Let the Curtain Fall

by Ivy

“House to half.�?

A hush fell over the crowd of people, although a few wiggly children could still be heard, squirming with excitement. The impatience began to hover over the mass, and a collective pulse started.

“House out.�?

Silence now settled into the darkened theatre. Out wandered a fully-grown jester, and the children sat on the edges of their seats, eagerly anticipating what might come next.

He stood perched up on the catwalk, dressed in jeans and a dark t-shirt. Yawning, he tried to find something amusing to focus on until he was needed. Adults dressed as animals? Check. Terribly blocked town meeting scene? Check. Parents thinking this was the best production since sliced bread because their children were in it? Check. He yawned again. Yep, he thought, REALLY glad I agreed to help here.

He settled back onto the railing and crossed his arms. The murmur of his headset droned too loudly, so he turned it down. With that buzzing gone from his ear, he heard a soft breathing behind him, followed by soft footsteps. He spun around to see her.

She was standing with one hip cocked, arms crossed in front of her. Although a classically defensive pose, she was smirking broadly. Dressed also in a black shirt and jeans, her pale skin glowed even in the pitch around them.

“You can’t be here,�? he said.

“Okay,�? she said. Her arms dropped to her side and she stepped into him.

“I’m serious,�? he said.

“Okay,�? she said. She slid her hands around his waist and lifted her face to his.

“I’ve got to fly a kid in fifteen minutes,�? he said.

“Okay,�? she said. She let her lips hover against his, and she could feel the moisture on his now-quickened breath. “Then you’d better quit talking.�? She started softly, letting herself remember his kiss, his teeth, his tongue. Finally, she could hold back no longer and she adhered her body to his as she voraciously kissed him. Her hands flew to his head, caressing his face, his ears, his neck, and his hands found her waist and slid up and down the slinky black material of her shirt.

“Dragonfly, you’re up in ten minutes,�? a voice said over his headset.

Her hands were no longer restricted to his head, and she couldn’t move fast enough to the throbbing erection straining against his jeans. She unbuttoned the top button and slid the zipper down just enough to free him, and her hands gladly circled his cock. His head flew back in ecstasy, but they both knew things were just getting started. His hands slid down the front of her jeans to find her wet and pulsing. Her breath caught in her throat as his thumb found her clit and began to rub it. Striving to keep silent, she forced her tongue into his mouth.

Finally, the need was too great. She slid her jeans down to her ankles and he hoisted her up onto the railing. Her legs wrapped around him and his cock found its way into her pussy. They both took a moment to savor the excitement.. here, above a sold-out crowd.. and he pulled out and slowly re-entered her. She kept her mouth to his ear, tracing his lobe with her tongue. The slow rhythm grew into a steady pounding, and she found herself struggling not to scream out. Her back arched with pleasure and she felt the waves of an upcoming explosion start to wash over her. She felt him tense up inside of her and she clung more tightly to him.

“Dragonfly, we need you to start heading up to the catwalk, please,�? announced the voice.

It got to be too much, and she came, her body shaking around him. Her shudders only sent him into orgasm, and she felt him release and explode inside of her. They both went limp and held each other for a moment, then she hopped off the railing and redressed herself. He looked at her with a bemused expression, and all she could do was smile and wink. She stepped to him and kissed him lightly on the lips.

As she trotted back down the stairs, she passed a dragonfly holding a microphone. His little eight-year old frame bristled and he said, “You’re not supposed to be here.�?

“Okay,�? she said, grinning.

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