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Curves - a Love Story

by Autumn Seave

When he saw her walk into the bar - how long ago was it? 14 years now? - that first time his jaw hung low and he felt a stirring in his groin that he hadn’t felt in a long time. She wasn’t like the other girls at his university or like the girls that flirted with him at the restaurant where he waited tables. She was - more.

As she walked past him her hips swayed with confidence that girls his own age didn’t have. They were either too shy or they overcompensated by acting all trashy. Not this woman (because she was no girl). She didn’t need to flirt, or to wear a low cut shirt or jeans that were a size to small. She wore a skirt that skimmed her full hips, knee high boots with a heel that was sexy but didn’t look like it was going to kill her, and a top that flowed over the mound of flesh on her chest without calling great attention to it. But she looked amazing. He couldn’t tell if it was the way she walked, the natural grace of her movements or the subtle smile that played upon her lips.

She stayed for only an hour and he watched her the entire time. Girls his own age kept distracting him though and pulling him into their grasp and when he looked back to find her she was gone. Or so he thought.

Fifteen minutes after he thought she’d gone home, he turned to find her standing beside him. The girls that sat near him gave her evil looks but she didn’t seem to notice. She slipped a hand into his and then left. All that remained was a folded piece of paper. He stared after her in amazement for what seemed like forever before he realized it was even there. Of course, it was her name and phone number.

Now, he was 35 and she was 41. They’d been married for 13 of those years. His friends thought he was nuts but not after they got to know her. Then they were jealous. Because not only was she the perfect vision of femininity, but she was genuinely a good person.

And when he was with her late at night, with his hands on her breasts, her moans in his ear, and her heat encompassing the firmness of his shaft - he remembered that first night. And he thanked her for being in his life.

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    […] Curves–A Love Story When he saw her walk into the bar–How long ago was it? Fourteen years now?–that first time his jaw hung low and he felt a stirring in his groin that he hadn’t felt in a long time. She wasn’t like the other girls at his university or like the girls that flirted with him at the restaurant where he waited tables. She was–more. […]

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Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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