A Business Affair, Part III

by Staff Writer

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For Part II, click here

J reached down to my pussy, dipped his fingers into me and brought them to my mouth to lick. “That’s mine,” he said as I sucked my juices from his fingers. He stepped back from me to let me get down from the railing and shift my skirt. We walked toward our car. It had been quite a long time since I had sex in a car, especially with J. I wasn’t sure if we were, well…that flexible anymore. After all of this torment, I was not in the mood for a good laugh at our attempts. I wanted to be fucked.

“J, I’m not sure we’re as young–,” he turned me to him and backed me up against the hood of the car. I felt his hand at the base of my neck, guiding my mouth to his for a kiss. He kissed me with such fervor that I could feel his mustache chaffing my skin. It sent chills down my spine.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Lo. We’re not having sex in the car.” He turned me around and cupped my breasts in his hands. I could feel his hard cock at the small of my back. He nibbled at my neck and up to my ear. I felt his tongue at the base of my earlobe. He whispered, “I’m going to fuck you right here.”

I leaned onto the hood of the car. The cold surface was a shock, but slight compared to the night air on my ass as J raised my skirt. He unzipped his pants and rested the tip of his shaft on my buttocks. He spit on the head and then traced his wet cock down my ass and forward to the wetness that already engulfed my pussy. He was toying with me, just for a moment, deciding which part of me he craved the most.

He nuzzled my clit for a moment with the head of his erection and then drove it into me. I moaned, almost too loudly. He thrust inside me again and again, hands on my hips pulling me into him. He pulled back slowly, letting the tip of his erection rub against my lips. The friction that created was almost unbearable. He lingered there playfully entering me with just the tip for several moments. I raised my hips, suggesting he fill me. I couldn’t stand anymore.

His cock was wet with all the heat he’d caused within me. He placed his hand on the top of my hips, tilting me downward slightly and guided his cock into my ass. My moan was more gutteral this time. I relaxed as much as I could, to ease the twinge of pain I felt. It was momentary. I was ready to take him into me completely so I pushed myself back against him. He grabbed my shoulders off of the car and pulled me into him, cupping my breasts again and breathing heavily into my ear. His fingers found their way to my clit, rubbing me to an explosive orgasm. I propped my knee on the car for balance and he thrust into me several more times before he came.

We went back to the dinner party–cold, exhilarated and smelling of sex. We were more separate than we were before, as though we’d connected and need not find each other’s glance every moment with craving. Now, as I found J across the room, it mattered not that he was looking for me. He’d found me and filled me. I could still smell him on me. I thought of Alex and Suze’s post “In Essence” and wondered if my scent trumped the perfume, cologne, alcohol and edibles in the room. I hoped that it did…

These are the moments between us that still send me staggering. Sometimes it feels like J and I lead two completely different lives together. Or perhaps our life is just a mixture of what defines him and what defines me. Tonight, our lives mingled perfectly. And that sexy, forbidden moment atop a parking lot overlooking the city is but a glimpse of what will always pull me back to him when the restlessness nags at my soul.

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8 Responses to “A Business Affair, Part III”

  1. Between the Sheets » Blog Archive » A Business Affair, Part II Says:

    [...] For Part III, click here [...]

  2. tom paine Says:

    Excellent. So J has a moustache. So do I….

  3. Lola David Says:

    J actually has a goatee, but I detest that word. He shaved it once. It was the only time we went without sex ;) He looked like a stranger to me!

  4. stealth Says:


  5. Lola David Says:

    Yes, Stealth..those were my sentiments exactly afterward. ;)

  6. tom paine Says:

    You both seem a perfect match, the swinger equivalent of Ed & Sue at “A Perfect Marriage.”
    C. detests goatees whatever they’re called. Looks like it will have to be just the two girls.

  7. Between the Sheets » Blog Archive » Flutes and Bunnies, Part II Says:

    [...] Flutes and Bunnies, Part II January 3rd, 2007 by Lola David The lunch a couple of weeks ago with Paul was Jay’s idea. The concept came up at the cocktail party we went to earlier in the month. Jay’s colleague, Marc, was dabbling in the film business. It was mostly documentary work, but there was tremendous opportunity for composing score to the films. Of course that night, Paul was the first to pop into my head when Marc said he needed a musician to host a gathering of documentary filmmakers at his home on New Year’s. But, I would never let Paul’s name past my lips. [...]

  8. Jon Says:

    Wow that is some hot writing right there, it got me hard jsut after the first two sentences.

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