Dirty (A Fantasy)


“Someone will see you.”

hotel_room_phily_marriott.jpg“So what?” I dropped my shirt the the ground and kicked my skirt across the blue carpet. The city was alive at night, and the Marriott overlooked Philadelphia’s Market Street, where ants in cars hurried back and forth to dead-end jobs and dinner parties and kids’ dance recitals. With all of the hurrying, the large white flakes of snow were simply joining the gray slush on the ground. I already missed the glistening icy fields at home as I stood at the floor-to-ceiling glass window, watching the slush. Philadelphia is a dirty city in the winter.

He kissed my neck from behind, already rugged breath in my ear, already hard cock pressed into my back. “Someone will see you,” I teased.

“So what?”

I pressed my forehead against the glass and it felt cold against my skin. His strong arms wrapped around my waist. “Come to bed, sweetheart,” he said.

“No,” I breathed, the warmth creating a cloud of mist on the glass. “Right here is fine. Its an amazing view.”

His hands, large and rough, worked down my sides, playing with my lacy black panties before slipping them off. I stood at the window, leaning back, resting on the coffee table while he worked down my abdomen with kisses before parting my lips and inserting one finger, carefully, slowly. My breast overfilled my lowcut, lace bra, revealing perked perfect nippled at that angle. I gasped as his tongue trailed down until finally finding my waiting clit. I shuddered. He suckled, gently.

The soft moon and harsh hotel light twice-lit our faces, mine with eyes closed and lips parted slightly, writhing in pleasure and his focused, motivated, chin dripping with my juiced.

“Fuck meeee” I couldn’t hold out much longer. I was going to cum, and I wanted to do it all over his thick, hard cock.

“Not yet,” he smiled, continuing to explore my pussy with his fingers as I moaned.

“Oh God, Oh shit. Fuck me nooooow.”

“Say please.

“PLEASE! Please fuck me nooooow,” I gasped.

In one swift motion he flipped me over and pushed me down against the coffee table. My head to the side, I could see our reflection in the window. His jeans around his ankles, his boxers pulled down below his ass, and his cock working, filling every bit of me, making me scream with every thrust.

“Don’t stop,” I screamed, and suddenly I was cumming, gushing, orgasming all over his shaft. He didn’t stop.

“Cum for me, my little bitch,” he said, smacking me ass, grabbing my waist to pull himself completely into me every time. “Fucking cum again, bitch.”

Weak, sweaty, I leaned against table, my pussy still fluttering. He pulled out and led my to the bed, pushing me onto my back, and kissing me, his lips still tasting like my juices. “Fucking cum again.” He whispered.

He reached down and began playing with my asshole, first with one finger, then with two, then slipping his slick cock inside. I moaned, low, at the pain and pleasure as he began thrusting again, playing with my clit with one hand, and pulled up in harder and harder with the other. Before I knew it, I was on the edge again, and by his grunts, I could tell that he was close too.

“Cum all over my hand, do it,” he commanded, and my pussy obeyed. I came to a screaming orgasm, as I felt him shudder and start to cum deep inside my ass. He pulled out and fell on the bed beside me, both of us exhausted.

“Do you smoke?”

“No,” I said, as I lit a cigarrette, my wet, freshly showered hair falling on my naked shoulders. The ants below us were still rushing, trying to get to their destination a little faster. Philadelphia is a dirty city.

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5 Responses to “Dirty (A Fantasy)”

  1. JW Says:

    This is by far my favorite. ;)

  2. tom paine Says:

    C. is from Philly. I’m glad you had good sex there!!

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