Sutton Escorts says: can I be your dream girl tonight?

I was wondering if I can be your dream girl tonight? My names is Mandy, and I work for Sutton escorts. I would like nothing better than to be your dream girl tonight, and just like any other good girl, I can be a little bit bad when you need me to do. As a matter of fact, I have this funny feeling that you might just enjoy the naughty and bad side of me. You could say that I am not the only hot and talented girl at Sutton escorts who like to have some naughty adult fun.

Tell me your pleasure…

I have met at a lot of interesting gents here at Sutton escorts over the years, and I would just love you to tell me what you pleasure is at the moment. You see, not all of the gents that I meet here at Sutton escorts like to tell me what their pleasure is. But, I would like our special relationship to get off to a good start and I am sure that I can do that if you would like to tell me what your pleasure is, or what you expect to get out of our date.

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Sutton escorts like to play

Do you like to play? Well, I would be so pleased if you like to play, because I do. I am not sure of what games that you are familiar with but I do have some games that I could think of right here and right now. Perhaps you would like to play treasure trove, you would have to see what you can find here in my nice soft bosom, and what other divine secrets that I have hidden elsewhere. I am sure that you will enjoy my own version of treasure trove

Alice in the Wonderland…

I have another game that I like to play here at Sutton escorts as well. It is called Alice in the Wonderland. The game is the adult version of Alice in the Wonderland, and it would entail you helping me to make my Wonderland enjoyable. At the same time, I would show you that I know a lot about that magic place they call the Wonderland, and you would discover some new adventures here at my own personal Wonderland at Sutton escorts. There are lots of magical things that we can do together, and I am sure that we will both enjoy them.

Can I help you to relax on your date at Sutton escorts?

So many gents that I meet here at Sutton escorts suffer from stress really badly, and need to learn how to let go of all of that tension. To be honest, that is not always easy but perhaps this is something that we could work on together. It would be fun to see what you make of it all, and I would do my best to find all of those little points in your body that cause you so much stress.How does that sound to you? Would you like to experience a massage special?

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Maybe just a drink…

I know that some gents are worried about meeting Sutton escorts for the first time. Let me reassure you, there is no need to be worried at all, but if you like, we can just go out for a drink. Lots of gents like to meet for a drink on the first date to find out a bit more. Of course, I am an honest sort of girl, and I like to tell you all about what I do. But, some of the things might be a bit too hot for bar talk, so I would have to whisper them to you in the comfort of my boudoir. Don’t worry, I will be completely gentle with you.

Sexy blondes at Sutton escorts…

If, you are into dating sexy blondes who like to play a bit rough from time to time, Sutton escorts is for you. I have some very naughty gents come and see me in boudoir, and I just have to get my whip out. A little tap here and there soon puts them in their place. I do understand that you boys like to be naughty sometimes, and it feels good to let that inner beast out. However, the truth is that some of us girls, like to control that naughtiness. It is just one of those things that I happen to delight in doing, and I am sure that you will love the sight of my in my thigh high black boots. 

Lonely hearts …

I know that loneliness is a big problem these days, and many of the gents that I meet here at Sutton escorts are very lonely. It is not a problem for us girls, we are more than happy to make arrangements so that you can have some regular company. After all, I am not the only talented girl here at Sutton escorts. If you like, you can meet one of my friends. Take your pick, would you fancy a hot blonde or a leggy brunette, it is entirely up to you, we just want to make sure that you have some fun on your date.

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