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I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

There are few men who “get to me.” Sure, I lust. I even love. But only the rare beast captivates me, moving pictures in my head. You need to cool off, I told myself, rising from the couch and slipping off my sweatpants. You need a shower.
The thing about showering is that you can’t let it steam. When you’re trying to remove wild thoughts of fucking from your mind, the shower has to be a gently cool one. Even a cold one. You simply can’t have steam.


My computer yelled at me, and, avoiding the open window as best I could, I opened the laptop. It was a message…from him.

“What are you doing?”

“Going to get a shower,” I typed in reply. A cold one.

“Care for some company?”

“Haha, I will leave the door open for you.” I know you’re away on business. God, don’t tease me.

“You do that, little girl.”

I shut the laptop lid and slinked into the bathroom, not giving a damn about the window. It was either take the damn shower or masturbate. One way or another, it was time to get wet.

Shower won. The cool water nearly sizzled against my skin, as I let it flow over my head and down my body. I could breathe again…I could stop thinking about hi-

…I froze to the sound of my front door opening. I heard someone walk down the hall and quietly slip into the bathroom, all the while the cool water flowing on my back.

“I came home early,” he said quietly, his voice thick with the steam I felt in my veins. “I texted you from the driveway.”

I didn’t say anything. I breathed in, water filling my eyes, my ears, my mouth.

“God, Rori, this water is freezing.” He reached around me and turned it to hot, and then kept his arms around me as he pulled me in close for a long kiss, and I gently bit his lower lip. He tasted soooo good. The water began to get warm against my back.

“I missed you, beautiful.”

The bathroom began to fill with steam, fogging the mirrors, the windows, my head. He intoxicated me like a glass of wine, loopy and free and fun. I kissed him again, wet and sloppily.

“Say something, Rori…”

I bent over in front of him, hot water rolling down my back, my ass.

“Fuck me now.”

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