Do You Have a Tramp Stamp?

by Aurora

723745_tattoo.jpgDo you have a tramp stamp?

God, what a horrible term for a tattoo. Tatties are sensual and edgy and sexy…but not trampy! Well, at least they don’t have to be. I have seen some sluttastic tattoos in my day. I’ve also seen some “bad decisions” on the body. Drinks and tattoos never go together well…

Ok, enough babbling. Tattoos can be really, really hot. It depends on your personal tastes. BUT if you’re going to go for some ink, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Tattoos are permanent. I think it’s a good policy to take your time deciding what you want and where you want it. Once you pick out a design, think about it for 3-6 months before you get it.
  • Make sure you go to a clean tattoo parlor for your “stamp.” If not, you won’t just be a tramp - you’ll be a tramp with some nasty diseases you got from unsterilized needles and ink.
  • It’s ok to tell the artist no. Any artist will have ideas about size, colors, designs, etc, but ultimate, it is your body and your money. Don’t let someone talk you into something your don’t want.
  • If you’re getting something in Chinese symbols, have someone who speaks and writers Chinese well actually translate it for you. Don’t get it from the Internet, which is usually not accurate.
  • Tattoos hurt. Some hurt more and some hurt less. If you’re sensitive to pain, test out the needle with just water to make sure you can handle it.
  • Professionally, you may need to hide your tats, so think about that when talking about placement with the artist.
  • And my one last bit of advice? Don’t get your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/lover’s name (or a representation of them) on your body. Couples break up, so even if it seems like forever now, it might not be forever. If you want to get a name - get your child’s name or your mom’s name. Stay away from a “Wino Forever” mistakes!

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Alex and Erin

by Aurora

BtS readers, I’ve been sick. Not like, throwing up sick (thank goodness), but like tired-head-cold-congested-leaking-gross sick. I’ve been down and out. Sigh. So, my friend Lily has graciously agreed to write a guest post for me today, so you aren’t all chomping at the bit because I haven’t updated. Leave her some wonderful comments because she’s a fabulous female and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Erin tried not to pout – to no success.

“What a pretty pout,” Alex said, bending down and kissing her bottom lip which jutted out slightly from her top lip.

She stuck out her bottom lip more and lifted her chin, waiting patiently as if the possibility of him not giving her another kiss didn’t exist. He granted her unspoken demand and kissed her again. She ‘mmmed’ softy and closed her eyes as he put one hand on her cheek.

“Now, my love,” he said, pressing his forehead against hers briefly, “it’s time for bed.”

“I just don’t see why she picked you,” she said, letting down her hair and combing through it with her fingers. “You’re mine. She puts one hand where it’s not supposed to be, she and I are going to have a talk.” She nodded to emphasize her words. “You’re part of a couple, thank you, and if she thinks she’s going to get you drunk and seduce you-”

He laughed.

“-she has another thing coming, let me tell you.” She stood up and started walked to the bathroom.

“She asked me to escort her to her daughter’s wedding a long time ago,” Alex called, stretching.

She looked around the corner and said, gesturing with her toothbrush, “That’s right. Escort. Not date. Escort. Any hands below your belt and I take her head off.” She let her gaze sweep over his body. “You know what? Any inappropriate touching above or below the belt, and there’s going to be a problem.”

He chuckled softly as she disappeared back into the bathroom. Getting used to living with each other had come with its own ups and downs, but the ups, like her pouty protectiveness and liking for cuddling, far outweighed the downs.

Taking off his shirt, he yawned and sat down on the bed. Work had been filled with short trips to places for various tasks. He’d found none of them to be especially problematic, but all the travel on a Friday had left him feeling eager to get home to Erin.

Home to Erin. The phrase had yet to become settled in his mind. The unreality of it all had yet to go away even in moments like he was in now, listening to her hum as she brushed her teeth.

mouthwash.jpgErin scrunched her nose and looked at the bottle of mouthwash. “Citrus flavor, my ass.”

She put it away and then smiled, delighting in the small moments reality came rushing in. They were finally together in person and her mouthwash was in his bathroom. Their bathroom. Ever so slowly, “Alex’s apartment” was becoming “our apartment” in her mind. She didn’t rush it, instead enjoying learning to take part in what would be their life together.

She hugged herself. A new life with someone who loved her for all she was, the true her instead of a projected image of the person anyone thought she should be.

By the time she came out of the bathroom, her fuzzy purple slippers scraping across the floor, he had already stripped and lay under the blankets. He smiled at her, completely relaxed with his hands behind his head.

Smiling, she came over to his side of the bed and crawled over him so she could straddle his abdomen.

“Going to wear your slippers to bed, sexy?” he asked.

“Maybe,” she said in all seriousness as she squirmed a little. Then a slight playfulness worked its way into her voice. “It is pretty cold.”

“That’s because you’re on the blankets. Maybe you should join me under them.” He grinned.

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Sugasm 105

by Aurora


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Sexy Celebrity of the Week: Katie Holmes

by Aurora

katie_holmes.jpgSome people think that she’s crazy. Some people think that she’s smart. Some people just think that she’s really lucky. But no one disputes the fact that she’s damn sexy. This week’s sexy celebrity of the week is the one and only Katie Holmes.

Katie was in the news recently for running in the New York Marathon, with hubby Tom Cruise and daughter Suri waiting at the finish line for her. There’s been talk that her entry into the marathon was a bit unfair, as she didn’t have to enter the lottery or adhere to deadlines…but you know what? VIP preference or not, Katie Holmes is still hot.

Those drooping puppy dog eyes…those amazing cheekbones…those soft, pouting lips…

And then you put Tom Cruise on her arm? Smoking. They may be a bit insane, but mental health aside, they are one of Hollywood’s strongest power couples.

Yeah, I’ve had a girl-crush on Katie Holmes since Dawson’s Creek. Who hasn’t? And the short hair - it looks fab. Really, the Holmes can do little wrong in my book. She is and always will be ultra sexy to me, no matter what the press says about her and her wacky husband.

So what do you think about Katie Holmes? Is she so sexy or would you pass? Leave a comment here to tell the whole world how much you love (or hate) this superstar couple!

And while you think about it, here are a few recent pictures of the starlet to make your choice a bit easier…

At the Lions for Lambs premier

Out and about with Suri

At the 3rd Annual Museum of the Moving Image Black Tie Salute with husband Tom Cruise

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Dear Friend

by Aurora


Dear friend,

NO, I don’t want to make my penis bigger. I’m actually pretty fine with the size of my penis right now. That is to say, I don’t have one. What, does is look like I do? Maybe I shouldn’t wear my pants so baggy. Really though, have my d-cup girls now given you the hint that the only junk on my body is that which is in the trunk?

While we’re at it, my partner’s penis is fine too. Actually, how do you know that I even have a partner. What if I don’t? What if I just broke up with him like, yesterday? And you just reminded me of that. How do you feel now, asshole? Still want to make my penis bigger?

And you know what? If I did want to make my penis bigger, what makes you think I’d buy drugs from someone who spells it v!agra? Sure, that makes you sound like a reputable pharmacist. Or did you do that to look cool? Is that how the kids are spelling it these days? LOLROTFLMAO’ing. IMO. IDK. Let’s be BFFs while we’re at it.

I do want to thank you for alerting me about that lottery I won in Nigeria. I didn’t even know I had entered! What’s a BFF for, I guess? I can’t believe I won $10,000,000 (TEN MILLION DOLLARS). Maybe I can use that money to support your v!agra business. Who knows? I might even splurge for some c!alis.

Hugs and Kisses,

P.S. [email protected] just emailed me and there’s a problem with my PayPal account that I need to log in and fix immediately. You wouldn’t know anything about that would you?

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You Are So Sexy

by Aurora

We all need to hear it once in awhile, don’t we? You are sexy. You are sooooo sexy. I want you.

From my bedroom window, I saw the girl next door prance down the walk and sling her purse into the car. She crawled in after it, her hair thrown up into a mess ponytail and her lightly tanned midriff peaking our under her light purple sweat suit. She had the sneakers. She had the ipod. She was definitely going to the gym. It wasn’t like she was all beautified to go to a part or even to work.

And yet, I had the urge to run out of my house, flag her down, get her to roll down the window, and whisper in her ear, “You are so sexy…”

I should have. We all need to hear it from time to time.

“Style” has nothing to do with it. Sexy isn’t about looks. It’s about that feeling, that burning, that I-want-to-fuck-you lust.

Sexy is not wearing a bra just for the hell of it. Just to feel that cloth against your nipples.

Sexy is painting your toe nails bright red.

Sexy is posing for the camera, even if you’re not a rock star.

Sexy is letting the wind blow through your hair.

Sexy is having a secret that you don’t tell anyone.

Sexy is being mysterious.

Sexy is shaking your booty without caring what anyone else thinks.

Sexy is blowing kisses to the camera.

What is sexy to you, readers?
When you see another woman or man, what makes you think “damnnnnn” ? When do your feel your sexiest?

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Talk to Your Preschooler about Sex

by Aurora

884206_children_playing.jpgA few weeks ago, I wrote a post called “Talk to Your Teens” (and it probably should have been titled “Talk to your Children”). It was about the importance of talking to your kids about sex. How do you talk about sex with your children? When should you talk about sex with your children? Why should you talk about sex with your children? Erm…misplaced modifier. Not talking about “sex with children”…talking with your children about sex, rather. Hm…may have dug a hole with that one.

But I digress.

The important thing here is that kids know about sex long before parents think they are “ready.” Life doesn’t care if they’re ready. So, being a pro-active parent is extremely important.

I say this not having any kids of my own yet. But, I do like to think that this is how I will raise my kids someday. Sex is a part of my life, just like it is a part of your life, and although we blog about our sexual experiences, we find it tough to talk to kids about it (in an appropriate way or course).

This is the start of a little series I’m going to do called “Talk to Your Kids.” When middle schools are giving out birth control to 12-year-olds, there is a problem. I can’t change the world, but maybe I can help a few readers (is anyone out there?) think about how they speak with their children.

Today’s post: How to Talk to Your Preschooler about Sex.

I say “preschooler” meaning any kid under about 6. So, preschool and kindergarten really. That young age when Sesame Street is still the bee’s knees. Did I really just say “bee’s knees”? Sigh. I am my mother.

Anyway, I think a lot of parents make the same mistake when it comes to this age group, and that mistake is in not talking about sex at all. Now, before you get your panties in a knot, understand that I’m not advocating teaching your daughter how to give a blow job at age 4 or teaching your son the finer points of doggie style at age 5. I mean, give me a break. A child at that age can’t comprehend how or why that happens. They’re still learning to tie their shoes.

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Sugasm #104

by Aurora

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #105? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. “Bondage tape” courtesy of Catalina loves her collar.

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An Uneventful Weekend

by Aurora

I suppose after my Halloween recap, you’re all ready to here more about what happened this week with J* and the girl next door. Sorry to disappoint, it was quite the uneventful weekend. How anti-climatic, I know. My mother is coming to visit, though, so, like all good daughters, I spent the weekend on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor, on a step ladder cleaning the spiderwebs from the corners of my porch, and on my ass, feeling sorry for myself that my mother was coming to visit. Sigh. I do love her, but it means no sex or masturbation for a few days. Sigh.

first_kiss.jpgI have noticed one thing - my post about talking to your kids about sex has gotten a lot of traffic. And I mean A LOT. Is that something you guys want me to talk about more often? It’s one of those things that no one is saying, in my opinion. There are millions of kids out there who don’t understand sex and relationships very well, and, as a result, are getting STDS and pregnant at fairly young ages. It’s really, really sad, ya know? We sit here and anonymously talk/read about sex on the Internet, but when it comes time for a face-to-face with the youngsters of the world, we freeze up and don’t know what to say.

I think maybe I will talk about it a bit more. Readers, you may be perverts, sexually deviant, and horny…but I know that a lot of your are also parents. Please comment and weigh in on this topic - have you had “the talk” with your kid yet? How old was he/she when you did it?

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Sexy Celebrity of the Week: Tom Brady

by Aurora

As much as I don’t like watching pro football, I might tune in today for the big Patriots-Colts game for one reason. Tom Brady is HOT. And I don’t mean like “boy next door” hot…I mean like, athletic, stylish, sexy, cream-in-your-jeans hot. According to some of the fellas in my life, this weekend’s game where Tom Brady and the Patriots take on Peyton Manning and the Colts is going to be better than the Super Bowl. So, since he’s having such a crazy week, I think it’s only fair that I feature him as the sexy celebrity of the week.


God, I mean, couldn’t you just watch him stretch all day?



Yum. But hey, not everyone likes the Brad-man, apparently. Weigh in - Leave you vote here! Is Tom Brady really the hottest player in professional football? Cast your anonymous vote and leave a comment about TB if you wish!

Need some more pictures and information about Tom Brady? Check out Talking NFL, TV Boyfriends, and Hunky Blog.

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One Last Halloween Laugh.

by Aurora

Ok, I know it’s November 2. This is IT about Halloween, I promise. Lol.


Get it? They’re boo-bees.

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My Top Fifteen Sexiest Words

by Aurora

I write about sex. Often. If you’re read this blog habitually (not just because google spat you here today), than you probably write about sex too. And really, I could write a lot more eloquently than I do. But I don’t. Because this is real life people. Real life ain’t all that eloquent.

I do find myself coming back to certain works again and again, though. Why? Because they’re sexy. To me, at least. There are just some words that you can mummer and immediately I’ll feel wet and hot and ready to fuck.

Ok, well maybe not ready to fuck. Yet. But they’re a start.

Here’s my list of the top ten sexiest words. I’ll probably miss some and forget some…but off the top of my head, this is the good shit, right here. Fuck eloquent.

1. Thrust. (easily my favorite)
2. Drip.
3. Lap.
4. Force.
5. Fondle.
6. Grunt.
7. Quiver.
8. Hold.
9. Nipple.
10. Spread.
11. Kiss.
12. Cock.
13. Wet.
14. Gasp.
15. Tongue.

Am I painting a picture for you yet? Pick three words from that list. Any three.

Nipple. Quiver. Gasp. What did you imagine?

Wet. Thrust. Fondle. What did you imagine?

Tongue. Cock. Grunt. What did you imagine?

Like I said, fuck eloquent words. I can paint a picture with Drip. Force. Spread.

What are some of the words on your list?

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All About the Tricks

by Aurora

…because it can’t be all about the treats. (click on that link to read the first part of this night…but if you don’t have time, let’s just say that the girl next door had just called me while she was fucking her husband to invite me to join in…)

I didn’t knock, and the door wasn’t locked. Which is a good thing, considering that I ran next door wearing nothing but a black thong, a bright red bustier, and my devil horns. I closed the front door carefully behind me, the moans of my neighbor and J* filling my ears and making me drip. Have I mentioned that I love Halloween?

They noticed me as I walked into their bedroom (how could you not?), and I took in the scene before me. Still partially in her costume, the girl next door was positioned on the edge of the bed, her jungle-inspired bottoms yanked savagely to one side and her bra still on, but burst with her bouncing tits, which peeked out from under the cups. Her legs wrapped around him, J* stood naked at the edge of the bed, but still looked very much like Tarzan even without the ridiculous hammock-like costume. His abs were rock-hard and his tanned skin on rivaled by her own caramel-colored legs.

istock_000000167457small.jpgWithout pausing in his thrusts, he beckon me to the bed. She gasped with every push into her, the girl next door gasped, taking him into her tight pussy balls deep. His right hand was pressing into her lower torso, holding her steady as he fucked and he used his right hand to undo my top, letting it slip to the floor as I allowed my thong to fall with with them.

“Jump on her face,” he commanded with a smile. I looked at her for approval, but she seemed lost in the fucking motion, her eyes closed and her mouth open.

“Go ahead. She wants it. She wants to taste you tonight.” J* continued fucking and she continued gasping for breath.

I hopped onto the bed and slowly, cautiously straddled her open mouth, facing J*. I began to lowered care, not sure if she knew that I was there, but she reached up and grabbed my thighs to bring me down on her tongue. She licked hungrily, alternating between sucking on my clit and jabbing her tongue into my quivering pussy. I lost myself there, on her face, which seemed to bury itself deeper in me every time J* thrust into her. I looked down and realized that, without knowing it, I was pinching my own nipples, and my moans and screams mixed with hers, howling into the Halloween nights.

I reached down and began playing with her nipples - caressing, pinching, pulling - which caused to to arch her back and lap at my juices even more quickly. J* began to fuck harder and faster, and I saw that he was watching us play with one another. He unwrapped her legs pulled them up as through her feet were in stirrups at the doctors.

“Hold her open for me,” he grunted to me. And I knew exactly what he wanted. He cock was dripping with her juices, and, still on her relentless mouth, I reached down and spread her ass cheeks, using my fingers to play with her asshole. He forced his cock in and she shook below me, stopping her licking to scream in pain and pleasure. He beautiful clit, pierced, was before me and I rubbed it vigorously, imagining that it was my own clit and I was masturbating. It took less than a minute and the girl next door was squirting - spraying J* the bed, and me with her orgasm. She went limp with exhaustion, and I slid off of her wet face.

“Did my little slut cum?” smiled J*. I waited for her to answer, but he wasn’t talking to her. He was talking to me. His little slut. I shook my head no. No, she had kept me on the edge, but I hadn’t let myself cum into her eager mouth.

“We’ll just have to do something about that then, won’t we?” The girl next door’s smile lit up the room and, her cum still running down her legs, she pushed me backwards until I was laying where she was only moments before. She straddled my face as I had done hers and J* began to fuck me from the edge of the bed. And before long, we were both hollowing into the Halloween night yet again.

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All About the Treats

by Aurora

378876_candy_corn.jpgI love Halloween, but this year I just didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to actually make a half-decent costume. So, I turned to and old stand-by: a red and black outfit and a pair of sparkly devil horns on a headband. I figured it was pretty fitting, seeing as I was single-handedly driving apart my neighbors’ relationship. Happy Halloween.

Anyway…there I was last night handing out candy to the neighborhood kids and hoping that they’d be done soon so I could grab a drink at the bar, when I caught a glimpse of the girl next door also handing out candy. She was dressed in almost nothing (I’m sure the neighborhood moms will be talking about that one…), and her hair was pulled into a high ponytail, the fluffy curls bouncing down to her shoulders. She was wearing a leopard print bra and undies, with a green sarong tied around her waist and fake ivy snaking around her arms. Jane? Which meant that J* must be dressed as…

I gasped as I saw him in the light of the doorway and couldn’t take my eyes off of him as a chorus of children yelled “Trick or Treat!” and grabs handfuls of Milky Ways and Dum-Dums from my outstretch bowl. There he stood, Tarzan, wearing just a (bulging) loin cloth outfit that slung over one shoulder. I instantly felt like turning off my damn porch light and running across the yard to pounce on those six-pack abs. With an outfit like that, I didn’t even car that his wife was watching me stare.

J*’s eyes locked to mine and we both beamed at one another. It has been impossible not to think about J* ever since our brief meeting (aka janitor’s closet fuck) at the football game, but I was still nervous about being too friendly with his wife around. In the beginning, the three of us got along well, but it was she who called the shots. The girl next door invited me over for threesomes, held me on the edge until commanding me to cum, and watched as J* used every hole on my body before cumming on my face. But she knew. She knew that I had fallen for her husband, and that I kept coming back because I was in love (well, love is strong…in lust) with J*, not because I enjoyed time with both of them. And when she began to suspect that I was pursuing him, she closed me out of her life.

He had not been able to close me out of his. Oh, and he tried, but nevertheless, there we were, fucking at the football game, which was clearly against the rules of their marriage. Threesomes were fine. Affairs were not. J* was officially cheating.

And oh, I love that power. The girl next door is raw beauty, driven, successful, eloquent. She’s what I’m not. But, she no longer had a successful relationship. I felt better than her.

Last night, I saw her eyes narrow a bit, watching her husband look at me. I walked back inside and turned my lights off at around 10. A few minutes later, the phone rang. It was her, and she was panting, out of breath, moaning.

“Roooori, darling. Uhhhhh…what are you doing?” she gasped.

J* was fucking her. He was fucking her and she called me.

“Nothing.” I replied

“Oohhh, fuck, yes. Ohh…Rori, can you come over? FUCK! Ah! Ah! The door’s open. Come over, darling, we miss you.”


Until that moment, my night had been all about the treats. Now it was time for some tricks.

To be continued…

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Sugasm #103

by Aurora


The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #104? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks

“Feel the electricity from my fingers as I peel the damp cotton of your panties away from your sex, as I ease them to one side.”

The Man From Del Monte Says…Yes, Yes, Oh God! YESSS!
“She let her lips and tongue explore me all over.”

Traveling the road, Sharing a load, Side by side
“I guess this is not very sexy, my ranting about politics while playing with your cock.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
The US Constitution Erotic Coloring Book

Editor’s Choice
Dinner Date: Part 1

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Photo: Extreme Restraints courtesy of Essin’ Em.

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Cock. Hard. Pussy. Wet. Tongue. Throb. Sweat. Impale. Well, you made it so far; you might as well make yourself cozy. Isn't it amazing how all of those words have completely mundane definitions until you link them all together?

Welcome to Between the Sheets, where no aspect of sex is taboo and nothing is sacred. So come in and stretch out. Leave a comment. Browse around. You'll leave either appalled or enthralled, but you'll definitely remember your first time. (And it only gets better AFTER the first time.)

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    A friend of mine gets all the credit for this idea for the Thursday Thirteen. I have never left a message on the bathroom mirror, but it sounds like fun and I might just have to have a little [...]
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    This is another one of those posts where I reveal just how newly married my husband and I are... I feel like I have been running behind on pretty much everything this week, and I have been [...]
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    As much as I hate the way we tend to commercialize every aspect of life these days, I think this is actually a pretty good idea… According to this article from the Los Angeles Times, a new fad [...]
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    Hello and welcome (back) to Long Relationships. As you know, every Monday I have been posting responses to the Our Story Meme (along with links to the responder's site(s)), and I have been [...]
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    I guess it goes without saying that G and I are over. He's been in New Zealand now for two months. We hung out again after I got back from visiting home during Christmas. We went out to a [...]
  • Sandy's back from sabbatical.
    It’s been awhile. I’ve been on hiatus…studying for the GRE, taking the GRE, researching grad schools… it’s been a trip. Admittedly, not as cool as the trip to Japan I’m about to go on [...]
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    I can't help it... I like tags and memes. I know many of you find them annoying, but if you're like me and actually like them, consider yourself tagged. :) Have a great weekend! A is for age: [...]
  • The best dressed guest
    The invitation arrived in the mail a month ago and you just sent back the reply card with a check next to will attend and chicken. You mark your calendar blackberry and head to your closet or the [...]
  • Spring is black
    Just because you are having a Spring wedding doesn't mean you have to have a pastel wedding. Pastel colors are a little muted and if you aren't into them, don't feel you have to use those colors [...]

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  • Diddy hurt self, no go Russell's party
    Dude, if there ever was a top ten list of signs you were no longer "Gangsta" this would be number one. Apparently last weekend, P. Diddy slashed his foot on a champagne glass during an after party at [...]
  • On the air
    MLBColorado Rockies at Arizona Diamondbacks today @ 6:30 p.m. on FSNA SoftballNo. 4 UCLA at No. 8 Arizona tomorrow @ 3 p.m. on FSNA GolfThe Masters: Final Round Sunday @ 11:30 a.m. on CBS [...]
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    The chef is taking a day off from the kitchen and all the kitchen's patrons are left to fend for their own! So today you have the Friday Feast a la Write Anyway. I do hope you enjoy it, as it's a [...]
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    I you haven’t visited Travie’s Blog yet this month, he’s put quite a few posts up since the end of March. Looks like he invested in a sick blue Jerry chain that’s completely off the wall. [...]
  • Introduction to Zoroastrianism
    Despite being one of the world's oldest monotheistic religions, the number of followers of this religion are around 200,000. Origins: "The religion was founded by Zarathushtra (Zoroaster in [...]
  • Green Hour Challenge #4
    Week #4 of the Green Hour Challenge, this week things are coming into focus for our nature study. This week we are supposed to choose a specific area to study for the remainder of the challenge. [...]
  • Sleepless in Huntsvegas
    8:00pm So…it started off pretty rough. We tried to go look at houses between 6:30 and my 8:00 appointment for the sleep study. Tony would not have it. Usually, after a few minutes crying in the [...]
  • To eat or not to eat, that is the question.
    Tonight I'm part of the Absolute Writers' Blogchain again. Last time everyone was talking about pets, as you'll probably remember. I remember because we all ended up talking about eating strange [...]
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    Hello and thank you for stopping at Fiction Scribe, Mr. Robles. Tell the readers a bit about yourself. I grew up in a tough New York City neighborhood. My mother was a divorced high school [...]
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    Last night's episode? Awkwaaaard! A dinner party is in itself an awkward situation, particularly one where the boss tricks you into coming to it. And then to actually witness your boss and his [...]