Full, But Not Satiated

by Staff Writer

We walked in early to check on the room for our Munch. I don’t worry about the littlest details, typically. But what we asked for was quite different than any other banquet room reservation.

I asked for the room to be set up to mingle, not for a formal dinner. So the couches and chairs were placed about the room in a way that was conducive to eating, talking, drinking and flirting. We wanted this munch to feel like it was being held in someone’s living room to ease any nerves that were present amidst our guests.

The food was being put out when we arrived, amidst the charming little board games on the low tables we requested. The dark velvet couches were spaced in a round table like setting, with some seating on the periphery if individuals decided to pair off. We were a small group for such a room, but the organization in the center was pleasing. We certainly aren’t going to sit or fuck in such a confined group later on, so giving our “menu items” the chance to walk around and develop some intimacy together tonight was perfect. Read the rest of this entry »

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Meme in L

by Staff Writer

Monsieur Tom Paine has tagged me with a meme (again).

Ten Things That Begin With L:

Lascivious - I am inclined to lust and wanton behavior. (EDITED: To remove thoughtless dictionary attempt to use “lascivious” in a sentence….)

“Long Relationships” - Tom has accused me of being the writer over on this site. Truth be told, I’d be awful at writing that blog. Long relationships are not my forte. I’m much better at the restlessness (see Restless Cravings).

- I once had a rendezvous with a love in London. We are neighbors (less than 50 miles away) in real life. But, the opportunity never presents itself to see each other. So, we travelled cross the pond to meet. Great distance spawned great intimacy, staying in a small flat in central London. Our host was a charming Italian poet, who had been born in New York. We did surface from our room smelling of lust and sex for tea, which usually doubled as breakfast. We spoke lovingly with our beguiling hostess, sharing our secret romance with her. There was something comforting that let us believe speaking of it to her would be safe. We left that poet speechless, save her neatly written well-wishes tucked under our door on our last morning with her.

Read the rest of this entry »

Global Orgasm Munch

by Staff Writer

Well, you can’t just expect us to show up with hard cocks and wet pussies tomorrow evening, can you? Alright, J and I could perhaps…but, we’re more acquianted with the group. We’re hosting a munch this evening for those individuals who made it thru our screening process for our Global Orgasm Day Celebration. We reserved a room at a charming Italian restaurant in North Beach for the following guests:

Nathaniel - 6′2″, 43 years old, single, salt and pepper dark brown hair (my weakness), dark green eyes. He was selected after much discussion between J and I. He resembles with frightening similarity the love from Restless Cravings that I spoke of. It’s staggering actually. I’ve made a promise to J not to concentrate on Nathaniel for that reason. That was a strange promise to make…

Matt - 5′10″, 37 years old. He is the youngest invitee and the “married, playing single” of the bunch. He was invited because I am a sucker for funny guys and he managed to keep up with my wit in chat long enough to interest me.

Jean and Rich - A 40-something couple. She is 5′5″, slender, with this Farrah Fawcett, gypsy-cut hair that I think is just beautiful. She is soft-spoken (on the phone) and looks amazing lying in an old victorian bath tub. Rich is 6′1″ with an athletic build. He’s got a runner’s body from the photos. That’s not typically my type, but he and Jean make an incredibly dynamic and charming couple. Plus, they have a great deal of experience as swingers. As it turns out, they are members on a swinger site that we belong to and we’ve never connected with them before. What a shame! Our participation must be slipping… Read the rest of this entry »

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Girl talk, Part II

by Staff Writer

To read Part I, click here.
She let her robe fall from her shoulders. Her eyes were focused on mine as she removed her clothes. We’d seen each other in the buff before. I’d seen her atop J’s cock and she’d seen me sprawled on the bed deep throating her husband. Despite all of that, this is the first time I saw her a little nervous as she removed her clothing. Her eyes spoke of a want for approval with every inch of skin that she revealed to me. I walked to her side of the bed, eyes still locked in hers.

In moments, she was naked before me. I smiled at her, letting my finger trace her hairline. “You’re beautiful, T. Let me hold you.” I pressed my lips to hers just to feel the warmth from her body for a moment. The chill of the room made us both anxious to climb into bed. She pulled back the covers and I unfastened my bra sliding into the bed behind her.

T rolled to face me and said, “I can’t believe you’re here. Actually, I can’t believe that the guys AREN’T here.” They always joked that they’d never be farther away than the nearest television with a game on. We knew they really meant they’d have the game on only loud enough to make us think they were watching, while their ears were to the door of our room.

We talked briefly about why she’d been feeling down. I lay there next to her as she looked up, talking to me but not making eye contact. I ran my fingers thru her hair. I played gingerly with her earring and then earlobe. I brushed her cheek with the back of my hand. Her telling of her story became broken. She started to repeat herself when I kissed her neck, just below her earlobe. My kisses continued down her neck to her clavicle.

Her story stopped. She didn’t feel sexy. I could fix that. Read the rest of this entry »

Girl talk, Part I

by Staff Writer

All this chatter about unicorns had me thinking of my only true girlfriend. She is a beautiful Hawaiian with creamy brown skin. She has elegant feminine curves to her body, with enough meat on her bones that you can guess she indulges in life (and dessert) the way she SHOULD! Her dark, sleek hair is cropped short as a nymph’s. She has a laugh that would calm even the most nervous partner. And, her spirit is worth celebrating, in and out of bed.

She and her husband have played with J and I on a few occasions. In and out of the bedroom, they are incredible people. What J and I love most about them is their tireless souls. Laughter is a part of all they do, even sex. I once laughed in the middle of an orgasm with B that has remained unparalleled ever since.

T has been feeling down lately. We have spent precious little time nurturing our friendship and I am awful at returning phone calls. Truth be told, I detest phones. T leaves me sarcastic messages usually, taunting me into picking up the phone and calling her back…“Where are you? Have you fallen into a black hole? Pretend like you’re a part of civilization and call me back, ok?” Read the rest of this entry »

Sugasm #59

by Staff Writer

I’m happy to say that I’m in this week’s Sugasm again–though I took a risk in entering my Playing at the W, Part III (https://betweensheets.net)
series. It was a little intense, even to experience. It has its own niche of readers. Anyway, enjoy the stories!

The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasmer participants. Want in Sugasm #60? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form.

This Week’s Picks
By Invitation Only (http://dirtylittlecockslut.blogspot.com)
“I was being watched by a room full of people, but all I could think about was his thick cock, pounding me, his balls slapping against my ass.”

Love that aural sex (http://junohenry.wordpress.com)

“…The lazy way your honeyed tones flow out, saying my name, or merely whispering “Is that good, baby? You like that?” as you slide a finger in and out of me, deliberately and slowly.”

What BDSM Can Tell Us All About Sex (part 1) (http://perverselypoly.blogspot.com)
“That’s another form of power exchange: if I ‘let’ you have sex with someone else, it’s very different than if you sneak off and fuck that person without having permission.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself

Everyone Diggs Porn (http://sugarbank.com)

Editors’ Choice
Sandra Claus (http://secretbrain.blogspot.com)

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More Sugasm
Join the Sugasm

Read the rest of this entry »

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Why I brown-filed your response

by Staff Writer

Let’s face it. If you’re a decent-looking woman looking for sex (even if you say you’re part of a couple) you’re going to be swarmed with responses from any ad you post. Case and point: the ad that J and I posted for our Winter Solstice Party has been inundated with responses.

Here are the stats:

48 single males
13 males that would love to “play single” even though they are married
11 couples
4 unicorns

The number of female responses always makes me a little blue. I’d love to see a greater number of confident, single women looking for sexual experiences with couples and groups. I suppose that’s why there’s never a cover charge for the mysterious unicorn. We just count ourselves lucky when we see one. Read the rest of this entry »

A Business Affair, Part III

by Staff Writer

For Part I, click here
For Part II, click here

J reached down to my pussy, dipped his fingers into me and brought them to my mouth to lick. “That’s mine,” he said as I sucked my juices from his fingers. He stepped back from me to let me get down from the railing and shift my skirt. We walked toward our car. It had been quite a long time since I had sex in a car, especially with J. I wasn’t sure if we were, well…that flexible anymore. After all of this torment, I was not in the mood for a good laugh at our attempts. I wanted to be fucked.

“J, I’m not sure we’re as young–,” he turned me to him and backed me up against the hood of the car. I felt his hand at the base of my neck, guiding my mouth to his for a kiss. He kissed me with such fervor that I could feel his mustache chaffing my skin. It sent chills down my spine.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Lo. We’re not having sex in the car.” He turned me around and cupped my breasts in his hands. I could feel his hard cock at the small of my back. He nibbled at my neck and up to my ear. I felt his tongue at the base of my earlobe. He whispered, “I’m going to fuck you right here.” Read the rest of this entry »

A Business Affair, Part II

by Staff Writer

For Part I, click here
“Let’s go take a walk,” J whispered. My eyes met his with trepidation. I have never been to a dinner party with Professional J and met my lover in the same room. Normally the two do not mix. I don’t begrudge him that. Even I can “act” for an evening.

But, when my eyes met J’s, I knew we’d be on the hunt for a secluded place outside the hotel lobby. He took my hand from my lap and pulled me off of the barstool. We made our way through the crowd, trying not to attract conversation or glances from anyone. I felt like a teenager sneaking out of a high school prom.

Adonis stopped us on the way out, looking for some professional advice. For a moment, the fantasy that was developing in my head faded. J began talk about writs, motions, precedent…And then, he reminded Adonis that he was too young to think about work all the time. Adonis laughed nervously for a moment. J offered our tab at the bar to Adonis and a suggested conversation with some colleagues from the other firm. We sidestepped our way out of the room.

Around the corner and out the door, we were in the alleyway between the hotel and the parking structure. “Where are we going?” I asked.

“Well, here for a kiss for the moment.” He pressed his lips to mine firmly before I could protest. A City alleyway isn’t the best location to pause for intimacy. As his tongue teased mine, I felt strangely shrouded by his body against me. It was an indiscriminate moment, as my hands found their way under his suit jacket and up his back. We jumped at a noise farther down the alley. J laughed for a second at my nervousness. “God, Lo, you’d think we’ve never done this before.” Read the rest of this entry »

A Business Affair, Part I

by Staff Writer

A sultry conversation yesterday before I was to be dressed and ready for my corporate husband’s dinner party had me wondering if I could pull off the evening in a civilized, conventional fashion. Some guests at the dinner were colleagues of J’s or from another firm. Some were there simply to rub elbows with influential urban businessmen. There were about 30 guests in total in the lobby of a beautiful hotel on the Embarcadero.

It takes me quite a long time to crawl out of my rural hovel in large gatherings, especially when the gatherings of people are not my fellow rural liberals. A beginning at the bar was in order. I sat down and ordered a manhattan. J had been waylaid when we entered and I graciously excused myself to get us some beverages. In a few moments, J approached me from behind. Read the rest of this entry »

Writing a good sex ad/profile, Part II

by Staff Writer

Example of our Winter Solstice Party Ad:
We are a 40-something couple seeking intelligent, creative, thoughtful individuals (M, F, or MF) for sexual play on the evening of December 22nd. It is our hope to find a few individuals of similar interests and personalities to join us in sexual tribute to Global Orgasm Day. (The goal being to have as many incredible orgasms as you can stand, meditating on the energy and emotions before and after.) The evening will be hosted in a hotel suite and is only open to 8 people.

This is not a gangbang evening or any other half-drunken, wild, college romp in the sack. Rather, what we want is individuals who are considerate, respectful lovers. You should be:

- Open to at least incidental contact with a member of the opposite sex
- Non-smoker (it’s just our preference…)
- Disease free (with recent test results)
- Drug free (at least for the party)
- Over the age of 35

We are not interested in seeing any kind of pic in the first email. Just simply write us and tell us why you think you’re a good fit for the party, and a short scenario that you foresee as a possibility (2 or 3 sentences).

A bit about us: She is 5′8″, 155 lbs. dark green eyes and red hair. He is 6′2″ broad-shouldered, blue eyes, and sandy blond hair. Read the rest of this entry »

My Naughty List

by Staff Writer

Well, it’s officially the holidays now that JT’s Stockroom has sent me my “Holiday Gift Guide” email. And, with the discussion at Polyamorously Perverse about Presents, I thought I’d share a few things on my list:

Three things that I adore:
1. All blindfolds are not created equal. This padded leather one is my favorite. It completely blocks out all light and helps cheaters like me keep from getting a peek at our masters.
2. Njoy Double-ended stainless steel dildo…Oh yes! This is classy and hits all the right spots…
3. Yes, I bought a case for it, but it deserves it’s own drawer in my opinion. The Wartenberg Pinwheel is a must have for our toy bag when we travel. And by our bed it remains when we are home. The most delicate touch with this instrument has a chilling effect on your senses, and being blindfolded simultaneously intensifies it. It is versatile as well for rougher play and an easy way to mimic knife play (if like me, you’re a little too weak in the constitution for that). It is my favorite toy used on me and used by me when I dominate another.

It’s hard to narrow down to the three that I like…There are so many fabulous toys. (I have an upcoming toy review section that I’ll be adding to soon. Look for that.)

Three things that I haven’t tried:

1. Super Deluxe Violet Wand Kit (though I do have and highly recommend the Wartenberg Pinwheel, see above)
2. Bondage Opera Gloves For photography alone, these are beautiful. I can only imagine how elegant they would feel when worn. J knows that these have been on my list for a while.
3. Aneros Prostate Massager: Well, I can’t have everything on my wish list for me, now can I? Plus, I think J would adore this while getting the blow job of his life.
4. (Honorable Mention) There’s something about this candy cane that generates the nervous giggly laughter of our youth, but still manages to bring a little sexy to the occasion. I have a story about a candy cane that I promise not to share…

I often wish I would win a lottery that could ONLY be used for anything related to sex…Don’t worry, I’ll keep dreaming.

Writing a good sex ad/profile, Part I

by Staff Writer

If you remember my post for Global Orgasm Day Celebration, you’ll remember that J and I are planning a party for that evening. We are creating an internet profile/ad and looking for partner(s) that will help us celebrate that day in all its glory. In creating the profile for us, I have thought of the countless ads I’ve posted before for various things. And, in my mind, it is an art form.

There are a variety of things to consider before you throw something up for the world to see…

Tip #1: Decide upon your intent. If you want a loving, sexual relationship you’d write a different kind of profile than if you were looking for a quick romp in the sack. Read the rest of this entry »

Sugasm #58

by Staff Writer

The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasmer participants. Want in Sugasm #58? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form.

This Week’s Picks
6 weird things about me (http://hard-and-fast.blogspot.com)
“I’ve masturbated to completion more than 13,000 times.”

Polygamy, chastity, and sexual pragmatics (http://www.realadultsex.com)
“Lest you think the “sister-wives” could always take matters into their own or each other’s hands…”

What a woman wants (http://junohenry.wordpress.com)
“Tell me about the couple who would have you fuck the wife, and the husband watch.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
My Bare Lady (http://sugarbank.com)

Editors’ Choice
Don’t you dare cum yet (http://bratmaster.co.uk)

Sponsored Link
iBuzz Two - the new iPod Sex
Toy for couples

“Next-gen vibrator gives everything you and your partner need to enjoy music and music-activated vibrations at the same time. Even works with a Zune ;-)

Read the rest of this entry »

A cock rant

by Staff Writer

I’ve been trolling (hate that word) about some sites J and I belong to lately. We’re looking (as I said) for a male lover to bring to our bed.

Let it be said that all applications new and old will be accepted. No one will be turned away.

I promise to get into what makes a good ad. But, before I do, I have a bit of a rant. In nearly every discussion, every post, every ad, every profile, cock pics and descriptions are always the leaders. If one were completely naïve to the world, one might think that we were seeking out manufacturers of dildos and apparatus for experimentation. One might think that we were seeking to make a mold of “THE” perfect cock to use for all eternity, that all others will pale in comparison. At least, you would think that’s what we were doing by the detail, the sickening detail, that goes into every ’submission.’ It is as if the cock-senders and cock-talkers think there is nothing else desired of them besides a stiff erection.

I beg to differ. When we select a lover, it will be based on many factors, not the least of which is a healthy, intelligent sexual appetite. I will not be judging on color, slant, cut, length, or otherwise. Admittedly, there are some that are more attractive than others. But don’t lube yourself up, take a pic and email that to me with no words expecting some sort of over-enthusiastic, horny response that would have you in my bed in less than an hour.

I like them many ways. But, rather than having one that “can split me in two” or “keep me going for hours” I’d rather have one not connected to a dolt. Size truly does matter not. Read it again. That’s right. It matters not. Stupidity and naivete, however matter a great deal.

And, so I step down from my soapbox…to sit upon a cock of my choosing this evening. It may not be the biggest in all the land, but it knows from whence it came, and where it is going.

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