The Top Ten Sexiest Emmy Dresses

by Aurora

There are lots of Emmy best/worst-dressed lists floating around right now, but I’m not concerned about who looked the classiest or the most sophisticated. Chah, that’s important…but this is an erotica blog after all. I’m concerned about who looked the sexiest. Here my top ten sexiest dresses (in no particular order!):


With Christian Aguilera, it’s more about the girl inside the dress than the dress itself I guess. She’s so fun and playful, and I can’t get “Candyman” out of my head for the life of me.


Blowing kisses must have been the theme of the night. And as long as Phoebe Price continues leaning over like that, I’m not sure anyone will object.


As always, Queen Latifah proves that you don’t have to be a size two to be sexy as hell. That’s a whole lotta bobbies going on.


I have to admit that I don’t know who Maria Menounos is…but that dress is hot. She almost looks strapped into it.


Eva Longoria’s dress was probably my favorite of the night. Sexy from the front…check. Sexy from the back…check. Saying “fuck you” to the “you need to wear a long dress on the red carpet” mentality…check. If you got legs, show ‘em off.


Of all the plunging necklines at the Emmys this year, I think Jane Krakowski’s was the best.


I never notices that Julia Louis-Dreyfus had such great boobs until now. Me-ow! That dress is FIERCE.


I think we’re pretty close to seeing Kate Walsh’s nipple in this picture. And what’ this? That girl as a killer booty! Show it off more often!


Lisa Rinna…stunning. That’s one hell of a push-up bra, and I *love* the slit.


Desparate housewives, anyone? Marcia Cross gives men a head-turner with this fish-net-esque dress. Lovely.

Who were your favorites?

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