Make love no matter what…

by Staff Writer

Sometimes the best lovemaking happens with your clothes on in an incredibly simple circumstance as you truly take part in your lover’s life…

The crisp air of the morning found its way to your cheek as you fought to stay nestled in bed. You reached over to my pillow to find me gone, but my warmth remained. And, for the first time, you knew you hadn’t been dreaming. The scent of my perfume lingered on the pillow, and you clutched it, thinking back to how it felt to hold me so close to you last night. You tried to lull yourself back to sleep with that thought, but instead, were surprised at the smell of your favorite coffee brewing. I’ve beaten you to making breakfast, and probably took delight in foiling your plan, you thought…

You slip on a robe and peek into the kitchen. Leaning against the doorway, you watch me. I’ve got on a cream-colored silk nightgown that falls just above my ankles. It’s your favorite because it dips low enough that you see the indentation in the small of my back, a place you know the warmth of your touch sends me reeling. As I shift, gathering mugs and plates, the gown rustles like sandy grasses of a beach dune echoing the ocean breeze.

You come up behind me, sliding your arms around my waist and pulling me into you. You kiss me softly from my neck to my shoulder, moving the strap of my gown down my arm. I close my eyes and smile at the thought of you, the feel of your breath on my skin.

“Good morning, my love.�? You grasp my hips, and turn me to face you.

“You’re up, finally?�? I said as I clasp my arms around your neck.

There is nothing I enjoy more than the feel of you close to me, the roughness of your face early in the morning. My lips meet yours as your hands run the length of my spine, struggling to distinguish the softness of my gown to that of my skin. My fingertips brush the back of your neck and disappear into your hair. Guiding you, I break from the kiss to enjoy your arms around me, and I bury my face into your chest savoring your incredible embrace.

“Grab the coffee and I’ll bring breakfast,�? I whisper and turn from you.

We retreat to the couch to enjoy breakfast. You’ve sat in the middle. So, I sit next to you, place my legs across your lap, and begin to feed you fresh strawberries with cream and scones. You’ve had your fill, but we’re content where we are. No one in the world exists save the two of us. A movie is our solution to continue our enjoyed solitude. I place my head in your lap, enjoying the way you stroke the length of my arm and run your fingers through my hair as we watch the film. Half way through, we laugh so hard that I decide to capitalize on the playful moment. tickling you behind the knee and up the inside of your thigh. You strike back with a finger to my ribs, and then to my collarbone. I curl up at the sensatio–you know that’s unbearable for me! Hardly fair to take advantage of it this early, but you did. You moved out from under me as I squirmed, so that you were kneeled next to me by the couch. I lay stretched out on my back, looking to you as you stopped, and smiling. To be so close and not have to speak was incredible, but to relish the silence in anticipation was something else. You cupped my face in your hands and placed the sweetest kiss upon my lips. It’s as though we have been in this moment forever, first our hearts and now our bodies.

We laugh, talk, and cuddle for most of the day, finally gathering the energy to make it outside. It’s a beautiful afternoon in the city. There are dozens of boats on the Bay, including the ferry that we’ve taken to Sausalito. There is little breeze that afternoon, but I still lean against the railing and relish the thought of you close behind me, enjoying the lapping sound of the water against the boat.

I’ve packed a picnic for the two of us, and refused to let you glimpse. A nice bottle of wine and a book of poetry entertain and despite the crowd of people, we are the only souls around the harbor, enjoying the view of Angel Island. You leaned against one of the rocks on the shore and I sat in between your legs, leaning against your chest. We take turns reading to each other and pausing in those comfortable silences that we have grown accustomed to almost immediately. It wasn’t that we weren’t communicating; it was that we were simply letting our hearts explore that which we already knew.

I loved you almost from the beginning. Your humor, thoughtfulness, sensitivity, understanding, wit, and charm each found their way into my heart. And now, as I lay so close to you, I feel complete just knowing that you are there.

I’m thankful for my love today and every day…find yours, grab him/her and ravage them today.

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