Make an O Face for Me

by Ivy

Yes, chapter 3 (the final chapter) is coming, dear readers. Your emails have given me some great ideas for the “dessert”; please keep checking back to see if I’ve incorporated any of your requests. And always remember that you can reach me anytime you care to. I promise to get back to you.

Today, however, I happened upon some interesting information. Did you know, for instance, that orgasms have been scientifically proven to be stress-releasers? That part may not surprise you; Lord knows I feel much less stressed after a big O. But did you know that orgasms are also a bonafide pain reliever? Ah ha! One more reason to search for that sometimes elusive climax.]iStock_000002680216XSmall.jpg

I all too often hear women complaining about the lack of orgasms in their life, and to this I say: GET ON IT, DEAR. Men giving women orgasms is much like having a landscaper come to your house: it’s nice to sit back and watch the magic happen, but you can just as easily get your hands dirty yourself. I thought I might dispell a few myths here about the common female orgasm.

  • The G spot is the secret to a great O. Ah, the jury’s still out on this one. While certainly the G spot is a fantastic tool to realize, found directly through the front wall of the vagina, some women feel it too strongly to enjoy it. (I’ve often heard some women complain that it causes the sensation of having to urinate, and that would most DEFINITELY turn me off in the moment.) So while exploring is lots of fun, it is NOT the only road to O.
  • Not all women can orgasm.STOP THE INSANITY. Of course all women can orgasm! While there might be a medical reason (some chemotherapy drugs and antidepressants tend to stifle the sex drive) that ladies can’t reach orgasm, there is no reason you should EVER (EVER!) stop trying.
  • All women should climax during intercourse.I laugh when I hear this one. Honey, if you feel like you’ve failed because you can’t get off during intercourse, let me introduce you to the world of foreplay. I know in MY bedroom, my pleasure comes FIRST, and that usually happens in foreplay. So before you even THINK about penetration, think about the many posts you’ve read here, and how few of them actually revolve around the act of sex.
  • So there you go. I hope I dispelled, at the very least, a couple of myths that are too often used as excuses. I suppose my last question is: why are you still reading this article, and not trying something out?

    Sweet dreams, dears.

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2 Responses to “Make an O Face for Me”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    A blog is about people leaving comments that may often differ from the writer and then generating a discussion, no? Why don’t you just disable the comments altogether if you want only to talk AT the readers of this blog. It’s a dull place anyway with not a soul commenting.

    Yes, just tell us how to have sex instead of generating discussion…

  2. Ivy Says:

    Generating discussion is one thing. Questions, prodding, or even providing counterpoints as to things I’ve said would be considered generating discussion. However, just blatantly insulting my posts with no supplemental fodder (especially when you’re not strong enough to put a name or any contact info for which to contact you privately) is NOT considered discussion. It is, however, regarded as harrassment.

    I apologize if you found my post offensive. Had you included in one of your many (deleted) comments why you felt that way, I would, perhaps, found a way to engage you in a “discussion”. However, since you only came here to argue and insult, I wish you the best in life and encourage you to go on your way.

    I am open to all ideas and discussion. And I encourage my readers to question, discuss, and validate opinions that might differ from my own. This blog is a forum to things off the beaten and vanilla path, but it is NOT to be used as a target.

    Thank you, and consider this thread closed.

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