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Global Orgasm Day Celebration

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

When I first read “Global Orgasm Day” the phrase seemed trite. The first thing that came to mind was that its inception was assuredly orchestrated by a consortium of individuals in the “industry.” I thought it an underground, corporate holiday like “National Cuddle Day” or “National Romance on a Budget Day.” (Who dreams these up?)

I’m pleased to say it’s not that it at all. There is actual science behind it, say the minds at Princeton University.

The Global Consciousness Project, Princeton University, runs a network of Random Event Generators (REGs) around the world, which record changes in randomness during global events. The results show that human consciousness can be measured to have a global effect on matter and energy during widely-watched events such as 9/11 and the Indian Ocean tsunami. There have also been measurable results during mass meditations and prayers. (more…)

Fellatio, Round 2

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

So, you’re comfortable. It’s a good thing, because it looks like you’ve been waiting a few days for the next step!

It’s my preference to not use a condom for oral sex, but depending on how well acquainted you are with your partner safety may be imperative. So before the next step, put on a condom–now! If you like, you can leave it to the man to do. Thought he’ll be completely enthralled if you can put it on for him–using your mouth. There are some flavored condoms (Lifestyles makes a Kiss O’ Mint) that keep the taste of latex from ruining the mood.

Tip #2: Angles

There are several things that you can do to stimulate and make varied your partner’s experience. Some angles depend on the position you and your partner have selected. (more…)

Come hold me?

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

When I first started reading Greg’s article at Urban Monarch on Sex: The Art of Cuddling, I thought of the countless times that J has wanted to cuddle, especially post-coitus. I am a bit more of a man about it (using Greg’s analogy)—getting up soon after sex to clean up, freshen up and then come back to bed. I tend to cuddle then, but much prefer to sleep coiled in my own comfortable position rather than on the body or near the body of my spouse. It’s actually become quite a ritual though I didn’t intend it that way. And as such, it became a source of discord between us, albeit briefly, the other evening.

Greg’s article makes some excellent points about the intimacy behind cuddling and its myriad purposes. But, the article on MSN (and the study) that Urban Monarch sites is flawed in my opinion. I know not enough about the correlations that they are trying to make between intimacy and stress reduction to understand if they make a good point. (more…)

Breaking the golden rule, Part III

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

And, he said yes. I spoke with J on the phone to help me get ready. He selected what I was to wear and gave me explicit instructions on what I could and could not do with Paul that evening.

I was permitted to kiss him.
I could touch his face.
I could grope, fondle and touch any other clothed place on his body.
I could allow myself to be pressed against him, clothed.
I was not to let my skin touch his cock in any way.

My goal was simple: flirt with him, seduce him and decide if he was to be a good bedfellow for J and I or not. And, enjoy a cocktail with someone that I had begun to love. J was uncomfortable with the last part, but knew it was an inevitable outcome.

I showed up at the lounge in a black knee-length silk skirt and camisole. I had on short heels and no stockings or bra. I wore a thong, at J’s request—it was better than my usual nothing, he surmised. We greeted each other warmly, but with reservation. We had only one drink before he offered a walk. I was edgy in the company of others. How awkward to feel as though you’re on a date, with the permission of your spouse. It’s not infidelity, but a large gray area in the middle somewhere.

We walked hand in hand down the avenue, and stopped in front of the doorway of a hotel. Their façade was so diminutive; it was hard to notice at first glance. A small orange bulb lit the shingle above the canopy.

“Shall we?�? (more…)

Breaking the golden rule, Part II

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

J had no idea how he would feel with just Paul in the room, as he hadn’t really paid that much attention to Paul when we were all together. He was too busy trying to overcome his repulsion of Paul’s partner and the overwhelming feeling that he was “taking one for the team.�?

But, we had for some time entertained the idea of another man in our bed. I’d written fantasies trying to entice J and he’d let me post some ads looking for prospects. Ultimately, my logic of playing with someone we were already acquainted with held up.

“How well would you say you’re ‘acquainted’ with Paul at this point?�?

“I have spoken with him a great deal. I have a fondness for him. I care about him.�?

“Do you love him?�? (more…)

Sugasm #56

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Happily made it in to this week’s Sugasm again…Though only one of my sinful readers commented on the story, Working Late, Part I found its way into a broader audience. Check out the rest of this week’s picks as well. There are some delicious stories…

This week’s best of the sex blogs from the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasmer participants. Want in Sugasm #57? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
Same Time Next Year (
“She nodded again, grabbing the doorframe as she pushed against the finger.”

Fuck me- it’s friday. (
“I won’t pretend to be coy- because I know what I want.”

Sexual Things You Don’t Know About Me (
“My own erotic inner self has been piqued these last few days by a wonderful fantasy; maybe I can help pique yours by sharing.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Happy Thanksgiving (

Editors’ Choice

Fast and Furious (

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Breaking the golden rule, Part I

Monday, November 27th, 2006

Tom says: “You’re driving me insane with your oblique references to a juicy story. Will you consider writing about this on your own site at least?”

Perhaps eventually I’ll completely submit to Tom (as my second Dom) and he can dictate all articles on this site. Perhaps hell will freeze over. Perhaps I’ll just indulge him once in a while–that’s more fun.

Within the comments of Confronting Things Head On, I confessed to my own naughty behavior years ago. As I mentioned before, there are truly some Worst Case Scenarios in the life of a swinger–falling in love or being in love with a play partner is definitely at the top of that list.


I was the one to tell our play partners that our evening together would be the first and last time. I spoke with the gentleman, Paul (name changed), via chat. (more…)

Fellatio, Round 1

Monday, November 27th, 2006

Some women claim they love nothing better than the feel of their partner’s erection in their mouth. Some indulge their partner in it only for his benefit. Some are perhaps too timid to attempt it–after all, how the hell do we gals know what to do with those foreign, external objects hanging between the legs of our fellas. Sure, you figure it out, experiment, ask your fella what feels the best. But, do you then reach a plateau for performance? Or, would you rather have a repetoire of things to pull out of your hat, ensure a good experience, and make his toes curl in the process?

Tip #1: Make sure you’re BOTH comfortable.

- If he’s standing, I’d recommend giving him something to lean against (dresser, wall, anything). The wind will leave his sails eventually and you don’t want him going all weak in the knees over it. And, you should make sure your knees are saved as well (crumpled up jacket or pillow under them works nicely).

- If he’s lying down, all the better if it is a bed or a reclined seat. If that reclined seat is in a car, beware gals. Torquing to the side isn’t often comfortable long term.

- To take maximum advantage of angles, especially if you’d like to try and take him all the way into your mouth, I recommend my favorite position: you lying on the bed with your head hanging over the side, and him leaning into you. This position also works well for him to please you in some way. And mutual stimulation makes fellatio even more arousing. I suppose I like this position the best because it also takes away some control that I have in pleasing him. He is the one to guide the frequency and depth of the thrusts.

I’ll discuss angles next…

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Not tonight, I don’t feel like it…

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

I remember going to my physician years ago and telling him that the birth control method I was using made me fat, tired and almost completely without the desire for sex. And, we can’t have that! I wanted off of it.

This MALE ob/gyn was very dismissive of my concerns, telling me it was essentially all in my head. He told me that there was nothing abnormal about not having a period while on birth control and that if I had one it would be a cursory period anyway—of no real value.

I was resentful of his laissez-faire attitude about my body. He’d seen me twice (for a total of damn near 11 whole minutes) and I’d been with my body for decades. It felt different. Internally, I felt stagnant and I felt like it took quite a long time for that to cycle out of my system after stopping the pill. (more…)

Swinger’s Worst Case Scenario Survival Guide–The End

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

We had a date set over a week in advance. I was nervous. We hadn’t met this couple before (like we would typically for drinks of coffee). But, we were driving such a long way that we had agreed with them that if the chemistry was there (and there was no fault among us if it was not) we would play.

I had spoken with the guy from the couple and J had spoken to the woman. Typically we speak only as couples, but they were often separate because of their “work schedules.�? I had not spoken to the woman and I was apprehensive about that. Normally, I want a little girl talk with the woman before we play. Though that kind of talk isn’t my strong suit, I want to get a sense of her personality and feelings before we swap partners.

I had a hesitation about them, and I couldn’t truly place what it was. So, I dismissed it, though it nagged me even as we walked to their door. We sat thru a couple glasses of wine and I thought I could tell from J’s face that he wasn’t interested in going further. I asked him discreetly about it, and he said it was fine. He tells me now, that he was just hoping he would get over what was zero chemistry between he and the woman. (more…)

Swinger’s Worst Case Scenario Survival Guide

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

One of my favorite revolutionary writers, Tom Paine writes in a comment on his article Age & Desire (November 2006, Polyamorously Perverse):

“When a sex scenario is only in your mind, or even between you and your lover, it’s quite “containable” and the two of you can control it. Once you bring in an outsider, all sorts of bad (and good) things can happen:

1.) the new lover falls for one of you;
2.) the other person isn’t very good in bed:
3.) the other person has “drama issues” and the whole thing gets ugly.

“Back in the day,” not all the sexy adventures C. and I had were great. Sometimes the sex was rankly mediocre instead of being hot and satisfying.

Part of me worries that if I seduce C. into fucking someone else, it won’t turn out well and she’ll refuse to do anything else kinky. One of you wrote about dodging that bullet with BDSM swinging and how it almost backfired…”

Our wild, beautiful experiences bookend liaisons that include all of what Tom mentions above. (more…)

Solo play = foreplay

Friday, November 24th, 2006

I’ve found myself in a very asexual slump this week, which is completely out of character for me. But, as I sit here writing this I’m in an apron, waiting for more pies to come out of the oven. It would be arousing to say I have nothing on underneath the apron. Alas, that is not true.

I’ve had more time to myself than play with others this week. Even worse than that is the fact that I’ve had little time to myself at all—all of this is very sexually frustrating and leaves me in a lousy mood. That, coupled with the apron reference has me looking like a grumpy housewife…hmmm, that’s a lousy image.

Left to my own devices, I’ve indulged in a little solitary playtime. Let’s call it research and putting my “writer’s cap�? on for this blog. After all, trolling some terrific sites such as Jane’s Guide and Adult Blog Hub have me wishing that I wasn’t the only person in the room right now.

Last night I retreated to write a bit, and tried once more to get into such a mood for writing—letting my mind roam to some of my darker fantasies. And, in walked J. (more…)

Six Weird Things About Me: I’ve been tagged

Friday, November 24th, 2006

Well, I typically resist a bit more before giving into the whims of others—but, I’ll play. Tom Paine tagged me with my first meme. The task is to name six weird things about myself.

Weird depends on who you ask, dear Tom. I have cunningly surrounded myself with people who share my oddities. Thus, in our little sphere we are quite normal.

My six “weird�? things…

1. I prefer anal sex to any other orifice—it is always easiest for me to come that way. I think it’s all the foreplay that leads up to that act that I find most stimulating.
2. I was born in Paris, but only lived there for two months until we moved back to the states to a tiny little farm. My French is awful unless you’d like an elementary science lesson (former private tutor—no, I’m not still “for hire�? in that capacity).
3. I have a constellation of freckles on my right leg that looks like the little dipper.
4. When someone whispers in my ear, I get goosebumps that begin on that side of my bum and travel all the way down that leg.
5. I have never ridden on a ferris wheel.
6. Ten years ago, I used to schedule dates in opposite parts of the country with people I’d never met—and play with them for a weekend. It was risky in all ways to be sure, but I had squandered my youth and wished for a little escape. At least that’s how I tell it now that wisdom and better judgment have set in.

I may be breaking cultural mores here, but instead of tagging more bloggers, I’d like to know something about my readers. I grovel to ask three readers to answer the meme in the comments of this post. Now, Tom, you’ve already done this but if you six more astonishing things you’d like to share I welcome them.

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A few more stolen moments, Part II

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

“Get back here. I’m not finished with you yet,�? you begged, and pulled me back to stand in front of you at the edge of the bed. You took my breast in your mouth and clutched my back so that I wouldn’t step away. I moaned. I didn’t push you away. I pulled you toward me, to make you stand. I grabbed your hand and led you to the bathroom. You could hear the shower running, and saw the warm glow of candles that lit the room.

“You’ve been up for a while, haven’t you?�? you said and slipped your arms around my waist as I checked the temperature of the water.

“A minute or two, I think.�? I held your hands against me, weaving my fingers into yours. You kissed my shoulder and continued up my neck. I guided your hands to my breasts and you cupped them firmly, letting your touch slowly recede and pinch my nipples. I turned to you. You kissed me deeply and backed me up to the counter. Your hands at my hips, helped me onto the ledge, and I wrapped my legs around you pulling you to me. I tilted my hips slightly so that I could feel the tip of your ache against me. You let your hands roam about my body, down my arms, to my breasts, tracing your fingers down my belly as we smiled at each other. (more…)

A few more stolen moments

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

This is a subsequent tale to The Cabin Part II of this story will be loaded in 6 hours, so if you’d rather not wait to read the end, come back then!

I awoke a few hours later. You were still sound asleep. My head rested on your chest and my arm was across your belly. You lay on your back with my leg wrapped around yours and your arm clutched my waist. I lifted my head, careful not to let my hair tickle you and removed your hand from my side.

You hardly moved when I got out of bed and I was hoping you’d stay asleep for a while. I went to the next room to make coffee and set out fresh fruit, juice, and some pastries…I took candles out of my bag, and some soaps and loofahs for the shower for my “non-bath guy.�? I’d force you into the bath another time…

The room was still dim, since the sun had barely risen. I wanted you again and had precious little time left before we parted. I set my cup of coffee down at the nightstand and sat beside you. I pulled the sheet down from your waist and heard you take a deep breath as the air touched your body. I gently ran the palm of my hand up the inside of your thigh, pulling one leg aside slightly so that I could sit in between your legs. I kneeled there, and leaned over you to whisper, “Good morning, babe.�?

I kissed just below your ear gently, and nibbled on your earlobe. Before letting my tongue trace down your neck to your collarbone, I pressed my hips to you, nudging your ache, wanting you to stir gently, slowly as I played with you. I kissed and nibbled about your chest, playing with your nipples with my tongue as you began to stir. You brought your hands to my back, pulling me into you, but you still hadn’t opened your eyes.

“Good morning,�? you mumbled, and pulled my face to yours for a kiss.

I pulled away to continue down your body. (more…)

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