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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

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Shocking Stats

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Statistics make me crazy. Researchers are always spouting off statistics about how the “average man” or the “average woman” has this long of a cock or can’t get sexually excited after a certain age. The fact is that “averages” really mean nothing. An average is just the middle of the road. It isn’t the majority.

Let’s take penis length for instance. If you have 10 men that are 6 inches, 10 that are 7 inches, 8 that are 8 inches and 6 that are 9 inches then on the other end of the spectrum there are 4 guys that are only 4 inches, 6 guys that are 5 inches and two guys that are two and three inches. According to those stats (46 guys) the average is 6.5. But the fact is that more than half of those guys are actually bigger than that (24 to be exact). So stats don’t necessarily portray accurate results when they are talking about averages.

If they are talking ratios well, it all depends on how many people were in the sample. If they did a study to see how many times a guys contracted AIDS from an infected women and in the study they followed 20 women who had each had sex with 30 guys since becoming infected and only 10 of those guys contracted HIV themselves the ratio would be 1:60 meaning that if an infected woman had sex with 60 guys only one of them would end up being infected. But you also need to consider that these were only 20 women and you have to consider the time that these guys were followed. People have shown results of being infected up to 12 years after the intial exposure.

These are just examples. Just remember that there are many factors to consider in research so while research may show a small picture of a controlled setting they aren’t necessarily reflective of real life. So the next time someone tells you that statistically women are more prone to this or guys are more likely to that remember that it’s only a statistic. It’s not real life.

With that in mind, check out these Shocking Stats about Men.

“Average” Guys

Friday, June 8th, 2007

Anyone seen the movie “Full Monty”? I loved that movie. Every time it comes on television I have to watch it. I love the whole movied but I love the end when the guys get dancing and do “the full monty”. It takes balls for a guy that isn’t “perfect” to take all of his clothes off yet when they do - no matter what they look like - it is just down right sexy.

And that’s what I like about this movie. It shows the world that even “average” guys are sexy. The major skinny dude, the pasty white gay guy, the old black dude, and especially the chubby white guy with his little “problem” - all of them are so hot. Why? Not because they have big schlongs (and let’s not forget the gay hottie with the cut abs who was hung) or because they look like models. Why? Because they are real. They’re human with imperfections and because of that they are rockin’.

I’ve never like pretty boys unless they come with a personality and I’ve only come across one that did. I’ve never gone for the studs because they didn’t have a sense of humor. Me? I go for the guy who can make me laugh, hold a conversation, and make love to my mind.

You sexy thing - don’t be afraid to take it off ’cause girls like me think you’re hot!

The Great Outdoors

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

There’s a certain thrill of having sex outdoors that just can’t be beat. I’ve never had sex with a guy outside but back in my younger days I had a girlfriend. She lived with her parents and my place wasn’t good for sex either (kids and all) so a lot of our encounters took place outside.

I remember one night we’d been out having a few drinks and getting a little crazy and we ended up at a park. Despite the fact that it was October and pretty cool outside we ended up half naked on this little platform by the river. It started out innocently enough - kissing and giggling. But pretty soon the clothes started coming off. Well, not exactly off. Body parts got exposed. I felt wanton with my shirt and bra pulled up to my neck and her mouth at my breast. Every time she pulled away, the cool air would hit my nipples and they would positively ache with desire.

Then the pants came down the ankles and then the panties. Pretty soon she was fingering me and teasing me. If anyone else was within a block of the park I’m sure they must have heard my moans and sighs. A couple fingers turned into three and then four. We almost made it to fisting that night but without lube it just wasn’t happening.

I don’t know what had me more excited - her fingers and her mouth or the knowledge that I was so exposed and vulnerable to anyone’s eyes that would have happened through that park. The cool air was definately enticing, too!

Get Wet

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007


I’m a Cancer so it seems logical that I would love water. And I do. Water in all of its forms is beautiful and so very sensual. Whether in a tub or shower, in a lake, or in a pool, water makes me feel exquisite.

I especially love rain. When summer is in the midst of it’s hottest days, the best thing in the world is a warm, evening rain. When I was a teenager I used to go wallking in the rain all the time. I remember once when I was about twenty I was going out with this guy that was Jim Morrison hot without the drugs. We’d been to a movie and when we got out the rain was just starting to come down. We waited for about ten minutes for a bus before we realized that there was no escaping the rain. So, we waited some more, made out in the street, and walked home. We jumped in the puddles, laughing like kids. Then we made out some more. By the time he left me on my doorstep my virgin mound was wet from more than rain!

Ever since then rain has made me feel sexy and young. Swimming does the same thing. It reminds me of when we used to go skinny dipping in the river back home. Me, my sister and the boys. Sometimes there’d by one of the guys’ girlfriends around too and my sister and I would feel sorry for her because she had no self-confidence. And the funny thing is, none of those guys ever tried to touch us. They’d look in awe for sure, but they never touched. They were our friends.

Just being around water is sexy. Get wet, get sexy.

A little bit off

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007


I’m having a little bit of an off day. First day back at work.

You get pics today. Enjoy.

Shaved, Trimmed, or Au Naturel?

Monday, June 4th, 2007


If you think that porn brought on the idea of the trimmed or bald beaver you’re wrong. This picture is from the early 19th century and many of the photographs of nude women from that time featured trimmed pubic areas.

Over time, it has become more popular. Trimming and shaving has become even more popular than going au naturel. It’s really just a matter of taste.

Trimming especially is something that some women like to have fun with. They can shave and trim the pubic hair into different shapes and designs. Some of the more popular designs are the Isoceles (a triangle with the tip pointing down), the Landingstrip (a very thing vertical line), and Driving Directions (pointing down). Believe it or not, there are more. Check out this site for some interesting options!

Shaving completely is somewhat controversial. For one, there are some that feel that men who like their women shaved bald must have a thing for little girls. Of course, we who have an open mind know better. Then, for the ladies, there is the matter of getting it done right without all that nasty itchiness that can occur if you don’t do it properly. But over all, it can be a very nice look.

What is your beaver preference?


Friday, June 1st, 2007


I have just a tinge of an exhibitionist side and one of the treats my new husband has been exposed to is flashing. I used to do it when I was drunk and young but now I enjoy it just for fun.

Ever since the beginning of our relationship I’ve enjoyed the reaction I get from him by flashing him around the house. I’d flash him while he was talking to a friend or before he went out the door. Sometimes I’d flash him in the living room with the blinds wide open and he’d pretend to be all shocked because someone might see.

On our honeymoon I’ve given him a few public flashing moments. He first got a flash yesterday in the car as we drove out of the parking lot. Then he got a flash outside on the docks outside out hotel. Then a flash in the elevator. And then a flash in the public park. And don’t forget the flash on the tourist boat! He loves it. I make sure never to do it when he’s expecting it because that’s half the fun. And guess what? He got pics of most of them so you might even get a treat when I can get them uploaded! :)

Of course the other half of the fun is the possibility that someone might see! But I always make sure not to do it while there might be children around. They don’t need to see that.

Flash responsibly but have fun!

For The Ladies

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Guys, if period talk makes you cringe you might want to take a miss on this one. This blog is for the girls but guys are welcome to read as well if they aren’t all squeamish about “girl stuff.”

So ladies, that special day comes along, whether it is your honeymoon (like me) or a special anniversary, or maybe even the first time you plan to have sex with a new partner, and your period comes. Aaagh! Yes, my period came on my honeymoon! And early too! Damn thing.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to curl up in a corner and suffer. Here are some options to consider:

1. Get over the mess. Some guys don’t care and some girls don’t. So, while you may want to skip the oral (or not - that’s a personal choice. You might have a really light period. Either way, consuming menstrual fluid is not dangerous to your health), any other form of sex is fine. Messy, but fine. Use an old beach towel to protect your sheets. Or move to the shower or bath tub.

This is not my choice. While I am not “ashamed” of my period or anything like that it’s just not for me.

2. Plan ahead. Especially, if it is for something like a honeymoon that you know is coming. If you are on birth control you have several options. Rather than re-writing it all here I’m going to direct you to another blog who has written about it better than I could. Read this blog from Thewelltimedperiod .

I’ve been told that birth control can also be an option for those who are not already using it. However, no matter what you choose to do, if birth control is part of the plan, talk to your doctor about it first!!! Messing around with birth control first before consulting your doctor is dangerous.

3. Internal protection. There are several internal protection methods that do not include tampons. Many women rely on them every single day. One of these is called Instead .


These little cups are inserted vaginally and fits over the cervix. It collects the blood in the little cup and you change it as needed. And it is supposed to be great for having sex with your period. There are about a zillion reviews in the link about so I highly encourage you to check it out.

So, because I’m not fond of messiness and because I can’t be organized enough to plan ahead, I’ll be trying Instead. If there’s enough interest I’ll let you know how it worked. If not, I’ll keep it to myself.

But remember that there are always options, especially when it comes to sex!

Home Movies

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007


Home movies have come a long way from the days of yesteryear. You can document any of the important activities of your life from your kids basketball games to your sex life. Yes, I said sex.

Now I know that a lot of people are hesitant about putting themselves in a movies or in pictures in a sexual way for fear of it getting “out there”. “Out there” could mean on the internet or it could just mean in the wrong hands but that’s still a scary thought and if your instincts tell you not to then don’t. Your instincts are there for a reason. But if you are with a partner that you know you can trust then home porn movies can be a lot of fun.

My new hubby and I bought ourselves a digital camera that makes little mini-movies and we had fun with that on our first night at the hotel (which has a great view of the lake and windows all along the outer wall). We got a great oral clip that I hadn’t imagined would be so sexy. I’m looking forward to playing more tonite. And no, you can’t see!

A couple of hints for home movies in the bedroom:
~ lighting is important. Keep the light behind the camera. Low lighting can be sexy and can hide little flaws that you don’t really want to see but won’t give you great details.
~ if you don’t want to take the chance of anyone seeing it, film it, watch it together and then delete it.
~ if you want to save it for future viewing, I’d suggest downloading it to your computer and hiding it really well.

Have fun!

Making Out

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007


Making out is fun and one of the greatest parts of being a couple. Seriously - when was the last time you had a good make out session with your partner? I’m not talking about kissing that led to foreplay that led to sex. I’m talking about a good old make out session with every ounce of your passion being shared and enjoyed mutually.

Making out is especially great if you do it at the spur of the moment in a place where it is least expected. Next time you’re at the mall with your partner, pull them into a hallway or behind a display and give them a long, wet, lingering kiss. Then continue your shopping. They’ll be thinking about that kiss for the rest of the day and the next time you’re alone they’ll be more than eager to continue it.

Or, try some more extended making out. Go out to a drive in or a park and make out like you did when you were a teenager. Go crazy. But no below the waist! Save that for later!

There’s a reason we were always so hot and horny as teenagers! Multiple and extended making out sessions had us so worked up that our hormones were always revved up and we were pretty much always ready to go. So get revved up again with frequent make out sessions!

Rabbits are Fun

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007


Ok - this isn’t a rabbit - it’s a dolphin - but it does the same thing as the rabbit toy that I bought for my honeymoon. Yay! My fiance hasn’t been told about it yet but he’ll find it during the honeymoon and I won’t post this until then so as you read this we might actually be playing with it at this very moment! :)

This is a great toy for couples because it has so many uses. The woman can use it by herself or as he watches (a little mutual masturbation can be a lot of fun!). Slip a bullet inside the dolphin or the rabbit and then slide two fingers into the ring. You can use to stimulate your clit by itself or you can give yourself some finger penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time.

Now, give it to your guy and let him do the same thing to you. Finger play is great as foreplay or by itself.

Alternately, it can be used as a pseuod-cockring. Now, this won’t have the exact same effect as a cockring because this is very stretchy but if he’s never worn a cockring before and you’ve thought about it this could be a nice introduction. It can be worn two ways. Slide it over his cock with the dolphin or rabbit on the top and you’ll get stimulation on your clit as he slides inside you. This is great for girl on top position because you can control where the vibrations are hitting you. Or, if you want to drive him really mad, turn it around so the dolphin or rabbit is on the bottom. He’ll get his balls tickled and he’s gonna come hard so watch out.

So, that’s one of the things in my Tickle Trunk for my honeymoon!

Honeymoon Bliss

Monday, May 28th, 2007


Well, the wedding is over and I’m ready to move on to the honeymoon!

We had a great wedding. A sweet little old church (and I do mean old!) in a museum in my home town. It’s part of the display that our museum puts on and include an old school house, an old train station, a black smith, and a general store. The kids that were there had a great time exploring them and we got some great pictures!

Now, the honeymoon. For most people it’s not a big deal because let’s face it - most people don’t wait for the honeymoon to engage in sexual activities. So how do you make the honeymoon special?

Here are a few ideas for modern newlyweds:

- Focus on intimacy. Put everything else like kids, work, and other people out of your minds. Be with each other.
- Touch. If you’ve been together a long time, sometimes we forget about touch. Give each other a massage or go get massages together. Enjoy the sensuality of water - have a bath or a shower together or go skinny dipping. Use some body oils.
- Try something new. A new position, watch an erotic movie, listen to an erotic story together. Get some toys!
- Have a new non-sexual experience together. Go bungee climbing, white water rafting, or rock climing together. Anything neither of you have done before.

Remember, just because you’ve already gotten intimate in the sack doesn’t mean you can make your honeymoon special.

Breasts Beautiful

Friday, May 25th, 2007

breasts.jpgI found this Jane Mag piece at Nerve . It’s about breasts and supposed to show women what real breasts look like so that we can get over the idea that not all breasts look like model’s or porn star’s breasts.

I’m glad to see somthing like this in the media - especially in a magazine like Jane that is marketed towards younge women. Women do need to be proud of their bodies and realized that they come in all different sizes. Not just breasts but all of our bodies. No one is really perfect - if you look long enough you are bound to find a flaw.

I’m not sure that this portofolio quite hit the mark (read some of the comments by the women whose breasts were photographed) but if you’re attracted by real women’s bodies, you’ll enjoy this. Breasts are beautiful in all shapes.

Women’s Fantasies

Thursday, May 24th, 2007


Here’s a big shocker - two thirds of women fantasize about group sex! Can you believe it? Well, I’m sure you can but there appears to be some people that find it appalling that women fantasize about things like group sex, sex with other women, and being kidnapped!

It’s articles like this that make women think that their fantasies are wrong, that somehow there is something wrong with them because of the things that turn them on. Is it wrong to think of having sex with someone other than your spouse? How about Brad Pitt? He’s the guy women fantasize about most often. Or better yet, Angelina Jolie - the woman that women fantasize about most often. And ohmigod, what if they actually masturbate thinking these perverse ideas? They must be completely disfunctional.

The truth is that women fantasize just as much as men do and it’s not always about candel light and the knight on the white steed that sweeps them off their feet. Sometimes they dream about huge cocks and at night they dream about wet pussies. It doesn’t mean they are perverts or clandestine women. It means they are human. Fantasies are normal - even for the most pristine of women.

Ladies and women - fantasize freely because no one can tell you what is ok to have in your head!

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