The Night Was Upon Us, Part III

by Staff Writer

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Another knock at the door brought Matt, Kim, and Jackie. Matt’s confidence was certainly more boastful with two beautiful women on his arm. I greeted them all warmly. As they stepped inside, I could hear that Rich got his playlist working. There was some seductive fado playing in the background.

Kim looked lovely and tranquil in her dark brown, flowing skirt and faux corset. Her dark blond hair was wound about her head, revealing her long, elegant neck. The long bejeweled earrings she wore teased about her neck and shoulders as she moved to greet everyone.

Jackie’s coat was cinched up tightly so that when she opened it to hand to Rich–it revealed the only items she wore underneath. Blood red bustier, garter belt and stockings set against her porcelain skin. She gave a hearty laugh when she took it off and saw Matt’s face. I could tell that she had made a dramatic entrance just for him. She took him by the hand and went to the bar, asking for his help pouring drinks that she brought.

J welcomed Kim and took her to the bedroom to find Jean and Rich. I stood, gawking at Jackie’s toying with Matt. There was an incredible sexual energy between them. And, he was evolving quickly out of his shell around her.

The last knock at the door startled me a bit in part because it suddenly occurred to me who was missing.


I realized where Matt’s nervousness had settled down as soon as I heard the knock. It was in the pit of my own stomach. I could see through the peephole only that he was wearing a tight collarless black shirt and black leather coat.

Deep breath. God, what am I, in high school? I repeated a quick mantra that I was the hostess, had invited him…that I was the insatiable beast that might even intimidate the hell out of him. Ok, that’s a little bold, even for my little ego. But, I needed a reverse from the timid feelings that were washing over me, and double quick.

“Well, it looks like we can begin now! Come in!”

“Hi! How are you this evening, Lo?” he kissed me on the cheek and stepped past me to enter the room.

“Absolutely perfect.”

Nate walks in and gets a hearty, masculine hello from Matt. Matt unwinds his arms from Jackie long enough to shake Nate’s hand. Then Nate turns to me, “Well, where’s the rest of the group?”

“In the bedroom, I would imagine.”

He slips his arm around my waist and whispers, “Let’s join them.”

He leads the way into the bedroom and stops just past the doorway. Jean and Kim are half-dressed in their lingerie and J and Rich in the buff. J is between Jean’s full, beautiful thighs. She is probably thinking of nothing but his tongue on her clit, eyes closed and head half-buried in pillows.

Rich helped Kim over to the edge of the bed, so that her head hangs off the side. She takes him in her mouth quickly and he leans over her, kissing down her abdomen slowly. His hands embrace her thighs and part them so that he can taste her.

“Well, they wasted no time, did they?” Nate says to me.

“Neither should we then. Sit down,” I whispered.

I motioned for Nate to sit in the overstuffed chair. He did and I knelt before him, inviting him to watch my husband and our other playmates, while I pleasured him. I unzipped his pants and without a word, after seeing no objection to the idea, took out a condom to slip onto his already hard cock. I pulled at the waist of his pants with my hands, using my mouth to slip on the condom, and pulled his pants off. I wanted to feel the body heat from his legs near my bare shoulders as my lips and tongue warmed him.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see J now fucking Jean slowly. I must have seen the first few thrusts between them. His pace quickened after that. I could hear Rich bring Kim to her first orgasm. Nate must have watched. As her last wave of moaning filled the room, his focus became even more intent.

Rich turned Kim over onto her hands and knees to enter her from behind. She moaned that he be gentle. She was still contracting inside and her clit must have been throbbing. Rich obliged for a few moments until her hips sank into his thrusts. She drove herself backward into his shaft. And, he became more voracious in his fucking.

I thought I could hear Matt and Jackie giggling and fucking in the other room, but I couldn’t be sure. And, quite frankly didn’t care so long as they didn’t disrupt this room.

Nate took a deep breath and held my mouth onto his shaft as he came.

(For my gentle, patient readers, the last Part IV will be the final installment of this story…and we’ll move on to some even more delicious holiday fucking that has occupied me since G.O.D. As you can probably assume, much recovery was needed after Global Orgasm Day. We didn’t make it out of the room until late afternoon that day.)

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3 Responses to “The Night Was Upon Us, Part III”

  1. tom paine Says:

    More fucking since G.O.D.? Gosh, you really know how to hurt a guy! Any chance of you and J ever visiting the Big City?

  2. Lola David Says:

    Well, ’twas our anniversary after all…No hurt intended at all, unless that pleases you. Then I’d go out of my little subservient way to do so…

    You know, us liberal west coasters do tend to arrogantly assume that WE are the ones who live near “The City.”

  3. tom paine Says:

    “Tales of the City,” yes, I had a friend from Palo Alto who used that verbal shorthand.
    Don’t get me wrong, SF is a wonderful town, and I’d love to retire to the Berkeley Hills where friends have a place they’re not using very much now that they have another place in– Paris.
    A bizarre anniversary celebration, but I hope you took lots of commemorative photos.

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