The Direction We’re Headed

by Staff Writer

When I started this blog in November, I remember opening with some virgin experiences. After all, I was a virgin sex blogger. The writing, and my sex life, has taken many turns since then.

Have you noticed that I’m a bit late in a lot of the things that I do? Well, this little New Year planning tidbit is no exception.

Here are some things in the works for your titillation, masturbation and arousal:


- Podcasts: Yes, gentle readers, you will get the opportunity to hear my naughty voice reading some of my favorite erotica, original work and other delicious soundbytes.
- Calendar: J and I are jumping back into swinging this year. I think J is slightly discontent with love interests outweighing the good sex for us. And, I think he’s right. So, when possible we’ll be broadcasting where we’ll be. Most of the time it will be local (San Fransicsco area), but there will be the occasional jaunt to Tahoe, Vegas, LA, Chicago, New York and Cabo.
- Reviews: There are myriad books on my shelves and toys in my drawers that merit mention. I’ll be working on those soon. I thank LoveHoney for my first official toy review and look forward to more.
- Newsletter: I’m exploring the idea of an email newsletter, complete with a summation of the latest posts, other fresh unpublished tidbits, and photos of me and our playmates that will not go live to the site. More info on that will follow soon…

- There are a LOT (way too many, says J) of blogs that capture my attention. However, my blogroll only gets updated once a month (after the 16th). So, look for that list to expand after that. You’ll see where my naughty eyes roam, even if I rarely leave a comment. I frequent any site that I list on there.

If there’s an avenue that I didn’t mention that interests you, send me an email…

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2 Responses to “The Direction We’re Headed”

  1. tom paine Says:

    Congratulations on the fast growth of your site. C. and I were talking this AM about what a fine writer you are, and how you bring such an elegance and class to smut. Sort of reminds me of a slutty debutante who knows all the right etiquette and has tried out every position in “The Kama Sutra.”

  2. Lola David Says:

    This year should be fun. J and I tried out the podcast with a little erotica reading. Ok, I read the erotica while he spanked me….It was lovely. We’re polishing the sound…

    And, for the “slutty debutante” compliment, which I hold in the highest regard, I think this year will reveal much about sex, lust and love…hopefully uncovering newness and evolution for J and I both.

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