First time...for EVERYTHING!

Swing away, Part I

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

We had been sexual beasts from the start of our relationship. Sometimes I think we were working off years of sexual frustration in previous relationships. It was almost as if we had gone 15 years without sugar and then been thrust, starving, into a candy store. Gorging was inevitable.

BDSM, swinging, BDSM while swinging, single males, single females, toys we’d never even dreamed of, role playing…oh, the list goes on! And, then we realized that some things just don’t go well together, at least for us.

A few years into our relationship, we met a couple from a BDSM site. Our profile had been up forever. We had turned down countless individuals and couples for one made up reason or another. The fact was we were unsure of a plunge into bringing another person into our bed. We were on a precipice, hoping not to dive headfirst into emotions that our relationship couldn’t recover from. And, we simultaneously hoped that we could live out some of our more taboo fantasies with each other present. (more…)

Was it Jenna or Marilyn Chambers?

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

I was with my first husband in the living room of our apartment…

You should know that this nightmare began when I married young. And while the demise of that relationship is not a story for this column—the good, bad and interesting sex that occurred may just well be! Perhaps I’ll guest write on Long Relationships, describing how NOT to go about forming a lasting relationship.

You should also know that the porn watching together had NOTHING to do with the ruin of it. I advocate the use of all medium in arousal: toys, videos, live action… (more…)

The virgin dialogues

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

As many different directions as I could go with these initial posts, I thought indulging in a virgin experience with my ravenous readers would be the way to go. We’re strangers, after all. Our sexual tastes are undoubtedly different, so what better way to open up the conduit of sharing than to relate a first experience.

I was 18. It was the fall of my freshman year at college—all eyes were on a budding young mind. But, with the newfound freedom of college came a budding of a different sort. I looked for and found a different set of friends from the sometimes-cliquey high-school crowd I had endured for four years. I found religion—and all of the eager “witnesses” to go with it.

I developed a fondness for an older guy. He was nine years my senior and had a very rough exterior (yes, the quintessential bad boy). He stood the same height as me, if I allowed my shoulders to slouch. But, what mesmerized most at first glance was the scar that began at the crown of his head, under his hair, and came down at the outer corner of his eye. To be honest, I didn’t notice it much. I liked making him laugh and he was perhaps the first man to ever call me sexy. The allure of laughter and flattery—they do not always make good bedfellows with a potential lover. (more…)

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