An Interesting Secret

by Aurora


You can read more secrets every Sunday at the Post Secret Blog. It’s one of my favorite haunts, so I hope you’ll check it out!

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Sexy Celebrity of the Week: Halle Berry

by Aurora

Halle_Berry.jpgHalle Berry is a throw-back to all of those classy, sexy stars of the mid-1900s. She’s absolutely gorgeous. And I mean absolutely. Halle Berry is like that understated beauty that no one really thinks about when we talk about “great celebrity movies.” But damn, she is sexy. You can’t have cleavage like that and not be my sexy celebrity of the week so week or another!

I also think she’s sexy because she likes to play with her look. She isn’t afraid of a little short hair or a daring designer dress instead of the same old blah. Do you remember her with that pixie hair cut? Yeah, that was just as hot as her long, silky hair now.

And, of course, I can’t mention Halle Berry’s sexiness without talking about the fact that she’s preggers. You can be sexy even if you aren’t a size two. She’s happy, healthy, and very pregnant. And hey, she’s not 25 anymore. I think that if you look up MILF in the dictionary, her picture might appear.

If you just can’t get enough of Halle Berry, check out her new movie Things We Lost in the Fire. It’s getting good reviews by the big guys and fans alike. Halle Berry hasn’t had the best roles since her amazing job in Monster’s Ball in 2002, so it’s good to see her back on the screen for something with real potential again.

So now it’s time for you to weigh in. We all know that Ms. Berry is freakin’ sexy, so this week, let’s vote on her “look”!

Halle_Berry_3.jpg Halle_Berry_4.jpg

Weigh in today with your vote!

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Sexy Quotes from Some of Your Favorite Celebs

by Aurora

Some celebrities are definitely more open with their sexuality than others, but let’s face it - sex is a part of life, and with the exception of a few monks/nuns who have taken that vow of celibacy, everybody has sex at some point or another. And everyone talks about it at some point or another. Most of us just discuss sex with our best friends or significant other, but some celebs have talked about it during interviews. Here’s what they’ve had to say:

“From the moment I was six, I felt sexy. And let me tell you it was hell, sheer hell, waiting to do something about it.” - Bette Davis

Angelina_Jolie.jpg“I need more sex, OK? Before I die I wanna taste everyone in the world.” - Angelina Jolie

“Good sex is like good bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.” - Mae West (or Woody Allen?)

“Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is.” -former First Lady Barbara Bush

“I think people should be free to engage in any sexual practices they choose. They should draw the line at goats though” - Elton John

“It’s so long since I’ve had sex, I’ve forgotten who ties up whom.” - Joan Rivers

Hugh.jpg“Playboy was founded on the notion that nice girls like sex too.” - Hugh Hefner

“Being a sex symbol is a heavy load to carry, especially when one is tired, hurt and bewildered.” - Marilyn Monroe

“Sex is a bad thing because it rumples the clothes.” - Jacki O

“Remember, sex is like a Chinese dinner. It ain’t over ’til you both get your cookie.” - Alec Baldwin

“Kissing - and I mean like, yummy, smacking kissing - is the most delicious, most beautiful and passionate thing that two people can do, bar none. Better than sex, hands down.” - Drew Barrymore

“I’m a pretty open person. Like, if I have good sex, then the next day I’m going to tell everyone I know about it. ” - Melissa Joan Hart

“Trying to seduce an audience is the basis of rock ‘n roll, and if I may say so, I’m pretty good at it.” - Jon Bon Jovi

“Fifty percent of life in the NBA is sex. The other 50 percent is money.” - Dennis Rodman

“Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets.” - Andy Warhol

You can see more philosophies on sex here.

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Time Out for Some Debra Messing Pictures

by Aurora

She’s our sexy celebrity of the week, so let’s celebrate the weekend with some sexy Debra Messing pictures!!

Debra Messing at the Conde Nast Traveler celebration of 20 Years of Truth in Travel at Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum on October 10, 2007.

Debra Messing at the unveiling of Saks Fifth Avenue’s “10022-SHOE,” its new designer shoe floor which, due to its size, was given its own ZIP Code at the Saks Fifth Avenue store.

Debra Messing at NBC’s Summer Press Day 2007.

Oh, and here’s a really old one:

Debra Messing going to see Mike McKnown in Concert at Bottom Line - in 1994!

The common thread in all of these pictures, from 1994 to today? Debra Messing is not only a hot mama, but she’s also stylish and sophisticated. And, since The Start Wife seems to have take off with a bang, I’m guessing that we’ll se more of her around Hollywood!

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Orgasmic Information

by Aurora

Here are some facts I bet you didn’t know about orgasms!


  • The G in G-spot is short for Grafenberg. That’s the name of the scientist who discovered it.
  • 1 in 10 women say that they’ve never had an orgasm, and around 2 or 3 in 10 have them very rarely.
  • On average, it takes a woman 20 minutes to reach orgasm.
  • Smoking and drinking makes it harder for a woman to orgasm.
  • Some research is showing that you may improve your chances of getting pregnant if you orgasm at the same time or after your male partner. However, it’s not crucial to orgasm to have a baby.
  • If you orgasm during or before your period, you can help relieve cramps and stress.
  • Vibrators were created in the 19th century because it was thought that stimulated orgasms were a cure for “hysteria”.
  • Girls have wet dreams too, but not as commonly as guys.
  • 50% of females have orgasmed at least once before turning 16.
  • Only a small percentage of women have ever squirted, but it does happen. And no, it isn’t possible for everyone, even with the most highly-skilled partner. When a women does squirt, though, it is not urine - it’s a liquid from two prostate-like glands in her body.
  • Only about 1% of women can orgasm purely though breast or nipple stimulation

  • And here’s the big one:
    A study was done with hundreds of people, both couples and those not in a relationship. 44% of males in that study said that their partners always orgasmed during sex. However, only 22% of women reported actually orgasming every time.

    That means that 22% of women are really good at faking it and do, regularly!

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Fantasy Football

by Aurora

He texted me during the second quarter: “I miss you.”

I looked at my phone, a bit awestruck for lack of a better world. It has been weeks since I heard from J* and the girl next door, as I’m sure you are all aware by the lack of posts about them. So, you can imagine my surprise at this random text message from 655092_football_5.jpgJ* as I stood packed into the crowd last Saturday, cheering on my favorite college football team with one of my good friends. My cell phone buzzed against my hip and amid the screaming, I was in my own world. He missed me. I snapped my phone closed and tried to concentrate on the game again.

After all, the last meeting I had with J* didn’t go so well, and since then I’ve gone from spending much of my free time exploring the pleasures of the flesh - my flesh - with both J* and the girl next door to keeping our curtains closed. I saw J* for the first time at the park the other day. My eyes blazed into his back until he turned around and caught them. I looked him up and down and walked away. God, how I wanted to rip off his shirt right there. It took every ounce of my willpower to keep walking.


“I see you.”

There’s nothing more unnerving than knowing someone is looking at you when you you can’t see them. He must be at the game too. I looked around trying to spot him in the 50,000+ crowd.


“Come get a soda with me at halftime.”

Of course, every play to finish the half seemed to take longer and longer. I swear, the officials reviewed them all. Finally, though, the clock ran out and I hurried to the nearest soda stand. He knew where I was, so he knew where I’d be.

Then, suddenly, there he was capturing me in his arms for a hug. He was wearing a jersey and jeans, and he looked casual and sport and hot as hell. The crowd swarmed around us as he stood there with me still in his arms. “I miss you too,” I mouthed.

J* and I weren’t friends. Hell, we haven’t even known one another for long. But I felt so full with him inside of me. I loved to imagine him loving me. Thoughts of his rock-hard abs and the thin happy trail leading down to his rock-hard cock was better masturbation material than any pornography you could ever imagine.

He kissed me. I couldn’t hear the band playing on the field and the passer-bys talking about the game. I was lost in his lips and wet tongue, probing my mouth. He was pushing me back, but not away - he followed me with his lips until my back was against a wall. J*’s hands fumbled behind me and a realized that we were leaning against a door. It swung open as he twisted the knob, and we were in a dark janitor’s closet. It wasn’t classy or clean…it didn’t even smell very good. But I didn’t care. I just wanted him inside of me again.

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Sugasm 102

by Aurora

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #103? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
She Told Me

“She told me she had a headache.”

Fantasy: If you can’t stand the heat…
“You set the ice cube down and force my legs apart.”

Sugarbutch Star: Bad Bad Girl
“I brought my lips down on hers hard, crushing, devouring, insistent.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Upskirt Video from V Magazine

Editor’s Choice

Blog Action Day: Sexual Activism or Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice

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Talk to Your Teens

by Aurora

A generation or two ago, the only facts many toddlers had were about their snacks, stories, toys and bedtime. Today, more parents are having “the talk” earlier than ever, armed with a shelf full of books geared toward kids of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. The conversation still makes many parents squeamish, but it is perhaps more necessary than ever…read more.

first_kiss.jpgI don’t have kids…yet. So, there’s a lot that I can’t understand about parenting, especially parenting teens. But what I do know is that too many parents aren’t talking to their kids about sex. There’s an overall sense of “it doesn’t really matter” among kids as young as ten. Sex is no big deal.

But sex is a big deal. What goes on between the sheets with your kids is your business, and with a world that is increasingly focused on pleasures of the flesh, kids do need certain amounts of protection. Sheltering your kids won’t work, though. You need to sit down and talk about it. After all, some schools are giving junior high kids contraceptives. They need to. Doesn’t that scare anyone? Because it scares me.

Yeah, it’s uncomfortable. However, if you don’t make sex a big deal from the start, it won’t be a big deal ever for your kids. Once adults, it’s ok to make decisions about when and how to have sex. Children can’t make that decision though. Talk to your kids about sex and talk about love. Talk about how to deal with the pressure to have sex felt from peers and how to do with the urges to have sex coming from their own bodies. That’s right, I’m telling you to talk about masturbation. At the appropriate age, of course.

Maybe I do have some benefits of being young and not having kids yet - I can still relate to junior high and high school kids, perhaps better than most parents. So here’s my advice, based on my experience as a kid and my relationship with younger relatives:

1. Don’t underestimate your kids and what they’re talking about on the playground. I first started wondering about babies when I was in about 2nd grade, we played truth and dare (which included kissing) in 4th grade, and we told dirty jokes (many of which we didn’t understand) in 5th grade. And I come from a conservative family and a conservative town. Start talking to your kids from the time they are toddlers.

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Sexy Celebrity of the Week: Debra Messing

by Aurora

debra_messing_2.jpgYou wouldn’t think that USA would be the channel responsible for the next Grey’s Anatomy or Desperate Housewives, but they seem to have fallen into something great with The Starter Wife. 5.4 million people tuned in for the two-hour debut to watch Molly Kagan, played by Debra Messing, romp around in a post-divorce world after being married to a Hollywood sugar daddy for a number of years. In her role, Debra has already been nominated for an Emmy…and that’s just after one episode.

You may remember Ms. Messing from her starring title role on Will & Grace, and she’s also made a number of guest appearances on other shows, including as the guest judge for the Project Runway finally. And in part because of her hard work on the show, USA has reportedly ordered 10 episodes. I’m sure her uber-sexiness doesn’t hurt.

When you think of sexy female celebs, I though Debra Messing comes to mind immediately. But look at her. I mean, really, look at her. She’s a bombshell. On top of that, she’s funny, something that I think is really sexy in men and women. Debra knows how to laugh at herself, both on and off screen.

Of course, she also meets my top “requirement” for sexiness - class. Anyone with a half-decent body and a personal stylist can be sexy, but it takes real, inner sexiness to be sexy AND classy. For that, Debra Messing is Between the Sheets’ Sexy Celebrity of the week.

It’s your turn to weigh in. Do you think Debra Messing is a sexy, sassy celeb?





Dumbledore Likes Boys.

by Aurora

Rowling_Harry_Potter.jpgGive Harry Potter a few more years so he’s legal and the wizardly Dumbledore might be interested. Or not. After all, Harry Potter is not gay.

But, on Friday night, Harry Potter writer J.K. Rowling reported that the lovable teacher-figure in her young adult sci-fi series is probably gay. At least she thinks he is. Characters will do what they will after all. The Carnegie Hall audience present at this big announcement gasped…then fell silent…they erupted into applause, according to reports.

So this just gives those Crazy Christians another reason to hate Rowling (Note: I am Christian. Just not crazy.)

But here’s the question I have to ask: Who cares?

No really, is it relevant that this fictional wizard was attracted to males? Does it matter that he would rather take it up the butt or caress another man’s balls? Should we care that the literary world’s favorite supernatural teacher would rather not kiss girls? Is it disturbing that Dumbledore has loved another man in the past, not a woman?

Harry Potter opponents, regardless, are going to have a field day with this. But let’s look at people who aren’t resisting the Harry Potter magic - people who are die-hard Harry Potter fans. Will this relation turn some fans away from the series?

If it does, it just shows what is wrong with the world today. It doesn’t matter what your preferences between the sheets if you aren’t talking about your sexuality. Even if you don’t agree with that lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that gay wizards don’t have something to teach their young pupils (and readers). Why should one arbitrary fact, which doesn’t change the story and which some people will never know, change anyone’s opinions about Harry Potter?

Isn’t it funny how some people automatically speculate that because a role model/teach figure is gay, his relationship with underagers was inappropriate. Dumbledore wasn’t making advances on Harry Potter. And, while we’re at it, Dumbledore wasn’t making advances at other male figures in the story. Why? Because they weren’t gay. Gay people aren’t oversexed maniacs. Hell, look at this blog. Most sex blogs aren’t written by gay men or women.

Sorry for the rambling, un-sexy post, my friends. I hope you’ll comment with some of your own thoughts on homosexuality.

To read more about Harry Potter, check out Pop Buzz UK.

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Don’t Forget to Play!

by Aurora

We need 12 more answers to win this week’s Sex Positions Game. Don’t forget to play by the end of the day!!! Who knows - the winner this week could be you!

Time Out for Some Sexy Amanda Byes Pictures

by Aurora

She’s BTS’s Sexy Celebrity of the Week, so check out these pictures of Amanda Bynes at US Weekly’s Hot Hollywood Party:


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Faking It

by Aurora

I used to see this guy who was really bad at sex. He obviously enjoyed it a lot and even was “experienced” enough that he should have been decent, and yet there he was, he ass in the air, thrusting away like the Little Engine that Could and falling over himself to pull out before cumming, even though he was wearing a condom. Extra precaution, he’d say. He looked like he was having an epileptic seizure every time we fucked.

Sex with my mystery fellow lasted…oh…three minutes at best. He had a nice, big dick, though - nothing that smelled funky or was laughably small or thin. That’s the sad part of my tale. If he knew how to work it, sex with him would be really could. He certainly was long and thick enough. He even shaved his balls for me. Talk about romance.

But then he’s get himself worked up and start a-thrusting away, crushing me as he leaned too much of his weight on my chest and making me turn my head as he’d literally start panting in my face, the sweat dripping in his eyes and rolling down his back. Ten second later, he was done, hogging his tiny bed and snoring louder than my grandpa. That’s pretty damn loud.

seal.jpgAnd I’d fake the orgasm. He didn’t know any better. I’d just fake about 80% of the time and tell the truth the other 20% of the time. I’m usually a big fan of telling the truth all of the time, but he just seemed so dejected every time I didn’t orgasm for him. He knew he was bad at sex. When I lied and faked the orgasm, it just seemed to make his day, so I continued to do it throughout our brief relationship.

Sometimes, when I’m snuggled up next to my current squeeze, legs wobbly and heart still racing from an awesome orgasm, I think about this guy from my past, imagine him on top of me looking like a spasming seal, and laugh. I wonder where he is now…

Don’t forget to mark your calenders for Global Orgasm Day in December!

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Sugasm 101

by Aurora


The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #102? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

(Picture: Mischa courtesy of Badgirl’s Hotbox.)

This Week’s Picks
Animal sex

“As he brings me there, his hands and mouth on me are rougher and rougher.”

Romeo and Juliet: A Different Perspective
“Catherine!” Elizabeth gasped between her thighs. “You are like heaven’s own scent.”

Summer of Content
“Under the cover of my long skirt, my legs are spread for him, and I’m dripping over his fingers.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
How to Hide Your Porn

Editor’s Choice


More Sugasm
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The Sex Position Game

by Aurora

Let’s spice up our Mondays with a little game. Check back every week for your weekly challenge!

istock_000000486125small.jpgThis week’s challenge? Let’s see how many difference sexual positions we can name.

Missionary…Doggy…How about something a bit more adventurous?

If you’ve ever flipped through an issue of the Kama Sutra while you thought no one was looking at Barnes & Noble, you probably had to laugh a bit at all of the options you’ve never used. It takes a really flexible, up-for-anything couple to work through all the sex positions out there. I like to think of myself as a goddess in bed, but who has the muscle mass needed for some of those crazy positions out there?!?!

In any case, this week I’m promoting freeing your spirit in the bedroom! So, help me out. I’m looking for 15 sexual positions that almost anyone can do (like, none where one partner has to hold the other while he stands on one foot and screws her with his 17-inch penis…). Anything else goes!

As always, the “prize” is an ode to the best answer and a sexy picture of ME! Last week, we didn’t do so well with the MB game, so let’s make up for it this week! Here are the official rules:

1. Only ONE answer per person. If you list more than one, I’ll edit your comment to only include the first one.
2. Missionary, doggy, or typical girl-on-top. Those three are way too common.
3. It has to be vaginal penetration. Oral doesn’t count. Neither does anal (although most vaginal can also be anal).
4. You must include a link to instructions or a picture with your answer. We have to be able to try it out!

Remember, just one - that means we need fourteen people to leave a comment to win (I’ll get ya started with the first one below). So, tell your roommate, tell your significant other, tell your mom (well, ok, maybe don’t tell your mom). The game ends on Friday at midnight EST, so get crackin’!

Here is my entry:
Reverse Cowgirl

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