Meme in L

by Staff Writer

Monsieur Tom Paine has tagged me with a meme (again).

Ten Things That Begin With L:

Lascivious - I am inclined to lust and wanton behavior. (EDITED: To remove thoughtless dictionary attempt to use “lascivious” in a sentence….)

“Long Relationships” - Tom has accused me of being the writer over on this site. Truth be told, I’d be awful at writing that blog. Long relationships are not my forte. I’m much better at the restlessness (see Restless Cravings).

- I once had a rendezvous with a love in London. We are neighbors (less than 50 miles away) in real life. But, the opportunity never presents itself to see each other. So, we travelled cross the pond to meet. Great distance spawned great intimacy, staying in a small flat in central London. Our host was a charming Italian poet, who had been born in New York. We did surface from our room smelling of lust and sex for tea, which usually doubled as breakfast. We spoke lovingly with our beguiling hostess, sharing our secret romance with her. There was something comforting that let us believe speaking of it to her would be safe. We left that poet speechless, save her neatly written well-wishes tucked under our door on our last morning with her.

Likeness - Mine is somewhat of a coveted mystery. I pledge to rectify that to at least some devoted readers in the future.

Loquacious - This is something that I could never be accused of. I absolutely detest crowds of people. In point of fact, the number of words that I utter decreases immeasurably, proportionate to the number of people present. But, the fucking…oh, the fucking increases hundredfold.

Latin - My mother earned a living teaching Latin for ten years, while staying home with my sister and I. Ego philologus Latin ut ego eram a parvulus. It is rusty, admittedly.

The Libertine - This was the last movie that I watched, at the request of a friend. I wrote this after I watched it: “I watched the Libertine…two weeks ago, now. It was a powerful performance by the cast. That goes without saying. And, my reaction feels like it is continuing to evolve. I am resisting reading too much into the juxtaposition between you and the character, but I feel that resisting it so much is preventing me from seeing it as you did. Or, knowing you at all for that matter. I wonder how much of my love for you is built on what pieces I know, what pieces I feel must be deep within you for the ones I know to exist at all–I know nothing of your pain, only the delirium you feel when you can bear no more. We’ve always been closer then. That’s what it feels like to me at least. Maybe it was the escapism you spoke of after all for both of us. For me it is still. I write you when I need you. I feel like I write you more for my comfort than for yours…I’m sorry for that, to take from you in that way.” The watching of that film stays with me in ways I did not think of when I began it. It is not my favorite, by any means–but one with recent poignancy.

La Traviata - Is my favorite opera. Commanded by Verdi and based on the novel Lady of the Camellias by Alexander Dumas’ illegitimate namesake. It is a spectacularly sentimental piece, often trashed by skeptics for that reason. But, there are many less beautiful themes that are poignant and worth nothing.

LL - The acronym of one of the largest and most comprehensive swinger sites on the web. I shall not link to it or describe it any more completely. They know who they are. J and I are proud members.

“Living to Tell the Tale” and “Love in the Time of Cholera” are both written by one of my favorite authors: Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Whew…I made it.

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3 Responses to “Meme in L”

  1. tom paine Says:

    How indiscrete of you to reveal my private words about “Long Relationships.” Christina will never talk to me again, you are truly wicked, Lola David, and I am half of a mind never to darken your blog again, especially after including that definition of “lascivious” as “girl-chasing old man.” I may be 269, but I don’t chase girls. They chase me.

  2. Lola David Says:

    It should be said (to all) that I have since edited out what was a private word, not words about dear Christina.

    And that the thick shadow of what are beautifully expressive (sometimes tawdry) comments by you, dear Tom…are always welcome. Let the girls chase you, Tom. They’ll not tire of it easily, and you know how beautiful young girls look when they run…

  3. Between the Sheets » Blog Archive » Full, But Not Satiated Says:

    [...] Matt looked a little lost. He was nervous, like a young guy cheating on his wife might be. You’d think that we might have a moral objection to his deception, but we don’t. It’s not our business. And, as I said in the Meme in L, I am lascivious without restraint. Jean, Rich, and Kim were all a huge help in making sure the others were comfortable. For Jean and Rich, this kind of meet and greet was old hat. For Kim, well the gal just has absolutely no hang ups at all. She is a true joy to be around. [...]

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