The Penis Game Winner, part 2

by Aurora


I’m proud to announce that this week’s Penis Game winner was Dana with the entry “Russel the Love Muscle. As promised, the above is a sexy picture of me (ala red lipstick and black eyeliner for the lettering–and yes that really is me!). Perhaps as we continue playing our little games, you’ll get to see more, better pictures of me!

Oh, and here’s a little something I wrote just for Dana. This one goes out to you *blows kisses*.

Ode to Dana and “Russel the Love Muscle”

I’m impressed with how well you all hustled,
And the winner makes my bedsheets all tusseled.
50 penis-names was fun,
Our friend Dana has won,
Who among us has not be love-muscled?

To check out all of the awesome entries for “The Penis Game,” go here.

This week, Between the Sheets is doing a special week dedicated to Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence, so there’s no game right now. However, these are topics about which I feel extremely passionate, and I hope you do too. Please stop back throughout the week to read some inspiring stories, great debates, and startling statistics. The Between the Sheets weekly games will resume on Monday, October 8!

In any case, thanks for all who played the penis game! Feel free to continue leaving your answers at the post linked above, and congratulations to Dana, for the answer that made me giggle the most! My apologies for not announcing the winner sooner. I still can’t find the connector cord…I had to email pictures from my phone!

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3 Responses to “The Penis Game Winner, part 2”

  1. Dana Says:

    YES! And yet, something tells me I’ll be keeping the fact that I won the Penis Game from the guys at school. Ah, well…

    Thanks for selecting me as the wiener. Winner? You know…

  2. Aurora Says:

    Instead, tell them that a sexy blogger took a sexy picture juuuuust for you. hehe.

  3. Between the Sheets » Blog Archive » The MB Game Says:

    […] 2. If we can think of 50 different names by Friday, collectively, I’ll post an extra-special picture of MYSELF featuring what I deem to be the best name, along with an “ode” to the person who suggested it. Congratualtions to Dana, last week’s winner! […]

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