The Open Door


Isn’t funny how easily a few glasses of wine can make you lose all inhibitions?

So let’s rewind and review a bit: there I was, at the party next door, on the girl next door’s bed, naked and pinned down by the brother of the guy next door. There’s one thing I knew, and that was that the brother was packing - I could already feel his swelling penis beneath his boxer-briefs. There’s one thing I didn’t know, and that was that the bedroom door wasn’t fully shut.

668609_muscular_male_torso.jpgJ*’s brother was a hunk. Not the kind of guy you could have an intellectual conversation with, but a real hunk. If I had any close girl friends, you bet I’d be calling them to brag. He’s that kind of guy- the shaggy hair falling into his deep, dark eyes, the tanned six pack, the large, soft hands already fumbling to unlatch my bra. His lips were full and kissing me all over as though he couldn’t get enough of the taste of the skin. As I lay back down on the bed, my nipples standing at attention to his wet tongue, I thought about all I had hoped for this party. The night was turning out so much better that I could have dreamed.

He had me pinned to the bed and was using the tip of his tongue to play with my nipples, enjoying watching me squirm. He released my arms, but I didn’t struggle to get away. I knew where he was going. In a moment, it was my legs he was pinning as he buried his tongue deep inside of me, stopping only to suck on my clit, which made me arch me back and gasp. I pulled on his hair, savoring every moment and knowing that my juices were flowing over his face, faster than he could lap them up.

Suddenly, he groaned, not able to wait any longer. I was like a toy in his strong grasp, as he flipped my onto all fours and yanked his underwear to the floor. In a moment he was in me and we were swaying in motion. It wasn’t making love or even having sex. No, this was a good, hard fuck.

And I’m not sure how long we would have gone like that. God knows I was already close to coming (although, granted, I had a head start). His powerful thrusts and moans told me that he would be ready soon too. And then, my eyes closed and my ass in the air, I heard it.

“dodo do do dodo do do dodo do do do…”

You know that tune I mean. The generic cell phone ring. Not mine. And, as I found out, not his either. I opened my eyes and looked in the direction of the sound to see about seven or eight people crowded around the open bedroom door, watching us.

“For God’s Sake, Don’t stop!” she said. The girl next door was holding up her camera phone, in what I’m guess was video recording mode.

J*’s brother was grinning sheepishly at the camera. He didn’t care. So, I had a decision to make Either scramble to grab my clothes and run to the bathroom or continue doing what I came here to do, in plain site of the party. My mind whirled, the tip of his hard, thick cock still deep inside of me while everyone waited to see what we would do next.

And in a split second I decided. I leaned back onto his penis, taking him inside balls deep and gasping. To some cheers and clapping, we continued to fuck, him railing me harder and harder with each thrust, building the most intense orgasms I had ever experienced. He grabbed my hips, fucking me fast and I couldn’t control my screaming as I came all over his throbbing cock. He came a minute later as I wrapped my lips around him. I swallowed every drop, looking into the camera as i gripped his ass to pull him close.

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life. My little performance may not have won an Emmy, but I have been invited back for another small “get together” tomorrow night. And I can’t wait.

Edit from Aurora: I’ve moved! Cum visit me at Between My Sheets!

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