Ten Things I’ve Learned About Sex #2: Naked Lounging Should Be Done With Discretion

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

I’ve had ten sexual partners. And I’d like to think that with each, I’ve grown a little. So, here are the ten things I’ve learned about sex. Thanks, guys. lol. Have you read number 1 yet?

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My first “serious” boyfriend (and second guy I ever slept with) liked to be naked. In fact, you could say that he was fascinated by it. He still lived with his parents, but during the day, they were rarely upstairs in the townhouse, preferring to stay on the bottom level. So, he (and I) could be naked all we pleased. After all, we could here them coming long before we could see them. Or, more importantly, they could see us. His urn.jpgparents knew we were fucking, and it wasn’t that big of a deal, since they knew we were being safe. They even kept an urn of condoms on the mantle, just in case anyone in the household needed them. Weird, I know.

But no matter how comfortable they were with sex (and believe me, the noises coming from their bedroom told me that they were VERY comfortable with it…), I wasn’t about to let his mom see my rosy red behind by accident or let his horn-dog dad catch a glimpse of my nipples on the way to the bathroom. So, instead, I opted to keep my clothes on most of the time, just in case, unless the bedroom door was closed.

I have to say, though… Lounging around in nothing (or next to nothing) was amazing. He’d be sitting at his computer, playing guitar, and I’d be on the bed, naked, my skin pale and smooth, my hair still wet from a post-sex shower together. I could sit at his feet for hours listening to him play, my head resting on his bare leg, my fingertips slowly caressing his inner thighs until I could see that he wasn’t interested in the music anymore. We spent days like this, and I’d throw on only the necessary tank top and short shorts to run to the store to pick up lunch and condoms. It was a sexual paradise on the top floor of that town house.

I had my share of close calls, though. One time in particular, we were almost caught mid-naked-lounge by his sister and two-year-old nephew. God love his sister, but she was a big girl. I mean, size 28+ big. I’m no skinny mini, so I can dig a little extra weight, but she was grossly overweight, and didn’t take care of herself, sometimes going weeks without showering. She was missing a front tooth, and her hair was usually greasy and slicked back into a tight pony tail. Even if you’re into BBW, she was not a pretty girl.

Anyway, the kid, who was used to just opening whatever door he wanted to open, went for our door, and I heard her catch him just before he jiggled the knob open. Later, we laughed and told her how it was good he didn’t, because he would have gotten a full-on shot of my shaved pussy as I was giving my bf head. She laughed too and said that it was funny that we always hung out naked.

About a week later, I saw her car parked outside, so even though I knew my boyfriend wasn’t home from work yet, I headed inside, the door being unlocked and all. Her son was sleeping in the playpen in the living room, and I heard her upstairs in the office adjoining to my boyfriend’s bedroom, so I climbed up the stairs to say hello so I wouldn’t wake the baby.

She had to have heard me coming. It was a old house and the stairs creaked a lot!

Yet, as I rounded the corner, there she sat at the computer, completely naked. Nude. In the buff. All 5-foot-3 400 pounds of her. It was kind of like a car wreck. You just can’t look away. She smiled and said hello, like nothing was wrong. Later, she said that we had made it sound like so much fun that she thought she’d give nudity a try. I will have the image of her naked, her rolls suctioned to the leather office chair, in my mind for the rest of my life.

So, that day I learned an important lesson. If you’re going to be naked, lock the door. The door to your house or the door to your room. Because you know what? Even if you’re totally comfortable with your body, use nakedness with discretion. Please.

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