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Number One


towel.jpg“I want to make you cum tonight, Rors…at least three times�? he said to me, as the steam in the shower hugged our bodies.

He turned off the shower, and pulled back the curtain, steam lingering in the air. I reached for a towel, but he pushed me against the bathroom wall and began kissing me again.

“I’m dripping all over the floor,” I pouted.

“Really?” he whispered on my lips. “I didn’t know I made you that wet…let me feel.” His tongue found that spot on my neck and I giggled as he slid his fingers once again into my slit. Water pooled at my feet, dripping from my hair and rolling down my back. I moaned as he slowly rubbed and pinched at my clit, and my legs began to shake a little.

“Fuck meeee…” I whispered, nibbling on his earlobe. “God that feels good.”

“Not yet.” He held me against the wall like he did in the shower and slowly slid his middle finger deep into me. My hair was plastered against my forehead and my breath was ragged.

He grabbed my wrists with one hand and pinned them to the wall over my head, continuing to finger fuck me slowly, gently. Every time he ran his wet fingers over my clit, I shuddered a bit. Before I could build up an orgasm, though, he was moving again - inside me, stroking my asshole, running fingers down my thighs.

“You still want me to fuck you?” He asked after about 15 minutes, watching my face writhe with pleasure and longing. He rested a finger on my clit and began to tap it, which made me arc my back and cry out.

“Rori…” he said, pushing against me so I felt his rock-hard cock on my leg as he continued tapping my clit, “…do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yeehssss,” I panted, wanting to feel him deep in me. “Fuuuuuck meeee…”

He kissed down my collar bone, between my tits, down my stomach, as he knelt down, always keeping one finger on my swollen clit.

“Too bad…I don’t want to fuck you yet. I want you to cum all over my face.” And with that, he buried himself in my pussy, making me cry out again as his tongue slurped at my juices. “Cum for me, pretty lady.”

I began to grind again his face, feeling like I’d fall over if he would not have been pressing me firmly against the wall with one hand as he used the other to finger me deeply. I screamed out, trying to hold back a bit longer against the intensity of his lapping tongue and pulsing fingers. He suddenly pulled his slick fingers out of my pussy and instead slipped them slowly, intensely, into my tight asshole. The sensation drove me over the edge and I lost control.

“Cum for me, Rori,” he growled, and I did, my orgasm dripping down his chin when I finally opened my eyes.

“Your fingers are still up my ass,” I said with a smirk, albeit weakly and still panting a bit.

“I know,” he replied, a devilish twinkle in his eye, “You don’t think I’m done with you yet, do you? That was only number one.”

To be continued…

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(Picture courtesy of Pornsaints)

This Week’s Picks
If She Were Here
“I licked him behind his ear the way I know it drives him crazy.�?

“Their eyes locked for a full minute, with neither moving, nor speaking, and the lust flowing between almost tangible in its intensity.”

The Devastator
“She walked over to me, and pressed her warm mouth against mine.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Orgasmic Childbirth

Editor’s Choice
Cause and Effect

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Discovering The Secret to My Ejaculation
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Pornsaint Charlotte Stokely
Sandy A
Tara Radovic, Celeste, Justine and Kyla Cole by Andrew Blake
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Embarrassing Moments on the Job
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The best ever evening, ever
The best laid plans.
Fourth Base
On Santa’s Lap
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Wake Me Up (part 1)



You can read the first part of this tale here…

“Fuck me now,” I said, bent over and wet in front of his already hard cock. Steam filled the bathroom and he stepped closer to me and grabbed my ass, enjoying the feel of my smooth skin. He spanked me and I yelped, the water intensifying the slap.

“Bend over farther,” he growled. “Grab your ankles.”

shower_2.jpgI was happy to oblige, the water running down my neck as the blood rushed to my head. I felt him close behind me, lovingly caressing my ass and sliding his fingers occasionally into my exposed pussy. The shower was filled with steam, making it hard to see and breathe.

He played with my pussy with the tip of his cock and my knees went weak. He was in one of those moods…a mood for all-out love-making, not just a quick fuck in the shower. He was in the mood to enjoy every inch of my tight body, to explore every part of me.

And I was right. He slid his cock into me slowly, deeply, without hurry, and waited there, feeling me quiver around him. He filled me to the brim, his balls pressed against skin and he took in the feeling of being in me.

“Fuck, Rori. You feel so good. I could stay like this all my life, living in your pussy.”

“I would let you…” I lifted my head from the floor and saw stars as the blood began flowing again. He grabbed my hair, twisting his hands around the wet tendrils, and slowly, carefully, with every intent to feel every movement, began to fuck me. The water flower down my back and ass, tickling us both as he slid in and out slowly. I felt an orgasm begin to build and grow as he yanked my head back, thrusting into me faster and faster, his balls bouncing against my clit.

Suddenly he stopped, pulled me upright, and pinned me again the shower wall, facing him. He got down on his knees, not spending long teasing my lips with his tongue and nibbling my milky-white thighs before beginning to lick my pussy. I gasped as he found my clit with his tongue and moaned as he sucked it before going back to licking up my juices.

“God you taste like heaven.”

One hand on my stomach to pin me to the wall, he began to finger me with the other hand, slowly, as the water kept us warm. I moaned some more, gasping each time his fingers pumped into me, hitting my G-spot. He watched me, a smile on his face, enjoying my pleasure.

“I want to make you cum tonight, Rors,” he said, “at least three times.”

To be continued…

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2007 Poll - I Want To Know About YOU!


Dear Between the Sheets Readers,

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Between the Sheets 2007

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2. What is your favorite part of BtS?
3. How often do you visit BtS?
4. What are your favorite sexual subject matters in fantasies and real-life stories? (Choose all that apply)
5. In 2007, have you… (Choose all that apply)
6. In 2008, the fantasy you would MOST like to fulfill is…
7. I’d visit this website more often if…

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I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

There are few men who “get to me.” Sure, I lust. I even love. But only the rare beast captivates me, moving pictures in my head. You need to cool off, I told myself, rising from the couch and slipping off my sweatpants. You need a shower.
The thing about showering is that you can’t let it steam. When you’re trying to remove wild thoughts of fucking from your mind, the shower has to be a gently cool one. Even a cold one. You simply can’t have steam.


My computer yelled at me, and, avoiding the open window as best I could, I opened the laptop. It was a message…from him.

“What are you doing?”

“Going to get a shower,” I typed in reply. A cold one.

“Care for some company?”

“Haha, I will leave the door open for you.” I know you’re away on business. God, don’t tease me.

“You do that, little girl.”

I shut the laptop lid and slinked into the bathroom, not giving a damn about the window. It was either take the damn shower or masturbate. One way or another, it was time to get wet.

Shower won. The cool water nearly sizzled against my skin, as I let it flow over my head and down my body. I could breathe again…I could stop thinking about hi-

…I froze to the sound of my front door opening. I heard someone walk down the hall and quietly slip into the bathroom, all the while the cool water flowing on my back.

“I came home early,” he said quietly, his voice thick with the steam I felt in my veins. “I texted you from the driveway.”

I didn’t say anything. I breathed in, water filling my eyes, my ears, my mouth.

“God, Rori, this water is freezing.” He reached around me and turned it to hot, and then kept his arms around me as he pulled me in close for a long kiss, and I gently bit his lower lip. He tasted soooo good. The water began to get warm against my back.

“I missed you, beautiful.”

The bathroom began to fill with steam, fogging the mirrors, the windows, my head. He intoxicated me like a glass of wine, loopy and free and fun. I kissed him again, wet and sloppily.

“Say something, Rori…”

I bent over in front of him, hot water rolling down my back, my ass.

“Fuck me now.”

Continued here…

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Sexy Gift Returns for All Occasions


Was Santa good to you, baby?

It’s December 26, and I drove past the mall today to see it packed with shoppers returning unwanted Christmas gifts. So the question I’m dying to know is this - what did YOU get that you’d like to return? And what can you treat yourself to with that money?

After all, the money you get from returning Christmas presents can’t be put toward credit card bills or household expenses. No, that money demands to be spent on items that you deserve for being so “good” this year.

And what better way to spend that money than on an item that will make you feel reeeealllly good. I mean, really, really good…

Won’t Great-Aunt Dorothy be surprised that she bought you a new dildo? hehe…

Here are the top three “sexy” gifts you can buy for yourself. Click on any of the names below to buy!

Hitachi Magic Wand Massager
Every girl should have one, and for under $40, they are the price of say…an unwanted sweater? It’s by far one of the very best sex toys to own. Even if you don’t have any Christmas returns to make, buy one of these. You won’t regret it.

Jack Rabbit
This one is even waterproof. Really, you can’t go wrong. Yeah, it’ll be a good night. Or hey, get the pearl if you like pink better. Either will get the job done with class. Who needs a boyfriend

Prostate Massager
Ok, fellas, this is one for you. I know what you’re thinking, but trust me…if you haven’t tried it before, this is a good place to start. Prostate massages will become your best friend. For real.

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Sugasm 111



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This Week’s Picks
Fighting The Dominatrix Stereotype
“She wanted a man for a boyfriend, not a doormat.”

From afar
“Say my name, over and over.”

Steely Dan*
“My body is flexed, and held in place, and the onslaught is relentless.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Pic(k) of the Day

Editor’s Choice
A Brief History of (My) Fucking

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Do whatever you want, but…
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How to Give a Tantric Lingam Massage

Head and Romance


“I’m cold.”

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it is that I’m always cold. I sleep with about three blankets during the winter, and often wearing a sweatshirt. I much prefer the summer months when I can lounge around in next to nothing instead of bundling up in multiple itchy layers. My skin screens for sunlight.

Kiss.JPGHe pulled me closer in response, running my arms and wrapping himself around me. I love fucking…but I love snuggling as well. Being pulled again him, his breaths tired and deep, was making me shiver…and not from the cold.

I kissed his lips softly and he opened his eyes, looking into mine. I’m a romantic girl and his stare made me melt. I felt myself start to grow wet as his legs rubbed mine and he kissed me deeply. His fingers ran through my hair, pulling my lips closer to his own.

Pulling away, he looked deeply into my eyes again, his fingers still entwining in my curls. Slowly, he began to push. I knew what he wanted, and I began to salivate.

Why? Because, simply put, I love his cock. I love pleasing him, so I allowed him to push my head under the covers as he peeled off his boxers with his free hand.

My gasp caught in my throat as he forced his cock into my mouth, using his grasp my my hair to push my head down until I was taking it in completely. My eyes began to water as I sucked, suppressing the urge to gag. I rubbed the head of his penis against the back of my throat and he moaned with pleasure

Read the rest of this entry »

Five Important Steps to a Better Blow Job


istock_000000503845small.jpgPerhaps I’m not the authority on this subject. After all, I don’t have a penis. I don’t know how it feels.

That said, I’ve never had complaints. And, I’ve gotten a lot of requests. So, I must be doing something right. I know that not every girl out there likes to give head. Ladies, change your ways. You can learn to enjoy it…or at least tolerate it. The fellas in your life want blow jobs. Humor them occasionally! Here are my five important steps to a better blow job:

1. Learn to swallow. Swallowing cum is hard; I won’t deny that. Talk to any guy through, and they’ll tell you that yes, they like to cum in your mouth. It just feels better. At the least, allow your man to cum in your mouth and then spit it out if you have to. Over time, however, you’ll learn to swallow, and it won’t be a big deal anymore. If you’re currently have trouble swallowing, check out “How to Be a Cum-Guzzler”.

2. Move your tongue around. If you’re just doing a little head bobbin’, it gets kinda boring. Give him full benefits of your wet, hot mouth - lick, slurp, suck, and constantly mix it up.

3. Let him know you’re alive and enjoying yourself. I get it - some girls don’t like to suck a cock. I can appreciate that. HOWEVER, if you constantly tell your boyfriend that you hate sucking cock, how do you think that will make him feel? Imagine him continually saying, “I really hate licking your pussy. It sucks. It is so gross.” That’s a confident booster, huh? You don’t have to pretend that you love giving head, but give it your best effort to like it a little. And, while you’re giving head, let him know that you’re having fun and that you’re turned on by his huge, hard dick. Moan, look into his eyes, and suck that dick greedily. You have to want it.

4. Don’t ignore the balls. Some guys are more sensitive than others, so definitely be careful. No teeth, please. Some girls, though, forget that the balls are there. Gently sucking or licking a guy’s balls can lead so some of the most intense pleasure possible for a guy. While you’re sucking his shaft, you can also use your hands to carefully fondle them.

5. Suck hard. While most guys will ask that you don’t use your teeth, you don’t have to treat his penis like it’s made of glass. Watch how he strokes himself sometime - he’s probably fairly rough with his cock. I’ve never had a guy complain that I’m sucking too hard…they love it. The harder, the better. Pretend that you’re sucking on a thick milkshake through a straw - yes, you should be sucking that hard.

How do you feel about these tips? Is there anything you would add or remove?

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If you could kiss one person, right at this moment, who would it be and why?

Note: The person can be real, fictional, celebrity, someone OTHER than your significant other, or…well…anyone else in the world. No rules. Who would it be? Leave a comment!

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As If you Need Another Reason to have Sex…


Early this month, Health Bolt posted an piece that I loved - “Top 6 Reasons to have More Sex This Holiday Season.” They reasons they listed?

1. You’ll burn calories and work off those holiday cookies.
2. Sex is a great way to warm up.
3. Romping helps to lower your cholesterol.
4. You’ll sleep better after orgasming.
5. Sex helps you connect to loved ones.
6. DHEA (a sex hormone) is great for you overall health.

Time.jpgWe don’t really NEED another excuse to have sex…at least, I’m guessing that anyone who reads a sex blog is horny enough for two or three typical people (I know I am). That said, how can you fit sex into your busy holiday schedule? THE QUICKIE, of course! Here are my top five tips for successful quickies:

1. Plan for it. While successful quickies don’t always have to be planned, for some people, not scheduling a mid-afternoon romp may mean that it never happens. You don’t have to sit down with your day planner and lover. Just plan it in your head. Ok, when my spouse gets home at 5:30, we’re going to fuck like dogs for 10 minutes before the kids get home from practive…

2. Don’t worry about the other person. I always advocate that giving is better than taking. However, with a quickie, you should both focus on yourselves. Don’t rely on your lover to get you off - just do it. You have limited amounts of time, and no one knows how to get you off quicker than yourself.

3. Admit defeat occasionally
. Sometimes, 6 or 7 minutes just isn’t enough to get off. Admit defeat and move on. A Quickie is a Quickie is a Quickie…you don’t have time for full-on sex sessions every day sometime months

4. Look for unusual opportunities. You may need to steal away for sex at odd times…and that’s ok! Look for these strange chances. Jump in the shower with your lover while you’re visiting relatives. Give him road head as you’re carpooling to work together. You get the idea!

5. Supplement Quickies with “real” sex. Quickies can’t get you through life, after all!

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The Four Sexiest News Stories of 2007


460271_temptress.jpgOnce again, we’re nearing the new year and I’m planning my fabulous annual New Year’s Eve Party. At the end of each year, I like to reflect on what has happened in the world, from the controversial to the funny to the just plain stupid. And for you all, I’d like to take this time to recap the top four sexiest news stories of 2007:

Old People Are Getting It On
According to some studies done this year, the Washington Post and a number of other sources reported that senior citizens are having sex well into their 70s and 80s. Hells yes. More than half of people 57-75 are enjoying oral sex on a regular basis, as are at least a third of people aged 75-85. Of those not doing the nasty, most reported that it was because of failing health or lack of a partner…not because they didn’t want to do it.

This, my friends, gives me hope for the future.

MySpace Hands Over Sex Offender Information
I’m a strong advocate of safe sex for everyone, and that includes protecting our children from sexual offenders. This year, MySpace handed over information regarding thousands of sex offenders on their social netowrking site. It’s a step for a safer future. I dig that. Ok, ok, this isn’t really a cream in your jeans kind of story…but it was important in the world of sex!

New Jersey Admits that Some People Like It in the Butt
Alright, fine, it is about more than liking it in the butt. In February of this year, New Jersey began recognizing civil unions for gay and lesbian couples. Finally! I mean, for hundreds…thousands…of years, guys have been getting it on with other dudes and girls have been carousing with other girls. It’s refreshing to see that people can finally admit that and even celebrate it. Yay gay rights!

Craig’s Toe-Tapping Scandal
It’s been a big year for gay sex stories. The most famous, however, is probably Senator Craig’s scandal when he tried to solicit gay sex in a public airport restroom. You know what I love about stories like this? The fact that it brings to light SEX in the public eye. We need to talk about SEX more. We need to admit that SEX is happening in public places, ALL THE TIME. And that’s not a bad thing!

What IS a bad thing is attempting to fuck another guy in an airport bathroom after you’ve spent your entire career campaigning against gay rights…

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Sugasm 110


The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #111? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
Sex Worker Solidarity: Audacia Ray
“Visibility on our own terms and the ability to uses our voices (and other mediums of expression) are key to the progress of sex worker’s rights.”

So Many Men, So Few Sluts
“Everyone wants to avoid generalizations about men and women, yet they’re too powerful to ignore.”

This Time
“She had That Look, and despite my earlier fatigue, I knew what was coming.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Hombre Magazine’s Left Handed Ads

Editor’s Choice
Love in an Elevator

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(Picture courtesy of Sweat Shop Sissy.

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Dirty (A Fantasy)


“Someone will see you.”

hotel_room_phily_marriott.jpg“So what?” I dropped my shirt the the ground and kicked my skirt across the blue carpet. The city was alive at night, and the Marriott overlooked Philadelphia’s Market Street, where ants in cars hurried back and forth to dead-end jobs and dinner parties and kids’ dance recitals. With all of the hurrying, the large white flakes of snow were simply joining the gray slush on the ground. I already missed the glistening icy fields at home as I stood at the floor-to-ceiling glass window, watching the slush. Philadelphia is a dirty city in the winter.

He kissed my neck from behind, already rugged breath in my ear, already hard cock pressed into my back. “Someone will see you,” I teased.

“So what?”

I pressed my forehead against the glass and it felt cold against my skin. His strong arms wrapped around my waist. “Come to bed, sweetheart,” he said.

“No,” I breathed, the warmth creating a cloud of mist on the glass. “Right here is fine. Its an amazing view.”

His hands, large and rough, worked down my sides, playing with my lacy black panties before slipping them off. I stood at the window, leaning back, resting on the coffee table while he worked down my abdomen with kisses before parting my lips and inserting one finger, carefully, slowly. My breast overfilled my lowcut, lace bra, revealing perked perfect nippled at that angle. I gasped as his tongue trailed down until finally finding my waiting clit. I shuddered. He suckled, gently.

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