Masturbation Tools for Her and Him


Even the most experienced masturbators like to change things up with a some masturbation tools. Girls are more known to use toys than guys I think but that doesn’t mean you guys should rule it out!

Here’s a couple toys I found that you might enjoy:

For the Guys:
This is one of the most basic masturbating toys for guys. With a realistic mouth, they can stroke themselves into an orgasm. Use a little bit of lube and it will add to your pleasure. I have a guy friend who says he loves this thing. When he wants to get into a fantasy he uses this. Because he’s not using his hand it helps get into the fantasy.

For the Girls:
The ultimate in portable masturbation! The panty pal attaches to any lingerie and has a cordless remote control and makes is virtually silent. Ever had an orgasm in public before? If you haven’t, May is the month to do it. Or try this with your partner. Giving up control can be great fun!

What’s your favorite toy?

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