A Tale of Persuasion, Part I

by Staff Writer

Today on commentary for Sex on the Tube, Tom Paine and I spoke of bi-sexual experiences and what is often the dynamic in female encounters with men “egging on” the women and guiding the interaction.

“There is a wide range of “egging on” scenarios. One is the BF or husband standing over the women issuing commands or rubbing their backs, etc. The other is encouraging the woman to explore her bisexual interests. “

It is the least desireable way to experience such a beautiful thing in my opinion. I’d rather my celebration be uninterrupted and pure, sensual in its tempo and exploration. It made me think of the first bi-sexual experience that J had. The experience was designed to be focused on me, and should the atmosphere be right for it (all planets aligned, etc) he would perhaps fall into intimacy of some sort with the other male.


I poured the wine almost immediately after David came in the door. Anxious hellos were exchanged. There was a sophomoric insecurity in the room between the three of us. The atmosphere reeked of a virginal experience, nerves and all.

After all, as lustily as we all spoke at the munch, it was a first experience for each of us. Conversation began a bit awkwardly and platonically. We talked about the munch, and the strange looking, awkward folk there. We’re too close to Santa Cruz, David said. Brings out the tree-huggers. I sat in the corner of the couch with one leg tucked under me, and my other foot tucked underneath David’s thigh. He was next to me and J was at my feet. My attention was focused on David, the curves of his physique, the way his lips parted when he spoke, or cast a smirk at me.

Gradually, his hand made its way to my cheek. His fingertips were coarse against my skin, sending chills around my neck. His hands made their way to my bare shoulders, thumb and fingers gently kneading and touching as we spoke. The conversation turned to flirting—the asking of each other’s wants. J’s hand had already begun to caress my calf and thigh, up my skirt to find out if I had obeyed his request of no panties this evening. David sat his glass down and brushed my hair aside with one hand, revealing the curve in my neck that with a kiss or the heat of his breath would illicit a chill down my spine and warmth farther down.

J parts my legs to toy with me, as I enjoy the gentle biting and teasing of my ear, neck, and shoulder. David’s hands find their way underneath my blouse and remove it swiftly over my head. My breasts are full through the demi bra I’m wearing and he cups the weight of them in his hand, pulling down the lace to reveal my nipple. He takes it between his teeth and tongue to bite and suck, and watch J please me below.

Read part II, here.

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3 Responses to “A Tale of Persuasion, Part I”

  1. tom paine Says:

    (heavy breathing)

  2. john Says:

    Ah, instructions. I joined a man and his wife once, as his way of introducing her to swinging. We drank a little, then she went into the restroom, and while she was gone he quickly laid out the instructions to me, a script actually. When she came back out, I followed the script, clothes came off and we had fun. Problem was the husband was a bit clumsy when it came to doing the things he’d fantasized about. It didn’t quite work as well as it had in his daydreams, so he responded by continually issuing more instructions. It felt more like an on-screen porn performance, with the director leading the action. There were a few sweet moments, when he was spent and I focused all of my attention on her without his instructions, moments where she could actually relax and reach orgasm.
    My point with this story is that in my experience, the setting of bounderies, if necessary, is important, but other than that, just let the thing flow as it will. My first MFF experience flowed in such a relaxed way that I don’t think a single word was spoken, even though it was the first bi-sexual experience for both of the women.

  3. Lola David Says:

    You bring about an excellent point, John. Limits, not the scene as it may unfold are the most important thing. Otherwise, you’re just “acting”…my friend Tom’s favorite turn of phrase lately.

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