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Toy Review: iBuzz Two

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

I am so pleased to announce my virginal toy review. Yes, I’m a little behind the eight ball on this one. I suggest you check out other fabulous reviews of the iBuzz Two by Radical Vixen and Tara Tainton.

Let me first say that LoveHoney (from whence my favorite little bunny and cock ring came) is incredible. Typically, I’m a leary one of ordering from anyplace outside the states, but LoveHoney shipped quickly and packed my lovely little sex accessory perfectly and anonymously. I will most certainly order from them again.

Here are the highlights, guys and dolls:

1. Simultaneous pleasure of both of us. The possibilities with two vibrating pieces to stimulate you and your partner are endless. The bunny’s ears are completely capable of stimulating your clit, while your partner wears the blue piece (Vixen called it the “bunny’s backpack”–hilarious). The nobs on the “backpack” are also arousing on your clit if your partner is deep within you while he wears it. The vibrating egg (wrapped in a condom, sans bunny and backpack) are terrific anally.

2. Good with a playlist or without. Varied speeds and pulses make it possible to use without an iPod, but as Vixen said, it works FAMOUSLY with Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode (love that song…). It also works beautifully with brazilian fado (my favorite sex music anyway) by Mariza. “Loucura” was what J began with when we played. There is great power and subtlty in her voice, making for a varied experience.

3. Lovely little light. It’s a little like Star Wars or a pantiless jazz club. Where do I hang out, you wonder?

Two sets of headphones plug right into it. (more…)

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