Working late, Part I

by Staff Writer

(This bodice ripper fantasy was written to be completely consensual sex between two adults. Please refer to the post Best Actor for safety details. At no time to I advocate any sexual violence.)

I worked late this evening. I hurriedly brought in the bags of groceries, before the rain could soak them. The door was ajar and I turned from the kitchen to go back out and get the last few.

You stood in the doorway in a long black coat with a wool cap pulled snugly over your head. But, it hadn’t kept out the rain. Your cheeks glistened as the drops slid down your face. And, my startled gaze rose to meet your stare. You looked beyond me with fury and passion. Beyond who I was, to what you wanted from me.

I turned to escape you, attempting to make it up the stairs, but in seemingly one motion you closed the door behind you and grabbed my legs to pull me back down. I was stunned for a moment as you turned me over. Your knees were propped on the stairs on either side of me and you quickly cupped your hand over my mouth, leaning forcefully into it so that I could barely move my upper body.

“You’re mine tonight,�? you whispered and your stare pierced any hope I had of being set free. So, I struggled. You were forced to remove your hand as my arms pushed against you and threatened your position above me.

Angered by what you deemed annoyances, you struck me across the face with the back of your hand. The sting of my flesh persisted and I felt your hand clasp my throat underneath my scarf. You stole a kiss from me through my panicked breath. Your hot breath traversed the skin of my face and neck as you said, “You’re only going to cause yourself more pain.�?

With your hand still clasped upon my throat, I began to feel the room spin. Your grip seemed to intensify as you removed my scarf. My strength faded and you watched me gasp and lose the grip I had on your coat, clutching my throat instead in an effort to remove your fingers.

“If I let go, you’ll behave?�?

Yes, I managed with a nod, as a tear formed in the corner of my eye.

“Hold out your hands.�? As I did, you released my throat and bound my hands with my scarf. Still straddling me, you removed your coat and hat.

“What are you going to do to me?�? I choked out. Your wavy hair fell forward as you leaned into me, extending my hands above my head.

“Whatever I want,�? you replied and I turned away to avoid your kiss. I was startled as I felt your cool hand at the top of my sweater, beginning to unbutton it. I writhed underneath you, pleading with you to stop.

“I have had enough of your protesting!�? you shouted. You picked me up off the stairs by my arms. I felt your fingers tighten above my elbow, as you jerked me down the hallway, searching for the bedroom. You pushed open the door on the left, revealing exactly what you were looking for. Your grip shifted slightly as you stood behind me, and I took advantage of it. With my left elbow, I drew back and aimed for your ribs. You let loose in pain and I pushed you aside to continue back down the hallway toward the door. You recovered too quickly, though, and in a moment I was thrown to the wall, knocking the wind out of me. I closed my eyes briefly to recover from the pain, and I opened my eyes to feel the back of your hand again.

“God damn you! So help me, you’ll pay for this frustration!�?

You grabbed the bundle of hair that was clasped at the base of my neck to the bedroom and threw me onto the bed. In a moment, you were on top of me, pulling my hands above my head to tie me to the headboard. With that secured, you ripped my sweater off, ignoring the buttons, to expose my black lace strapless bra, which must have pleased you because you paused in your anger to cup my breasts in your hands before you pulled down the bra to reveal my breasts. My nipples became taut upon contact with the air and I shivered. You laughed to yourself as you took my breast in your mouth, biting my nipple voraciously to illicit a shriek from me. I would react as you wanted to everything you did for god knows how long to come. You continued to kiss my upper body, never ignoring my breasts as you undid my pants.

In minutes, since you secured me to the bed, I was naked before you. You stood next to the bed, craving me, satisfied in how vulnerable you made me. You undressed. I saw for the first time the well-toned body that had managed, almost effortlessly, to subdue me. Your cock was already swollen in anticipation of forcing me upon it. I pleaded with you again to please let me go. You climbed back onto the bed and said, “Now you’ll pay for resisting me.�?

Continued in part II tonight…

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