The Night Was Upon Us, Part I

by Staff Writer

It isn’t often that I live an experience so outside the norm of my life that I am left the next day imagining that it was a dream. Not a perfect, surreal dream, but an imagining of my own life. It was as though I lived as someone else for a moment, hosting my first “party.” Our celebration of what a friend unable to attend called “G.O.D.” (for Global Orgasm Day) was completely spiritual and exhausting, mentally and physically.

Did we achieve a change in global consciousness as was intended by the experiment? Who knows. Only the boys at Princeton can tell me that. But, the air in the room smelled of sex and the emotion of order was euphoria during multiple, varying points in the evening…

First, the little details: What in the hell do you bring/do for something like that if you’re the host?

Our toy bag included:
- Plenty of lubes and oils (some edible, some hypoallergenic…yes, I’m nothing if not the thoughtful hostess)
- A variety of condoms
- Full stock of waters and juices (We invited guests to bring limited alcoholic beverages of their choosing. We chose not to drink that evening, but welcomed conscious, responsible drinking by our playmates.)
- Tea lights (For my rugged, testosterone-laden readers–I adore you–but it’s a type of candle that is small, easily toted, and beautiful set up in large quantities.)
- At least a half-dozen dildos and vibrators (including the iBuzz Two from LoveHoney that I will be reviewing in the next couple of days)
- Hygiene-related items for our guests: personal cleansing wipes, toy santizers and breath mints.

A bit about our room:
We were on the 19th floor of a beautiful hotel in the heart of the City. Our suite had a spectacular view of Coit Tower (the phallus of SF) and Angel Island. One entire wall of our room was windows, the blinds of which we left open for the bulk of our lighting (coupled with the tea lights mentioned above). We removed all phones, books, brochures, etc from the tabletops. We turned one area into the location for refreshments. We laid out all items in the bathroom for our guests to pamper themselves. We utilized all extra pillows and bed linens to further comfort chairs and tabletops for fucking. We draped a duvet over the large desk that was near the window. It was my wish to be laid over that table by more than one of our guests…

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