As If you Need Another Reason to have Sex…


Early this month, Health Bolt posted an piece that I loved - “Top 6 Reasons to have More Sex This Holiday Season.” They reasons they listed?

1. You’ll burn calories and work off those holiday cookies.
2. Sex is a great way to warm up.
3. Romping helps to lower your cholesterol.
4. You’ll sleep better after orgasming.
5. Sex helps you connect to loved ones.
6. DHEA (a sex hormone) is great for you overall health.

Time.jpgWe don’t really NEED another excuse to have sex…at least, I’m guessing that anyone who reads a sex blog is horny enough for two or three typical people (I know I am). That said, how can you fit sex into your busy holiday schedule? THE QUICKIE, of course! Here are my top five tips for successful quickies:

1. Plan for it. While successful quickies don’t always have to be planned, for some people, not scheduling a mid-afternoon romp may mean that it never happens. You don’t have to sit down with your day planner and lover. Just plan it in your head. Ok, when my spouse gets home at 5:30, we’re going to fuck like dogs for 10 minutes before the kids get home from practive…

2. Don’t worry about the other person. I always advocate that giving is better than taking. However, with a quickie, you should both focus on yourselves. Don’t rely on your lover to get you off - just do it. You have limited amounts of time, and no one knows how to get you off quicker than yourself.

3. Admit defeat occasionally
. Sometimes, 6 or 7 minutes just isn’t enough to get off. Admit defeat and move on. A Quickie is a Quickie is a Quickie…you don’t have time for full-on sex sessions every day sometime months

4. Look for unusual opportunities. You may need to steal away for sex at odd times…and that’s ok! Look for these strange chances. Jump in the shower with your lover while you’re visiting relatives. Give him road head as you’re carpooling to work together. You get the idea!

5. Supplement Quickies with “real” sex. Quickies can’t get you through life, after all!

Edit from Aurora: I’ve moved! Cum visit me at Between My Sheets!

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