There’s No Munching In Carpet Munching!

by Autumn Seave

Ok guys - this one is for you.

FACT: Girls love to have cunninglingus performed on them
MYTH: Enthusiasm makes up for talent

The fact of the matter is guys, if you’re going down, you’d better get familiar with a woman’s anatomy. Enthusiam does not make up for it. In fact, sometimes being too enthusiastic is bad. There is no muching in carpet munching.

If you want to do a better job of going down here are a few things to remember:

~ Every woman is different so just because your last girl friend liked to be tongue fucked doesn’t mean your current one will.
~ It’s better to start slow and build up to something stronger if she likes it. If you start off too hard she’s just going to get annoyed.
~ There is more to a woman’s genitals than her clit. The labia, the entrance to her vagina, and even then urethra can be very sensitive. You’ll have to do some exploring to find out what works for her.
~ Finger play or nipple play when combined with cunninglingus can be exciting, too. You know how you like to have your balls or “taint” played with while she’s giving you head? She might like having her nipples played with, her pussy, or even her ass. Try all three and see what happens.
~ You can use your tongue in different ways - go fast, slow, make it flat or pointy.
~ Her clit has as many nerve endings as your cock - more actually - but in a condensed space. So go easy on it. She might like some gentle pinching but too rough is never good. Unless you’re into pleasure and pain in which case go to town - she’ll let you know where her limits are.

Above all, enjoy yourself. If you’re only doing it because you know you ain’t getting any if you don’t, it will show and she won’t enjoy herself.

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6 Responses to “There’s No Munching In Carpet Munching!”

  1. Sam Says:

    What a crude title.

  2. Autumn Seave Says:

    Crude? Well, honestly, I’m surprised. Have you never heard it called that before? And isn’t it true?

    This blog is about sex hon and some of the euphanisms we have for sex are pretty crude. So if it offends you, I’m sorry, but this likely isn’t the blog for you.

  3. Sam Says:

    Actually, I disagree on two fronts:

    1. Carpet munching implies that ladies aren’t trimmed down there…and I think that is more the norm than ever before.

    2. It’s hardly a euphemism, which by definition gives a more pleasing term to something that is otherwise offensive in nature. It’s more along the lines of a disphemism.


  4. Autumn Seave Says:

    Sam, you are right on one part - it is a dysphemism and not a euphemism. Still, in the introduction to the blog on your right, it says, “no aspect of sex is taboo and nothing is sacred…” so yes, sometimes I might be a little crude and I might not be ladylike. Not all sex is rose petals and fellatio and cunninglingus. Certainly not in my blog anyway.

    Second, yes, many ladies are trimmed or completely shaved. I wrote a blog about it not long ago. But there are still many that are completely natural and I don’t think that’s a negative.

    If you can’t get passed the crudeness of the title you shouldn’t read the blog.


  5. Sam Says:

    Oh, come on now. Don’t knock my comments! :) They are among the few you have!

  6. brad Says:

    I love the title, thinking of to women carpet munching is a turn on!

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