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There’s No Munching In Carpet Munching!

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Ok guys - this one is for you.

FACT: Girls love to have cunninglingus performed on them
MYTH: Enthusiasm makes up for talent

The fact of the matter is guys, if you’re going down, you’d better get familiar with a woman’s anatomy. Enthusiam does not make up for it. In fact, sometimes being too enthusiastic is bad. There is no muching in carpet munching.

If you want to do a better job of going down here are a few things to remember:

~ Every woman is different so just because your last girl friend liked to be tongue fucked doesn’t mean your current one will.
~ It’s better to start slow and build up to something stronger if she likes it. If you start off too hard she’s just going to get annoyed.
~ There is more to a woman’s genitals than her clit. The labia, the entrance to her vagina, and even then urethra can be very sensitive. You’ll have to do some exploring to find out what works for her.
~ Finger play or nipple play when combined with cunninglingus can be exciting, too. You know how you like to have your balls or “taint” played with while she’s giving you head? She might like having her nipples played with, her pussy, or even her ass. Try all three and see what happens.
~ You can use your tongue in different ways - go fast, slow, make it flat or pointy.
~ Her clit has as many nerve endings as your cock - more actually - but in a condensed space. So go easy on it. She might like some gentle pinching but too rough is never good. Unless you’re into pleasure and pain in which case go to town - she’ll let you know where her limits are.

Above all, enjoy yourself. If you’re only doing it because you know you ain’t getting any if you don’t, it will show and she won’t enjoy herself.

More Love Letters

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

So, what did y’all think of that love letter? It completely blew me away. I can’t tell ya how much I love that man.

We’ve been big on letters from the beginning of our relationship. This is one of the letters that I wrote for him before we were living together:

My Dearest,

I couldn’t help thinking about you last night. Our conversations on the phone throughout the day were making me crazy. I swore I was going to stay away from the toys and save myself for you but I broke.

I started with my fingers, pulling at my nipples, gently rubbing my clit. My fingers dipped inside my pussy and I was so wet thinking about you and that glorious tongue and the way you finger fuck me.But it wasn’t enough.

I want the feeling you give me when you are hard inside me. I can’t duplicate that with any toy but my imagination helps. Out came that black vibrator and my mini-bullet. A little lube and I was set to go.

I rubbed the bullet over my clit for a few moments and thought of your tongue and how you flicker it against me. Then I lubed up that vibrator . . . and pointed it straight at my little brown rose bud.

I balanced under my knees, imagining myself straddling you in a reverse cowboy. I reached between my legs to position myself over that cock and kept the image of your cock at the ready at my back door in my mind. Slowly, ever so slowly, I began to lower my clenched hole over the tip of that cock.

I took more and more inside my dark tunnel until it was as deep inside me as I could get it.Then, as I began to ride it, thinking about how your hips would rock as you pushed your way inside me, I turned on the bullet. I could almost feel your finger dip inside my cunt and play over my hard nub. My mind screamed, “Fuck me, fuck my ass baby!” and I rode that cock a little harder.

It didn’t take long before my muscles began to clench around the tool in my ass. Even though there was no one there to hear me, I was moaning out loud, “Yes, baby, yes. Give it all to me!” and wondering if any of my neighbors lurked outside my bedroom window. As I remembered the heat of the fullness of your hand smacking my bottom with increasing firmness, I came hard, muscles convulsing and sucking that cock deeper into my cavern.

I miss you so much baby.

Love and Marriage - A Love Letter

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007


June 27, 2007

Hello all. If you are reading this then my wife has in fact given me permission to publicly share my love for her. It is my hope that on the 27th of each month she will allow me to continue to do so as we move forward with our lives. It is with great pride that I write the following:

Dearest Autumn,

Today marks exactly one month since the day that we were married. For me at least, it gives me a chance to understand just how lucky I am. I have been blessed with the most caring and wonderful woman in the world and fulfilled a long time dream of becoming a father – well, at the very least a stepfather.

I want you to know that since our wedding day my love for you has only become deeper. Each day brings me a new insight into how much I know you care for me. I realize that I am not the perfect man because nobody is. However, when we are together it feels like nothing can ever stop us from achieving anything we put our minds to. Your support when I am not quite one hundred percent means more than you can possibly fathom. I see in your eyes the hurt when I am sad and the joy when I am happy. Please don’t ever stop believing in me.

I was told by many a friend before our marriage that things would change in a big way once we actually had those rings on our fingers. They were right but not in the way that they imagined. I am not a fool thinking that everyday of our lives will be perfect – for we have already had a few trying times. The changes since we have been married have been surprising but only for the better. It seems that during the last month you have shown even more love and passion that at any time before in our lives.

Our honeymoon was such an absolute joy. Yes, the sex was out of this world and your kinky side kicked into overdrive, but our lives are that and so much more. Your special “honeymoon sex” has never really ended because it was really just an extension of who you always were. I think our time alone gave us the opportunity to grow as a couple and for those moments I will be forever grateful. I know there is so much more ahead of us but I never want to forget what a wonderful time we had on our honeymoon.

So in case you need reassurance, I would not have changed this past month for anything – both the good and bad, as I have learned from them both. You never cease to amaze me and I need you to know that I will always give you everything I have in order to make our life together the best that it can possibly be. I am certain that there may have been times when you felt a little overwhelmed but remember that I will always strive for what is best for our family.

So to state things in the simplest of terms – I love my wife. I love you.

Forever yours,

The Erotic Touch

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

There is something that is just so erotic about touch. Lots of people forget to slow down and just enjoy touching each other. The slow gentle caress of a lover’s hand as it moves over your body is so sensuous.

Sometimes touching someone can discover ticklish zones but that’s not a bad thing. Tickling is very sensuous and erotic as well. A light tickling wakes up the nerve endings which make you more prone to becoming aroused. This tends to be very true in women especially, but lots of guys like it, too.

Spend some time together the next time you are alone and see who caves first. Run your fingers up the inner curve of her waist, around the swell of her breast (don’t touch her nipples yet though), past her armpit, and then down her arm. Let your palm caress her face and then work your way back down again. Go all the way down to the tips of her toes. You’ll soon have her squirming in your arms. Girls, try this on your guy, too. You might have to tie him up first but what the hell right?

Touching is one of the most intimate things you can do. Even if you don’t have time or energy to make love or get into a raunch sex session, touching each other in a sincere and meaningful way is a great way to show your partner how much you care and help them relax at the same time.

And guys, if your lady doesn’t seem so “in the mood” lately, try this on her but don’t let it turn into sex. She might want it to but make it clear that you want her to “get a good nights rest and just relax.” It’s not about you, it’s about her. Do this 3 or so times during a weekend and it will be almost a sure thing that on the weekend when the kids get to bed she’ll be almost ready to jump you!

The Waitress

Monday, June 25th, 2007

I met her at work. She was the hottest thing I’d ever seen in a standard waitress uniform and she brought back all these memories from my youth. I hadn’t been with another woman in years and I was married now but man oh man, this girl drove me wild!

It wasn’t hard to get to know her - restaurant people are pretty open about their lives. After about a week of talking between serving tables I decided she was straight and got over it. Was I ever wrong.

Well, not totally wrong. She didn’t really know she liked girls. Not at that point. But I guess something happened to awaken her desire for women in her. I like to think it was me. We went out to the bars and out dancing a couple times. Each time she got friendlier and friendlier. Dancing closer. Touching. And then she got downright flirtatious.

One night we were waiting for a cab and she was being very touchy feely. I couldn’t stand it anymore so I pulled her into a back alley, pushed her against the wall and kissed her slowly and lingeringly. When we came up for breath, she looked into my eyes and said, “I thought you were never going to do that!”

Well, needless to say, we only needed the cab driver to make one stop that night. When we got inside her door she practically jumped me and almost ripped my clothes off. Her mouth was at my breast and I thought she was going to completely lose it. I had to slow this girl down!

I pulled her arms behind her back and directed her into her bedroom. I pushed her onto the bed and straddled her.

“Listen my love. Part of the pleasure of girl love is taking all the time you need. Now I know you’d like to find out what it’s all about right now but I’m in no particular rush and we’re going to take it slow. Understand?”

She nodded her head. I released her hands and began to remove my clothes and then hers. And then we took it slow. My hands took lots of time waking up every part of her body. Then my mouth discovered all of her erogenous zones. Then I showed her the pleasures of a girl’s tongue.

She writhed under my mouth and begged me to let her come. But when she got too heated up, I just backed up a few steps. And forward and backwards I went until I knew she was ready. Then, with my tongue on her clit, barely moving in little cirlcles, I slid two fingers inside her. She was so incredibally wet. And when I found her g-spot, she arched her back in surprised and sucked her breath in. I could feel her quivering under my touch and my tongue already so I put just the right amount of pressure on her.

Then, she exploded in an orgasm that turned her into a squirting, shuddering machine. Her body went ballistic under my mouth but I kept a firm grip on her, working her down until she was gasping for breath.

“I never knew those things happened in real life,” she said when she could speak.

I showed her a lot of things that could happen in real life if one had the knowledge. My husband is eager to meet her but I think I’ll keep her to myself for a little while at least!

What Do You Dream About?

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

What kind of dreams do you have? Do you dream about sex? Do you remember your dreams? Or do you have nightmares? According to a Canadian Study women dream about sex about the same as men do - about 8% of their dreams. But the similarities stop there. While men tend to dream about threesomes and sex in public places, women tend to dream about celebrities and other famous people or lovers from their past. Obviously they didn’t have some of the female sex bloggers in their sample!

I dream about sex but not as often as I used to. When I wasn’t getting it or when I wasn’t satisfied I used to dream about sex quite often. And it was rarely a sweet and romantic dream (if ever). It was usually a pretty hardcore, gang bang, backdoor action dream. I dreamt about a celebrity once - 50 Cent (who I don’t even really like much). But I have had dreams more intense that I’d ever imagined they could be. Once or twice I had sexual dreams that were so intense that I had an orgasm that woke me up, shuddering and shaking.

Dreams sometimes do mean things but more often than not they are just your subconscious mind getting a little release. Release is good! :)

Sweet and naughty dreams everyone!

New Hobby

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

My husband and I have found a new naughty activity to participate in together - watching live webcam shows. I’d never seen one before so I was quite fascinated by it. The web cam shows we’ve been watching have quite a variety. There are BBW’s, young girls, and women that do everything including live sex. And you can talk to them!

Each live web cam show (on the one we watch) has a chat option. You can just sit there and watch but you can also talk to her via chat - tell her how gorgeous she is, how hot she’s making you, or make a request. But if you make a request be sure to say please and don’t ask fifteen times or you’ll get booted!

I’m not sure what my husband likes more:

~ the fact that I’m even watching it with him

~ actually watching the cams

~ watching me get all worked up as we watch the cams

~ or when I talk to the cam girls

Whatever it is he loves it and so do I. We have a new late night/no kids at home hobby! Can you call watching live web cam sex shows a hobby?

Lipstick That’s So Much More

Monday, June 18th, 2007

I found this cool little vibe the other day and I am just dying to get me one of these. Isn’t it adorable? Something you can carry around in your purse and no one would ever be the wiser.

This would be great for those opportunities when you see the hot guy (or girl) and get all worked up and just need to get rid of some tension. This baby is supposed to be almost silent so you could even use it in the office at work if you want to. And don’t tell me none of you have ever gotten off on a little office masturbation while you’re at work! I know you have.

This could also be fun to tease your guy with. Come up to him when you’re in the mood but he needs a little convincing. Kiss his neck, his ears - whatever turns him on - and then slide your hand between his legs with this hidden in your palm. He’ll never be expecting it when you turn this baby on and let it hum on his cock or his balls through his pants. If that doesn’t get him interested nothing will.


Curves - a Love Story

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

When he saw her walk into the bar - how long ago was it? 14 years now? - that first time his jaw hung low and he felt a stirring in his groin that he hadn’t felt in a long time. She wasn’t like the other girls at his university or like the girls that flirted with him at the restaurant where he waited tables. She was - more.

As she walked past him her hips swayed with confidence that girls his own age didn’t have. They were either too shy or they overcompensated by acting all trashy. Not this woman (because she was no girl). She didn’t need to flirt, or to wear a low cut shirt or jeans that were a size to small. She wore a skirt that skimmed her full hips, knee high boots with a heel that was sexy but didn’t look like it was going to kill her, and a top that flowed over the mound of flesh on her chest without calling great attention to it. But she looked amazing. He couldn’t tell if it was the way she walked, the natural grace of her movements or the subtle smile that played upon her lips.

She stayed for only an hour and he watched her the entire time. Girls his own age kept distracting him though and pulling him into their grasp and when he looked back to find her she was gone. Or so he thought.

Fifteen minutes after he thought she’d gone home, he turned to find her standing beside him. The girls that sat near him gave her evil looks but she didn’t seem to notice. She slipped a hand into his and then left. All that remained was a folded piece of paper. He stared after her in amazement for what seemed like forever before he realized it was even there. Of course, it was her name and phone number.

Now, he was 35 and she was 41. They’d been married for 13 of those years. His friends thought he was nuts but not after they got to know her. Then they were jealous. Because not only was she the perfect vision of femininity, but she was genuinely a good person.

And when he was with her late at night, with his hands on her breasts, her moans in his ear, and her heat encompassing the firmness of his shaft - he remembered that first night. And he thanked her for being in his life.

Confident Guys

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

There’s something about a guy with confidence that is sexier than anything else. I mean, it doesn’t hurt if he looks like the guy above, but confident men are hot.

A guy who is confident can make you believe. He makes you believe that he can pleasure you. He makes you believe that he could be the one. He makes you believe in all the possibilities.

Of course, sometimes that turns out to be a total sham. He’s all confidence and no action. But you won’t know until you try right? Personally, I think these guys are more fun to flirt with than anything. If you keep it to flirting, there’s no disappointments. And they are great fun to fantasize about too!

Then, on the other side of the coin, when a guy has confidence coupled with some real qualities, like a sense of humor, sensitivity, and a genuine personality - whoa - you got yourself a winner! Hang on to that one baby because he’s a keeper!

Wanna Have a Sugasm With Me?

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

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Shocking Stats

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Statistics make me crazy. Researchers are always spouting off statistics about how the “average man” or the “average woman” has this long of a cock or can’t get sexually excited after a certain age. The fact is that “averages” really mean nothing. An average is just the middle of the road. It isn’t the majority.

Let’s take penis length for instance. If you have 10 men that are 6 inches, 10 that are 7 inches, 8 that are 8 inches and 6 that are 9 inches then on the other end of the spectrum there are 4 guys that are only 4 inches, 6 guys that are 5 inches and two guys that are two and three inches. According to those stats (46 guys) the average is 6.5. But the fact is that more than half of those guys are actually bigger than that (24 to be exact). So stats don’t necessarily portray accurate results when they are talking about averages.

If they are talking ratios well, it all depends on how many people were in the sample. If they did a study to see how many times a guys contracted AIDS from an infected women and in the study they followed 20 women who had each had sex with 30 guys since becoming infected and only 10 of those guys contracted HIV themselves the ratio would be 1:60 meaning that if an infected woman had sex with 60 guys only one of them would end up being infected. But you also need to consider that these were only 20 women and you have to consider the time that these guys were followed. People have shown results of being infected up to 12 years after the intial exposure.

These are just examples. Just remember that there are many factors to consider in research so while research may show a small picture of a controlled setting they aren’t necessarily reflective of real life. So the next time someone tells you that statistically women are more prone to this or guys are more likely to that remember that it’s only a statistic. It’s not real life.

With that in mind, check out these Shocking Stats about Men.

“Average” Guys

Friday, June 8th, 2007

Anyone seen the movie “Full Monty”? I loved that movie. Every time it comes on television I have to watch it. I love the whole movied but I love the end when the guys get dancing and do “the full monty”. It takes balls for a guy that isn’t “perfect” to take all of his clothes off yet when they do - no matter what they look like - it is just down right sexy.

And that’s what I like about this movie. It shows the world that even “average” guys are sexy. The major skinny dude, the pasty white gay guy, the old black dude, and especially the chubby white guy with his little “problem” - all of them are so hot. Why? Not because they have big schlongs (and let’s not forget the gay hottie with the cut abs who was hung) or because they look like models. Why? Because they are real. They’re human with imperfections and because of that they are rockin’.

I’ve never like pretty boys unless they come with a personality and I’ve only come across one that did. I’ve never gone for the studs because they didn’t have a sense of humor. Me? I go for the guy who can make me laugh, hold a conversation, and make love to my mind.

You sexy thing - don’t be afraid to take it off ’cause girls like me think you’re hot!

The Great Outdoors

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

There’s a certain thrill of having sex outdoors that just can’t be beat. I’ve never had sex with a guy outside but back in my younger days I had a girlfriend. She lived with her parents and my place wasn’t good for sex either (kids and all) so a lot of our encounters took place outside.

I remember one night we’d been out having a few drinks and getting a little crazy and we ended up at a park. Despite the fact that it was October and pretty cool outside we ended up half naked on this little platform by the river. It started out innocently enough - kissing and giggling. But pretty soon the clothes started coming off. Well, not exactly off. Body parts got exposed. I felt wanton with my shirt and bra pulled up to my neck and her mouth at my breast. Every time she pulled away, the cool air would hit my nipples and they would positively ache with desire.

Then the pants came down the ankles and then the panties. Pretty soon she was fingering me and teasing me. If anyone else was within a block of the park I’m sure they must have heard my moans and sighs. A couple fingers turned into three and then four. We almost made it to fisting that night but without lube it just wasn’t happening.

I don’t know what had me more excited - her fingers and her mouth or the knowledge that I was so exposed and vulnerable to anyone’s eyes that would have happened through that park. The cool air was definately enticing, too!

Get Wet

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007


I’m a Cancer so it seems logical that I would love water. And I do. Water in all of its forms is beautiful and so very sensual. Whether in a tub or shower, in a lake, or in a pool, water makes me feel exquisite.

I especially love rain. When summer is in the midst of it’s hottest days, the best thing in the world is a warm, evening rain. When I was a teenager I used to go wallking in the rain all the time. I remember once when I was about twenty I was going out with this guy that was Jim Morrison hot without the drugs. We’d been to a movie and when we got out the rain was just starting to come down. We waited for about ten minutes for a bus before we realized that there was no escaping the rain. So, we waited some more, made out in the street, and walked home. We jumped in the puddles, laughing like kids. Then we made out some more. By the time he left me on my doorstep my virgin mound was wet from more than rain!

Ever since then rain has made me feel sexy and young. Swimming does the same thing. It reminds me of when we used to go skinny dipping in the river back home. Me, my sister and the boys. Sometimes there’d by one of the guys’ girlfriends around too and my sister and I would feel sorry for her because she had no self-confidence. And the funny thing is, none of those guys ever tried to touch us. They’d look in awe for sure, but they never touched. They were our friends.

Just being around water is sexy. Get wet, get sexy.

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