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Cock. Hard. Pussy. Wet. Tongue. Throb. Sweat. Impale. Well, you made it so far; you might as well make yourself cozy. Isn't it amazing how all of those words have completely mundane definitions until you link them all together?

Welcome to Between the Sheets, where no aspect of sex is taboo and nothing is sacred. So come in and stretch out. Leave a comment. Browse around. You'll leave either appalled or enthralled, but you'll definitely remember your first time. (And it only gets better AFTER the first time.)

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  • How is Everyone?
    I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. I know my husband did, he had 4 days off. He has been packing for BNOC and I can't wait until all this is over and we are back home together as a family. My son [...]
  • A Bride's Best Friend
    A bride's best friend can often times be her emergency bag on the day of the wedding. The Bridal Kit is a key item to have on hand while you are getting ready and during the actual wedding. [...]
  • 40 Before 40
    The Green Three is hosting a 40 before 40 today. When I think into the far, far, far away future, I realize on my 40th birthday (March 2013), I will have a *gasp* 19 year old and an 11 year old! [...]
  • Tasty Tuesday (3)
    Time for Tasty Tuesday and another recipe! I'm also throwing in a history lesson. I love the potato! I could eat potatoes every single day. Did you know the potato has its roots in the windswept [...]
  • Mouth Shut Part II
    Well, needless to say, I was a little insulted –I’m no gold digger. Contrary to popular belief, I can’t be bought. It’s too bad for him it didn’t work, because I found myself divulging [...]
  • Weddings in the news
    Television and Hollywood weddings are usually dream weddings. They are sensationalized and overdone, often costing in the hundreds of thousands and even into the millions. ABC paid a well-known [...]
  • Operation Homecoming- Part Two
    This is the second post in my "blog mini-series" about the preparation for the much anticipated reunion with my deployed husband. If you want to catch up, check out Operation Homecoming- Part One. [...]
  • Mouth Shut Part I
    For a little over a week now, I’ve been battling with the humbling realization that I should really learn when to keep my mouth shut. I went on a date with an acquaintance that happened to be [...]
  • Friday Four
    The Friday Four is a list of four things of whatever you want! It can be four that happened during the week, four funny jokes, four chores you are putting off, whatever you would like! With this [...]
  • Playin' it safe
    It seems as though I don’t make decisions until something seems to stand in my way or someone tells me I can’t do it… and even though this gent in particular never told me I couldn’t do [...]

Hot Off The Press

  • Fun Homeschooler Shirts
    I was tipped off on this great shirt store online by The Thinking Mother. Suddenly I'm wishing I was rich. They have the best selection of shirts, bags, and bumperstickers - all about homeschooling. [...]
  • Playoff Reflections, Day Six; Torre on the Chopping Block, Red Sox/Indians
    For most of us, baseball is just a game; for others, it's more than that. Well, today Joe Torre's job is on the chopping block as the New York Yankees lost 6-4 last night to the Cleveland [...]
  • Paris Tries to Cheer Britney Up!
    Well, at least we know of one person who feels sorry for total wreck Britney Spears. Apparently, Paris sent a bouquet of chocolate roses to on-again, off-again party pal, Britney, when Brit lost [...]
  • Ricardo Chavira gets married!
    Well this is happy news indeed! Ricardo Antonio Chavira confirmed himself on "Entertainment Tonight" monday evening that he and longtime girlfriend Marcea Dietzel were married in a small, private [...]
  • Her First Post-Rehab Interview!
    Out of rehab for four whole days and Lindsay's already starting to make people nervous. In an upcoming issue of Ok! Magazine, she will be featured in an exclusive interview she gave the mag. Some [...]
  • Recap: 2-02 "An American Family"
    The episode opens with an American family in a tragic setting: a military funeral. The same military funeral we've been seeing in previews and commercials since last week's episode, the same [...]
  • Unreal Tournament 3 - Windows Beta Within Two Weeks!
    One of my favorite people in the gaming world, Mr Mark Rein of Epic Games has posted on their official forums a statement that I think you already figured out by reading the title of this post, but [...]
  • Meaningless Iowa Poll Chapter Two: Common Sense Strikes Back
    This title is fairly melodramatic but after writing my entry yesterday on Senator Hillary Clinton gaining the lead in the Des Moines Register poll Sunday, I noticed an article discussing Mitt [...]
  • Redskins Destroy Lions, Both in Score and Highlights
    Amongst the myriad of blowouts from this weekend's NFL contests, the Redskins 34-3 bludgeoning of the Lions stands out for several reasons. First, it makes the Lions all-time record against the [...]
  • Pet Peeve #40 - Confusing Phrases
    (This was on the radio, but the woman was reading the headlines, so I say I still get to put it in my list of writing-related pet peeves.) Coming home from a road trip with Mr. Scribe, we [...]