Six Weird Things About Me: I’ve been tagged

by Staff Writer

Well, I typically resist a bit more before giving into the whims of others—but, I’ll play. Tom Paine tagged me with my first meme. The task is to name six weird things about myself.

Weird depends on who you ask, dear Tom. I have cunningly surrounded myself with people who share my oddities. Thus, in our little sphere we are quite normal.

My six “weird” things…

1. I prefer anal sex to any other orifice—it is always easiest for me to come that way. I think it’s all the foreplay that leads up to that act that I find most stimulating.
2. I was born in Paris, but only lived there for two months until we moved back to the states to a tiny little farm. My French is awful unless you’d like an elementary science lesson (former private tutor—no, I’m not still “for hire” in that capacity).
3. I have a constellation of freckles on my right leg that looks like the little dipper.
4. When someone whispers in my ear, I get goosebumps that begin on that side of my bum and travel all the way down that leg.
5. I have never ridden on a ferris wheel.
6. Ten years ago, I used to schedule dates in opposite parts of the country with people I’d never met—and play with them for a weekend. It was risky in all ways to be sure, but I had squandered my youth and wished for a little escape. At least that’s how I tell it now that wisdom and better judgment have set in.

I may be breaking cultural mores here, but instead of tagging more bloggers, I’d like to know something about my readers. I grovel to ask three readers to answer the meme in the comments of this post. Now, Tom, you’ve already done this but if you six more astonishing things you’d like to share I welcome them.

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A few more stolen moments, Part II

by Staff Writer

“Get back here. I’m not finished with you yet,” you begged, and pulled me back to stand in front of you at the edge of the bed. You took my breast in your mouth and clutched my back so that I wouldn’t step away. I moaned. I didn’t push you away. I pulled you toward me, to make you stand. I grabbed your hand and led you to the bathroom. You could hear the shower running, and saw the warm glow of candles that lit the room.

“You’ve been up for a while, haven’t you?” you said and slipped your arms around my waist as I checked the temperature of the water.

“A minute or two, I think.” I held your hands against me, weaving my fingers into yours. You kissed my shoulder and continued up my neck. I guided your hands to my breasts and you cupped them firmly, letting your touch slowly recede and pinch my nipples. I turned to you. You kissed me deeply and backed me up to the counter. Your hands at my hips, helped me onto the ledge, and I wrapped my legs around you pulling you to me. I tilted my hips slightly so that I could feel the tip of your ache against me. You let your hands roam about my body, down my arms, to my breasts, tracing your fingers down my belly as we smiled at each other. Read the rest of this entry »

A few more stolen moments

by Staff Writer

This is a subsequent tale to The Cabin Part II of this story will be loaded in 6 hours, so if you’d rather not wait to read the end, come back then!

I awoke a few hours later. You were still sound asleep. My head rested on your chest and my arm was across your belly. You lay on your back with my leg wrapped around yours and your arm clutched my waist. I lifted my head, careful not to let my hair tickle you and removed your hand from my side.

You hardly moved when I got out of bed and I was hoping you’d stay asleep for a while. I went to the next room to make coffee and set out fresh fruit, juice, and some pastries…I took candles out of my bag, and some soaps and loofahs for the shower for my “non-bath guy.” I’d force you into the bath another time…

The room was still dim, since the sun had barely risen. I wanted you again and had precious little time left before we parted. I set my cup of coffee down at the nightstand and sat beside you. I pulled the sheet down from your waist and heard you take a deep breath as the air touched your body. I gently ran the palm of my hand up the inside of your thigh, pulling one leg aside slightly so that I could sit in between your legs. I kneeled there, and leaned over you to whisper, “Good morning, babe.”

I kissed just below your ear gently, and nibbled on your earlobe. Before letting my tongue trace down your neck to your collarbone, I pressed my hips to you, nudging your ache, wanting you to stir gently, slowly as I played with you. I kissed and nibbled about your chest, playing with your nipples with my tongue as you began to stir. You brought your hands to my back, pulling me into you, but you still hadn’t opened your eyes.

“Good morning,” you mumbled, and pulled my face to yours for a kiss.

I pulled away to continue down your body. Read the rest of this entry »

Make love no matter what…

by Staff Writer

Sometimes the best lovemaking happens with your clothes on in an incredibly simple circumstance as you truly take part in your lover’s life…

The crisp air of the morning found its way to your cheek as you fought to stay nestled in bed. You reached over to my pillow to find me gone, but my warmth remained. And, for the first time, you knew you hadn’t been dreaming. The scent of my perfume lingered on the pillow, and you clutched it, thinking back to how it felt to hold me so close to you last night. You tried to lull yourself back to sleep with that thought, but instead, were surprised at the smell of your favorite coffee brewing. I’ve beaten you to making breakfast, and probably took delight in foiling your plan, you thought…

You slip on a robe and peek into the kitchen. Leaning against the doorway, you watch me. I’ve got on a cream-colored silk nightgown that falls just above my ankles. It’s your favorite because it dips low enough that you see the indentation in the small of my back, a place you know the warmth of your touch sends me reeling. As I shift, gathering mugs and plates, the gown rustles like sandy grasses of a beach dune echoing the ocean breeze.

You come up behind me, sliding your arms around my waist and pulling me into you. You kiss me softly from my neck to my shoulder, moving the strap of my gown down my arm. I close my eyes and smile at the thought of you, the feel of your breath on my skin. Read the rest of this entry »

Overheard At a Swinger’s Party or On Thanksgiving

by Staff Writer

My mind raced off on a tangent today–it’s a side effect of being undersexed and overworked. I’ll seek treatment of the horizontal kind over the holiday, I promise.

1. My god, that breast looks tender!

2. Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist.

3. It’s Cool Whip time!

4. If I don’t undo my pants, I’ll burst!

5. That’s one terrific spread!

6. I’m in the mood for a little dark meat.

7. Are you ready for seconds yet?

8. Just wait your turn. You’ll get some!

9. Just spread the legs open and stuff it in.

10. Do you think you’ll be able to handle all these people at once?

11. I didn’t expect everyone to come at once!

12. You still have a little bit on your chin.

13. How long will it take after you stick it in?

14. You’ll know it’s ready when it pops up.

15. Wow, I didn’t think I could handle all of that!

16. That’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen!


Sugasm #55

by Staff Writer

Possibly the worst quote ever: “They like me, they really like me!” However, I’m still blushing at the fact that I’m a participant in this week’s Sugasm again…

This week’s best of the sex blogs from the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasmer participants. Want in Sugasm #56?

This Week’s Picks
To Tell or Not to Tell…
“Jane Falling claims it’s best not to tell, and she writes, ‘my identity as a prostitute is too serious a secret to trust with near-strangers.’”

Anti-Anti-Pornography, Part II
“One question I would like to ask them is - were there any rape or child abuse cases *before* the invention of pornography?”

To Shave or Not to Shave
“I stayed full bush for about my first two weeks as a live adult host.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Silence is better than bullshit (unless you’re a Gold-level member)

Editors’ Choice
Pillow Talk: Interview with Razor Ryan Read the rest of this entry »

Working late, Part II

by Staff Writer

The fear culminated in the back of my throat as I wondered how terribly you might hurt me. You parted my legs though I protested and kept your hands clutching my thighs as you tasted my scent. Leaving with painful bites, you moved up my body.

“You’ll apologize,” you said as you placed your hand under my head. You were straddling my chest now and you placed a pillow under my head.

“Open your mouth.”

“Please don’t do this,” I said. I felt the tip of your cock press against my chin as I turned away. You removed the pillow and forced my head back into the mattress. My scalp burned as you pulled my hair and I opened my mouth. My teeth grated your shaft as you thrust into my mouth. My eyes grew big as I felt your cock go down the back of my throat. You braced yourself against the wall and chuckled as my face turned red and I looked up at you in terror. You continued to fuck my mouth and I could smell the perspiration around your balls as you developed a rhythm. My eyes began to water but I dared not to bite you or anger you anymore. Read the rest of this entry »

Working late, Part I

by Staff Writer

(This bodice ripper fantasy was written to be completely consensual sex between two adults. Please refer to the post Best Actor for safety details. At no time to I advocate any sexual violence.)

I worked late this evening. I hurriedly brought in the bags of groceries, before the rain could soak them. The door was ajar and I turned from the kitchen to go back out and get the last few.

You stood in the doorway in a long black coat with a wool cap pulled snugly over your head. But, it hadn’t kept out the rain. Your cheeks glistened as the drops slid down your face. And, my startled gaze rose to meet your stare. You looked beyond me with fury and passion. Beyond who I was, to what you wanted from me.

I turned to escape you, attempting to make it up the stairs, but in seemingly one motion you closed the door behind you and grabbed my legs to pull me back down. I was stunned for a moment as you turned me over. Your knees were propped on the stairs on either side of me and you quickly cupped your hand over my mouth, leaning forcefully into it so that I could barely move my upper body. Read the rest of this entry »

Best Actor goes to…

by Staff Writer

Nurse/doctor, slave/sub, prisoner/interrogator, schoolgirl/teacher or a bodice ripper fantasy all may have a secret unmentionable place in your mind. Do not be afraid to indulge those fantasies and bring spice to your sex life. But, if your fantasies run the more risky or dangerous lines have the presence of mind before you act on them to take precaution. Ensure that they turn out properly by planning a few extra safeguards, rather than suffering a perilous experience.

Some fantasies can be accomplished with a trusted partner. If that’s the case, you eliminate much worry from the onset. Your safety is assured with just a few precautions:

1. Always have protected sex no matter the fantasy, unless you’re in a completely monogamous relationship. Only you can answer that question!
2. Establish a safe word. Decide between the two of you upon a word that could stand out in play. Don’t pick a word that might normally be used during intimacy. For example, mine is “coffee.” If either party in the middle of the scene says the word, the play stops immediately and without question. Using a safe word is a no-fault, no confusion way to stop any act that one person may not want to engage in. “Often a variation on the “stop-light” system is used, with different colors designating different messages: “red” to stop everything, “yellow” to slow down or take it easy, and so forth. For scenes where there is an element of surprise, the top or “ravisher” may use a “startword” or other identifying signal.” (Wikipedia: Rape Fantasy; I also recommend The Loving Dominant by John Warren for more information on safe words.)

Many years ago, I wrote a rape fantasy. I want to share it with you, but would like to elaborate before I do. I wrote the rape fantasy to “get it out of my head.” It didn’t prove enough, however. It still captivated me until I found a way to act it out. Read the rest of this entry »

Unwrapped gifts can be returned

by Staff Writer

When I was single (ages ago) it wasn’t uncommon for a guy to attempt to get out of wearing a condom with a lame excuse like “I didn’t remember to bring any condoms.” And, though I may responsibly and stealthy pull one out of my drawer or purse, he would still try to persuade me to forego it. It was a short conversation—that usually ended with his acquiescence or an escort to the door.

And now we are seeing more and more of a different problem:

We are hearing of more and more incidents that end with things like, “Oops, the condom slipped off.” Worse yet, the offender who is not doing a proper job of keeping his condom on then blames the woman, saying “Oh, you’re so tight you pulled it right off.”

Keeping the condom on is not only the man’s job; it should be viewed as a sacred responsibility. If you are not sufficiently motivated to respect your playmates by making sure that you use a condom properly when you are with her, and making damn sure it stays in place until you fully withdraw from her delightful confines, then you should pack up your “thing” and get out…

Condom usage is not rocket science, but some care is needed to maintain maximum protection. At a minimum, implement the following for your health and your partner’s: Read the rest of this entry »

A lusty lush?

by Staff Writer

Yesterday evening we met a couple for dinner. We’ve chatted with them before, but never met. We placed our orders for food and drinks without much regard for what they ordered. But when everything arrived, we noticed that we were the only ones with any “adult” beverages.

Out of conversation came their admission that they do not drink at all anymore. They believed it interfered too greatly with their ability to perform and play well with others. And they have seen too often, people who drink just to take rid themselves of the “nervous edge” and then somehow forget where to draw the line. We listened to their experiences, quietly consuming our alcohol.

We have had a mix of experiences with alcohol and without. We have had experiences that we wished we hadn’t (taking an extra drink, hoping to overcome our anxiety about it). And, we’ve had great experiences with friends, wine, and a sex-filled buffet! There seems to be no rhyme or reason from our stats to what makes a bad experience, but I see their point. While alcohol does lower one’s inhibitions and expedites the removal of clothing, it does impair judgment and performance in all respects.

Is it better to be slightly nervous, stomach it and come out of your sexual shell in a much more natural way? Or, is it ok to drink just to get rid of the edge so long as you stick to your limit and are comfortable switching to water later in the evening?

Regardless of your decision, it’s never good form to be the drunk at the party. It’s the fastest way to get yourself blacklisted.

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Three is never a crowd…

by Staff Writer

We’ve enjoyed the dynamics of both MMF and MFF over the years. And, each of those situations has a very unique dynamic and tone. With the women that we have brought to our bed, the experience is loving, intimate and nurturing. With one of our closest companions, the focus of attention is always on her, much like in this memory:

J and I lay on either side of her in bed. He is curled to her back, kissing her shoulders and neck. His hands find their way to her chest to delicately trace the contour of her breasts. As his kisses grow in intensity he pulls her to him in that way, clutching her back to his chest. Read the rest of this entry »

Our “Swing away” Mistakes

by Staff Writer

We played in the same room that night, separated into two pairs of strangers in our living room. J toyed with, mildly dominated and brought her to orgasm many times. Her cries of pleasure were a distraction from what I was enduring. I was left with a bumbling, over-aggressive Dom who was compensating for lack of repertoire with intensity. And, while my threshold for most things is high, I did reach a breaking point…

Play ended with no means of recovering shortly after that. J tended to me lovingly and politely escorted Captain H and his sub out.

I in no way mean to advocate that separate play in the same room doesn’t work. It works for us now. But, we had thrown something else into the mix that was, as we’ve come to find out in our play, very private. As I said at the very beginning, we discovered that for us BDSM and full swaps just don’t mix. Read the rest of this entry »

Swing away, Part II

by Staff Writer

I spent my time in girl talk with the woman. She was quite fair, as am I, with black hair that brushed the small of her back when she walked. She was plain, but pretty. She had a girlish quality about her that I found attractive, despite her very dark outward appearance. J and Capital H (for hedonist) made small talk as guys do in awkward situations. Captain was very off the wall about most things, having views that were quite far outside the norm. Somewhere in the midst they found a hobby that they both enjoyed: a card game.

We all went back to our home to play.

J and I agreed, leading them to our home in our separate car that we liked them. In hindsight, it’s probably much more true to say we didn’t dislike them. But, that wasn’t necessarily a reason to sleep with them.

Still, the drinks were poured and the cards were dealt. Read the rest of this entry »

Swing away, Part I

by Staff Writer

We had been sexual beasts from the start of our relationship. Sometimes I think we were working off years of sexual frustration in previous relationships. It was almost as if we had gone 15 years without sugar and then been thrust, starving, into a candy store. Gorging was inevitable.

BDSM, swinging, BDSM while swinging, single males, single females, toys we’d never even dreamed of, role playing…oh, the list goes on! And, then we realized that some things just don’t go well together, at least for us.

A few years into our relationship, we met a couple from a BDSM site. Our profile had been up forever. We had turned down countless individuals and couples for one made up reason or another. The fact was we were unsure of a plunge into bringing another person into our bed. We were on a precipice, hoping not to dive headfirst into emotions that our relationship couldn’t recover from. And, we simultaneously hoped that we could live out some of our more taboo fantasies with each other present. Read the rest of this entry »

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