking at a computer screen right now is death, but I just had to tell you all what happened last night. It seems like so long ago already.

After hours of trying on different outfits (curtains closed), I finally settled on a classic - the little black dress. I slipped on my most basic black thong, fingers lingering on my things as I imagines the girl next door getting ready too. What would she be wearing underneath what I’m sure would be a stunning ensemble?

At 8:30, I could see guests beginning to arrive. Her bedroom curtains were firmly closed, the first time they had been that way in weeks. Not that it mattered. She would be in the foyer greeting guests, and he would be in the kitchen making cocktails. I better go get one, right?

The night was a whirlwind of meeting new, strange people, each couple more beautiful than the last. J* opened a bottle of red wine and filled my glass, mentioning that he had often meant to knock on my door to say hello, but had never had an occasion. I smiled. I nodded. I thought about the way his lips would feel against mine. He introduced me to his brother, who was fresh out of college and a few inches taller than even J*, who was a lean 6′3 at least.

And then the alcohol began to kick in. I sighed at the long line of people waiting and decided, due to the four or five drinks already filling my bladder, to sneak into the master suite. J* was still in the kitchen, and she was firmly planted on the patio, laughing gaily with a bunch of guest, mainly men. They’d never notice.

The master bedroom was still, dark, and empty. It was strange being on the inside after looking into it for so long. I set down my wineglass on the vanity and quietly creeped into master bathroom. It was elegant shade of white, beige, and tan, with little angel-shaped soaps and fluffy burgundy towels.

As I was washing my hands, the door flung open.

“Oh my god. Sorry!” It slammed shut again before I could see who it was and I stood poised at the sink, a deer in headlights, caught using the god and goddess’ personal toilet.

I opened the door again. It was J*’s brother. He was fabulously drunk and peeing in the garbage can. I cleared my throat and he looked over at me, surprised, as though he had already forgotten that I had been in the bathroom. He zipped up his pants and turned toward me.

“What are you doing peeing in that bathroom?” he said, playfully.

“What are you doing peeing in that garbage can?” I asked back, my hand on the doorknob.

And then he kissed me. Just like that. He was drunk, I was drunk, and he kissed me long and hard, his tongue tasting mine. His large hands ran down my body, settling on my hips and pulling me closer to him. I couldn’t even remember his name. and the smell of run ran heavy on his breath.

In a moment we were on the bed. He reached up my little black dress and I felt his hands traveling up my thighs, wanting…needing. Alcohol makes you *need* so badly, and he had drunk his share tonight. I pulled his shirt over his head, revealing the perfect, tanned six-pack that you can only get after many hot, sweaty hours in the gym and in the bedroom. I had drunk my share too.

Soon, our clothes lay crumbled on the floor. His mouth traveled down my neck and to my hard nipples, where he teased them with his wet tongue. I arched my back, moaning, and he reached down to spread my legs apart before using both hands to pin me to the bed.

“Are you a naughty girl?” he whispered into my ear, sucking on my earlobe.

Yes, yes, yes, I was a naughty girl. I knew that I disparately wanted him, this young, ripped in-law of the goddess herself. What I didn’t know is that the bedroom door was standing open…

to be continued

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The Day Before

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Tomorrow is the big party. Since my grocery store run-in with the girl next door, I can’t stop thinking about her. I’ve thought about calling, about making up some excuse to knock on her door…but I’ve settled for the view from my bedroom window instead.

And I haven’t been disappointed.

istock_000001258825small.jpgLast night, I watched the girl next door slip into a silk negligee, its blood red tones perfectly paired with her silky sin. The lace around the top showed her nipples already peaking through as her partner, J*, massaged her shoulders, ran his hands along her sides, admired her curves.

I watched as she happily sighed with anticipation, turning to grasp his face in her hands and kiss him hard, still, I’m guessing, tasting of the wine she’d been sipping only moments before. She slid to her knees, and in a moment J* was unzipped and in her mouth. He was still wearing his jeans, so it was hard to get a good look at the bulge they had been hiding all day, but it didn’t matter. The site of her in her thong, teasing him ever so gently was enough to have me licking my lips. My hand traveled down my own pants as I watched her suddenly take him in completely. J* grasped at her hair, his head bent back and his torso pushed forward, allowing her to get the best angle for the deepest suck. he reach down, fondling her left breast, as she slowly slid her mouth back from him before engulfing him completely again.

He pulled her up to standing, kissing her and undressing her from the very negligee she’d just put on ten minutes ago. She coyly led him away from the window, to my dismay, and I saw them walk into the bathroom for what I can only assume was the steamiest shower on the block. I sat back on my bed and closed my eyes, my fingers still wandering. J* and the girl next door have been the source of my most intense orgasms since I moved in last year.

shadow.jpgAs a moan escaped my lips and my thighs began to tremble, I opened my eyes to see if the couple had returned from the shower. And there she was, standing at the window in all her glory.

Looking at me. I had forgotten to close my curtains.

I froze, and she smiled, caught. She walked away from the window, leaving her drapes open as she lay down with J*, who was already dozing off in bed.

Tomorrow is the party. And I think I should still go. In fact, I’m now even more excited to see the couple, talk to them, be close enough to feel their energy.

What should I wear?

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A Brief Meeting with the Girl Next Door

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

“Excuse m–oh hi!”

As I stood pondering the melons in the grocery store and, in effect, blocking the path of middle-aged mothers with equally interesting melons, I heard a voice behind me…a voice I recognized at the drop of the hat. I turned to face the girl next door, her golden locks freshly manicured at the salon, perfectly complementing her large, honey-brown eyes. I had never been this close to her before, and it made me catch my breath.

“Hi…” I breathed, wanting only to scream “You have beautiful breasts”

“I have somethings *very* important to discuss with you,” she said, pursing her large, luscious lips. “Actually, it’s a bit embarrassing.”

You found out that I watch you have sex every night with than hunky man of yours? You want me to come over tonight and play? You can sense through my jeans that I’m already turned on just thinking about it? “What is it?” I asked.

“I think my cat has been pooping in your yard.”


There was an awkward pause. Do I feign anger at the stinky situation? Do I laugh? Do I…

red_thong.jpg“Well I just wanted to let you know that we’re going to keep her inside from now on. So it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Would you like me to reimburse you for the landscaping?”

You can pay me by teaching me how you like to be licked. I want you to orgasm for me, and I want him to watch. How’s tonight? “No, no, that’s alright.”

She smiled, looking relieved, and my cheeks flushed a bit as I tried not to look at her chest and imagine her nipples. “Well, it’s been nice seeing you! We should hang out sometimes!” She began to walk away, her hip huggers curving perfectly around her ass. As she bent down to reach a can of olives on the lower shelf, her red thong peeks out from under her jeans, and I took a mental picture.

“How about this weekend?” I blurted after she took a few steps.

“Huh?” She turned toward me and my face grew even hotter.

“Hanging out…how about this weekend?”

“J* and I were going to have a cocktail party. I’d love it if you stopped by. Saturday at 8.” She gave a half-smile and pushed her cart around the stack of Pepsi and out of my site.

Saturday at 8. Oh, I’ll be there.

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