Scintillating Details About Lola

Oh, what to say and what NOT to say…There are some “puzzling details” about me. Some that would be useful, and some that might leave you scratching your head. I’m editing it. It’ll be up by the end of this week…

About Lola David

Lola is a writer living in the Pacific Northwest. She isn't polyamorous, a swinger, or a slut; no labels please. But, she's tried just about everything, leading to a sexuality that isn't easily categorized. Read more about Lola

THIS IS A SEXUALLY EXPLICIT SITE: Meaning, guys & gals--we use language and discuss topics that aren't for the younger folk. If you are under 18, please do not read the material on this site. Instead, bookmark us, & wait a couple years...then come back! That said, if any of this sexually explicit material offends, we'd rather not know about it. This is a world of myriad tastes & fetishes. Find yours.

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