Time Out for some Vanessa Hudgens Pictures

by Aurora

New pictures of our Sexy Celebrity of the Week, Vanessa Hudgens, at the Australian Hairspray Premier. What do you think of Vanessa? Weigh in your opinions be voting in the Between the Sheets poll here!




The Seven Deadly Sins in Bed: Wrath

by Aurora

wrath.gifLet’s not dance around the subject - a lot of people reading this right now are not in monogamous relationships. And hey, that’s fine. In fact, around here, baby, it’s preferred.

However (and this is a big however)…if you’ve got more than one partner, there’s a good chance that you partners have more than one partner too. And when that happens, there’s a good chance of giving into one of the most dangerous of all of the seven deadly sins - wrath. Wrath isn’t just anger, although that is part of it. Wrath is a burning, passionate anger, fueled by envy, jealousy, or vengeance usually. Wrath isn’t just a fuming anger that simmers as you sulk. Wrath is violent. Wrath requires action.

Wrath leads to trouble.

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The Seven Deadly Sins in Bed: Envy

by Aurora

Envy.jpg If you think your partner is cheating on you, go ahead and be jealous. After all, jealousy is not one of the seven deadly sins. People use “jealousy” and “envy” to mean the same thing, but really they’re not. Jealousy is that fear you get that you’re somehow going to lose what you’ve got or that emptiness you feel when you are worried about being inferior. Envy, on the other hand, is that longing feeling when you don’t have something that you really, really want. You are jealous of the cute girl at the party flirting with your man. The cute girl at the party envies you for having landed the man of your dreams.

But enough about definitions. I want to talk about sex.

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The Party Next Door

by Aurora


Red wine and I don’t mix well. I mean, we do at the time, but the next day is always a killer. Looking at a computer screen right now is death, but I just had to tell you all what happened last night. It seems like so long ago already.

After hours of trying on different outfits (curtains closed), I finally settled on a classic - the little black dress. I slipped on my most basic black thong, fingers lingering on my things as I imagines the girl next door getting ready too. What would she be wearing underneath what I’m sure would be a stunning ensemble?

At 8:30, I could see guests beginning to arrive. Her bedroom curtains were firmly closed, the first time they had been that way in weeks. Not that it mattered. She would be in the foyer greeting guests, and he would be in the kitchen making cocktails. I better go get one, right?

The night was a whirlwind of meeting new, strange people, each couple more beautiful than the last. J* opened a bottle of red wine and filled my glass, mentioning that he had often meant to knock on my door to say hello, but had never had an occasion. I smiled. I nodded. I thought about the way his lips would feel against mine. He introduced me to his brother, who was fresh out of college and a few inches taller than even J*, who was a lean 6′3 at least.

And then the alcohol began to kick in. I sighed at the long line of people waiting and decided, due to the four or five drinks already filling my bladder, to sneak into the master suite. J* was still in the kitchen, and she was firmly planted on the patio, laughing gaily with a bunch of guest, mainly men. They’d never notice.

The master bedroom was still, dark, and empty. It was strange being on the inside after looking into it for so long. I set down my wineglass on the vanity and quietly creeped into master bathroom. It was elegant shade of white, beige, and tan, with little angel-shaped soaps and fluffy burgundy towels.

As I was washing my hands, the door flung open.

“Oh my god. Sorry!” It slammed shut again before I could see who it was and I stood poised at the sink, a deer in headlights, caught using the god and goddess’ personal toilet.

I opened the door again. It was J*’s brother. He was fabulously drunk and peeing in the garbage can. I cleared my throat and he looked over at me, surprised, as though he had already forgotten that I had been in the bathroom. He zipped up his pants and turned toward me.

“What are you doing peeing in that bathroom?” he said, playfully.

“What are you doing peeing in that garbage can?” I asked back, my hand on the doorknob.

And then he kissed me. Just like that. He was drunk, I was drunk, and he kissed me long and hard, his tongue tasting mine. His large hands ran down my body, settling on my hips and pulling me closer to him. I couldn’t even remember his name. and the smell of run ran heavy on his breath.

In a moment we were on the bed. He reached up my little black dress and I felt his hands traveling up my thighs, wanting…needing. Alcohol makes you *need* so badly, and he had drunk his share tonight. I pulled his shirt over his head, revealing the perfect, tanned six-pack that you can only get after many hot, sweaty hours in the gym and in the bedroom. I had drunk my share too.

Soon, our clothes lay crumbled on the floor. His mouth traveled down my neck and to my hard nipples, where he teased them with his wet tongue. I arched my back, moaning, and he reached down to spread my legs apart before using both hands to pin me to the bed.

“Are you a naughty girl?” he whispered into my ear, sucking on my earlobe.

Yes, yes, yes, I was a naughty girl. I knew that I disparately wanted him, this young, ripped in-law of the goddess herself. What I didn’t know is that the bedroom door was standing open…

to be continued

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Sexy Celeb of the Week: Vanessa Hudgens

by Aurora

vaness_hudgens_1.jpgShe’s sweet. She’s smart. She’s talented.

And more importantly, she’s naked.

Between the Sheets’ sexy celebrity of the week is Vanessa Hudgens the good-girl-gone-bad from Disney’s “High School Musical.” Sure, some may see last week as a major blow to her career, but you know what I think? She finally put herself on the map. As a mousekateer, you sometimes have to do something a little provocative…unless, of course, you’re aiming for a career opposite Steve Martin as you lovable, gullible dad for the rest of your life.

And you know what? Say what you will, but at the end of the day, the naked pictures of her are HOT. She’s got a great body, and you can just tell that she’s really confident in her own skin. I find it funny that some people are saying, “It’s ok to make a mistake” as though being naked is a mistake! Ok, MAYBE it’s not a good thing to upload pics of yourself where they can leak to the Internet if you work for Disney, but come on. Every girl she do a naughty photo shoot at least once. So you know what? YOU GO, GIRL!

Now you weigh in:



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Sexy Housewife contest

by Aurora

Reality on Bravo is giving away a free Real Housewives of Orange County DVD. I’m entering to win! Are you?

The ladies on this TV show are sexy. The men are even sexier. Count me in! Follow the links if you’d like to enter too.

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The Day Before

by Aurora

Tomorrow is the big party. Since my grocery store run-in with the girl next door, I can’t stop thinking about her. I’ve thought about calling, about making up some excuse to knock on her door…but I’ve settled for the view from my bedroom window instead.

And I haven’t been disappointed.

istock_000001258825small.jpgLast night, I watched the girl next door slip into a silk negligee, its blood red tones perfectly paired with her silky sin. The lace around the top showed her nipples already peaking through as her partner, J*, massaged her shoulders, ran his hands along her sides, admired her curves.

I watched as she happily sighed with anticipation, turning to grasp his face in her hands and kiss him hard, still, I’m guessing, tasting of the wine she’d been sipping only moments before. She slid to her knees, and in a moment J* was unzipped and in her mouth. He was still wearing his jeans, so it was hard to get a good look at the bulge they had been hiding all day, but it didn’t matter. The site of her in her thong, teasing him ever so gently was enough to have me licking my lips. My hand traveled down my own pants as I watched her suddenly take him in completely. J* grasped at her hair, his head bent back and his torso pushed forward, allowing her to get the best angle for the deepest suck. he reach down, fondling her left breast, as she slowly slid her mouth back from him before engulfing him completely again.

He pulled her up to standing, kissing her and undressing her from the very negligee she’d just put on ten minutes ago. She coyly led him away from the window, to my dismay, and I saw them walk into the bathroom for what I can only assume was the steamiest shower on the block. I sat back on my bed and closed my eyes, my fingers still wandering. J* and the girl next door have been the source of my most intense orgasms since I moved in last year.

shadow.jpgAs a moan escaped my lips and my thighs began to tremble, I opened my eyes to see if the couple had returned from the shower. And there she was, standing at the window in all her glory.

Looking at me. I had forgotten to close my curtains.

I froze, and she smiled, caught. She walked away from the window, leaving her drapes open as she lay down with J*, who was already dozing off in bed.

Tomorrow is the party. And I think I should still go. In fact, I’m now even more excited to see the couple, talk to them, be close enough to feel their energy.

What should I wear?

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The Seven Deadly Sins in Bed: Sloth

by Aurora

sloth.jpg I’ve had a handful of sexual partners. Let’s just say…enough to make some people blush (although, friends, you’re the one reading a sex blog, so I’m not sure I’ll make you blush at all). I’ve been with men that were packing so much it hurt and men that made me wonder if they were even in at all. I’ve seen cockrings and piercings and shaved balls and bulging veins.

And I have to say that the vast majority of these men knew what’s up (and I do mean up). They worked with what they had and *most* or the time, we both left the bedroom at least mildly pleased. Sure, there’s been the occasional mishap, like the virgin who didn’t know which hole to finger (poor guy was so confused) and the drunk who passed out in the middle of everything, sploging cum everywhere at the last second (and for that, I left him sleep in the pool of his own bodily fluids while I snuck out the door). But really, what can you do but laugh and move on.

Except when it comes to the deadly sin that gets me most upset–sloth.

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Sexy Carnival

by Aurora

Don’t forget to enter your blog entry or article in Between the Sheets’ “Sexiest Stuff on the Web” Blog Carnival!

You can enter your post/article here: http://blogcarnival.com/bc/cprof_2427.html. No registration at Blog Carnival is necessary–just fill out the form with your post information and you’re set!

The Sexiest Stuff on the Web Carnival…

…because I’m tired of reading bad erotica.

This carnival is for your sexiest posts. All is fair game–erotic literatue, reviews on your favorite toys, how-tos, celebrity posts, humor, sexy news, etc. No hard core pornography or anything involving children or animals please.

You have until the 15th of the month to enter! I look forward to reading everyone’s best work!

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The Seven Deadly Sins in Bed: Greed

by Aurora

greed.jpg Power. Money. Sex. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. Are you greedy in bed? That may seem like an easy one to diagnose. After all, tallying who gets off first is the measure of greed…or is it?

Nah. Take me for example. I don’t get off at the drop of a hat, and neither do other women I know. That doesn’t mean that my partner is greedy, just because he knows just how to move to get off in about 15 seconds. On the contrary…doesn’t that make me a bit greedy? He’s ready to go and I’m not, so he has to work harder to get me to that point where I’m ready to come too.

Maybe greediness isn’t so simple.

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A Brief Meeting with the Girl Next Door

by Aurora

“Excuse m–oh hi!”

As I stood pondering the melons in the grocery store and, in effect, blocking the path of middle-aged mothers with equally interesting melons, I heard a voice behind me…a voice I recognized at the drop of the hat. I turned to face the girl next door, her golden locks freshly manicured at the salon, perfectly complementing her large, honey-brown eyes. I had never been this close to her before, and it made me catch my breath.

“Hi…” I breathed, wanting only to scream “You have beautiful breasts”

“I have somethings *very* important to discuss with you,” she said, pursing her large, luscious lips. “Actually, it’s a bit embarrassing.”

You found out that I watch you have sex every night with than hunky man of yours? You want me to come over tonight and play? You can sense through my jeans that I’m already turned on just thinking about it? “What is it?” I asked.

“I think my cat has been pooping in your yard.”


There was an awkward pause. Do I feign anger at the stinky situation? Do I laugh? Do I…

red_thong.jpg“Well I just wanted to let you know that we’re going to keep her inside from now on. So it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Would you like me to reimburse you for the landscaping?”

You can pay me by teaching me how you like to be licked. I want you to orgasm for me, and I want him to watch. How’s tonight? “No, no, that’s alright.”

She smiled, looking relieved, and my cheeks flushed a bit as I tried not to look at her chest and imagine her nipples. “Well, it’s been nice seeing you! We should hang out sometimes!” She began to walk away, her hip huggers curving perfectly around her ass. As she bent down to reach a can of olives on the lower shelf, her red thong peeks out from under her jeans, and I took a mental picture.

“How about this weekend?” I blurted after she took a few steps.

“Huh?” She turned toward me and my face grew even hotter.

“Hanging out…how about this weekend?”

“J* and I were going to have a cocktail party. I’d love it if you stopped by. Saturday at 8.” She gave a half-smile and pushed her cart around the stack of Pepsi and out of my site.

Saturday at 8. Oh, I’ll be there.

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Time Out for David Beckham

by Aurora

He’s our celeb of the week, so let’s time out to say mmmmmmm….

Los Angeles Galaxy’s David Beckham, watches the Galaxy’s MLS soccer game with his sons, Romeo and Brooklyn, on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2007.


The fact that he’s such a good father makes him even sexier in my opinion!

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The Seven Deadly Sins in Bed: Gluttony

by Aurora


glut·ton·y [gluht-n-ee]: noun, excessive eating and drinking, greediness in eating.

We’ll talk about greed a bit later this week, but really, gluttony can be a form of greediness in bed. Now, I’m sure that *most* people you meet won’t object to lots and lots of oral sex. I love it. My partners have always loved it. Everyone’s happy, right? Chah.

But are you really listening to what your partner wants? There’s an epidemic sweep the world right now: bad oral sex. And that really sucks. Or blows. Or licks. Whatever.

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The Seven Deadly Sins in Bed: Lust

by Aurora

Lust.jpgLet’s start with the sin that interests you all the most: Lust. Even the word sounds naughty, doesn’t it? There’s a great many people that will stand on a soapbox and tell you that any kind of sex other than done for procreation, is horrible, wrong, kinky, raunchy, evil stuff. You can believe what you want–there’s a reason human beings were created in a way that makes sex feel soooooo good. I believe we were meant to enjoy it.

0060591676.interior01.jpgSo how can lust in bed be a bad thing? Well, lust takes on a different light when you’re in a committed relationship with someone but you find yourself thinking of other men or women (or both) all of the time. I’m not saying you shouldn’t look. We’re only human. And who here masturbates to his or her partner EVERY time? No one raising their hands on that one, I bet. Lust only becomes dangerous when that’s all you think about or if that’s what you imagine when you’re romping with your partner. If you can’t focus on your partner completely, especially when you’re actually going at it, you can’t have good sex.

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The Seven Deadly Sins in Bed, Overview

by Aurora

Gwyneth_Paltrow.jpgWhenever I think about the seven deadly sins, my mind immediately wanders to the movie Se7en, starring Brad Pitt and sexy kitten Gwyneth Paltrow…so I had to include a picture of her for your viewing pleasure. Meow.

But enough about Gwynnie…let’s talk about the seven deadly sins, and how they relate to your sex life. Do you have a problem with pride? Sloth? Lust?

Over the next seven days, we’ll talk about the seven deadly sins and how to overcome them. Trust me, in one week, you’ll be having hotter sex with your leading lady or main man. And hotter sex? Well, that’s not a sin at all.

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