I’ll Leave a Light on For Ya.

by Ivy

We wandered down the halls of the hotel, excited to be somewhere new. As we saw the new sights and smelled the smell of paint and cleaner in the recently-remodeled hallway, we began to notice the various sounds that were inundating the hall as we walked.

We passed one room where a man was laughing loudly. It made us smile.

We passed another room where a tv was blasting some Bruce Willis movie. We stopped for a minute and puzzled as to what the movie might’ve been, and then we went on our way.
Then, we heard it. The muffled sounds of a couple having raunchy, sloppy, real sex. The kind of sex you can only have when you’re in a room you’ve never seen before, and you’re not responsible for cleaning. The kind of sex that no one but you will ever know about, and you’d always dreamed of having, and it smells foreign and feels heavenly. THAT kind of sex.

We stopped and looked at eachother. I blushed for a second, having stumbled on such an intimate moment made so public. But he pulled me closely too him and kissed me, hard, on the lips. When he pulled away, his hands were firm on my back, enough to let me know that I would soon be enjoying our room in much the same way.

Vacations are so refreshing, aren’t they?

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