Down the coast, Part II

by Staff Writer

“That you will cave to my taunting and pull over to ravage me in less than twenty minutes after we begin driving again. If you do cave, you will have only one option for the rest of the evening, which I won’t divulge now. If you don’t cave, and do withstand my taunting for more than twenty minutes, you may indulge in anything you choose this evening with anyone we choose.”

“I’ll take that bet,” you declared, knowing that you could easily take my silly little wager. But, you can bet, you thought to yourself, that I’ll be pulling that damn car over on minute twenty-one!

We paid the bill in a few moments when the server got around to taking our money and we left. All of our fondling, kissing, and groping must have been the best little entertainment that place had seen in a while. Perhaps they weren’t anxious for the show to leave. I threw you the keys as we walked out, and smacked you on the ass, “Good luck, cowboy.”

“Don’t need it, babe!” Read the rest of this entry »

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Down the coast

by Staff Writer

You were actually with me. I couldn’t believe it. I had managed to steal you for more than a few hours and I knew that no matter what happened, just having you near me would be sweet enough. Memories only last for so long and the tension, though sweet when we’re apart, was more than I could bear. I enjoyed the feel of your hand tracing the back of my neck under my hair, around to brush my cheek as I drove. We hadn’t gotten out of the city yet. You stole brief moments as we were stopped in traffic, pulling me to you for a kiss. My hands traced the inside of your leg, gripping you when you stimulated me most, by nibbling at my ear or letting your hand brush up underneath my skirt. Traffic was slowed almost to a standstill at one point, and we sat next to a truck driven by a man in his early thirties. He smirked as he watched you kiss and fondle me, and I smiled at him for a moment.

“We’re being watched,”
I said.

“No, baby. You’re being watched. Enjoy it.”

Your kisses made their way down the front of my body as your hand pulled my skirt about my waist. I felt your lips on my thighs and then your tongue gently penetrated me, running downward quickly to tickle me and make my leg muscles tighten. My head arched back and I let out a soft moan. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the man continue to watch us. You used your fingers and mouth to make me come quickly and brought your lips to mine for a deep kiss. As traffic started to move again, you looked at our audience and smiled. It was going to be an amazing trip, you thought.

We rolled the windows down, as we got closer to the coast to enjoy the breeze, turned the music up, flipping from country to rap, to blues—whatever we could find on the radio. We laughed, talked our of dreams, what we still haven’t seen or done, we talked of how we craved each other, how each of us thought we were the lucky one. We teased, joked, fondled, playfully interlocked hands at some moments and stole a kiss the next. We debated the virtues of driving barefoot and composed poetry a line each for several miles. We stopped at a roadside stand for some fresh fruit and some drinks, deciding on San Simeon for lunch. Read the rest of this entry »

The Cabin, Part II

by Staff Writer

We spoke in hushed voices of our longing for each other, how badly we had craved each other during the time apart. To see the passion behind your eyes as you said those things meant so much more than any time we had written those same thoughts over the past few weeks. My hands ran the length of your body, first only fingertips, a playful familiarity that continued as you explored my body in a similar way. Our touches echoed each other, pulling one another more closely, kissing more deeply. I draped a leg over you as we lay on our sides. I felt your hands reach down about my waist, as if questioning why I still had clothing on, but enjoying the time we were taking to caress, warm, and anticipate each other. I placed a pillow behind your head, and you lay on your back as I poured us each a glass of wine.

Still half-dressed, we shared the taste of deep currant and plum as we began to kiss again. You felt the softness of my tongue, the playful tease of my nibble about your neck as I climbed on top of you. You watched the firelight dance off glow of my back as we spoke and I lay on top of you. We enjoyed the feel of our skin together, and I lay my head on your chest in between laughs and kisses. Your fingertips traced my spine, gently, and then more passionately as the weight of me against you began to make you ache again…you shifted underneath me, and rolled so that you had my former position. I laughed momentarily before your kiss consumed me.

We had waited and played long enough. You grew impatient and your senses overtook you. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Cabin, Part I

by Staff Writer

What yesterday’s post should remind all of us is that a sexual experience isn’t always beautiful and exhilarating. We all have those moments, whether they are our first or not, that make us shake our heads. They leave us asking, “Oh, what was I thinking?”

And, then we have other moments that may truly define romance and intimacy for us. All things leading up to the moment that we make love to our mate, may have been as seductive and enticing as the act of love itself.


The rain fell softly, as I drove up the coast that afternoon. The daylight started to blend into the clouds of the evening. I turned onto the gravel road that parted the heavily wooded forest. We had been to this cabin many times before, but tonight was the first rainstorm we’d share together. The soft glow of firelight and candles from the cabin let me know that, as usual, you had arrived before me. As I pulled up, I saw you waiting on the porch of the cabin in faded jeans, heavy sweater, and boots. Even in the fading light, I could see the smile on your face, and it brought one to mine. You grabbed the umbrella and came to meet me.

The weather didn’t hasten our greeting. We paused in the rain under the umbrella, and I enjoyed the feel of your arm slide behind me, your head lower to fall at my shoulder, and I wrapped my arms around your neck.

“I couldn’t get here fast enough,” I whispered. My arms slid from your neck to caress your face and gently kiss your lips. Each time I saw you I felt both the butterflies of a new romance and the longing of a love I had grown to live for. Read the rest of this entry »

The virgin dialogues

by Staff Writer

As many different directions as I could go with these initial posts, I thought indulging in a virgin experience with my ravenous readers would be the way to go. We’re strangers, after all. Our sexual tastes are undoubtedly different, so what better way to open up the conduit of sharing than to relate a first experience.

I was 18. It was the fall of my freshman year at college—all eyes were on a budding young mind. But, with the newfound freedom of college came a budding of a different sort. I looked for and found a different set of friends from the sometimes-cliquey high-school crowd I had endured for four years. I found religion—and all of the eager “witnesses” to go with it.

I developed a fondness for an older guy. He was nine years my senior and had a very rough exterior (yes, the quintessential bad boy). He stood the same height as me, if I allowed my shoulders to slouch. But, what mesmerized most at first glance was the scar that began at the crown of his head, under his hair, and came down at the outer corner of his eye. To be honest, I didn’t notice it much. I liked making him laugh and he was perhaps the first man to ever call me sexy. The allure of laughter and flattery—they do not always make good bedfellows with a potential lover. Read the rest of this entry »

My two vices

by Staff Writer

Long time ago, I was torn between two very seductive vices: shopping and sex. For quite a while, both were my favorite pastimes. Neither one of them was incredibly intellectual, but both offered a stimulating satisfaction that truly boils down to a little tlc for my spirit.

Both were very primordial preoccupations—fleeting, some might say—as I was caught up in the flesh and my own body image. It might even be said that one fueled the other—shopping and an inevitable feeling of sexiness led to a want to get laid. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Sex and Intimacy?

by Staff Writer

“Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation… the other eight are unimportant.” (Henry Miller)

To that end, it is my hope that this blog will be a conduit to share our collective experiences. It will be a forum to articulate the tedious issues of safety and the erotic details of a stimulating sex life. Whether you’re in a long relationship or dating—whether you are just dipping your toes into the warm, pleasing waters of intimacy or you consider yourself worldly—you have a voice in this discussion.

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