Dirty (A Fantasy)

Monday, December 17th, 2007

“Someone will see you.”

hotel_room_phily_marriott.jpg“So what?” I dropped my shirt the the ground and kicked my skirt across the blue carpet. The city was alive at night, and the Marriott overlooked Philadelphia’s Market Street, where ants in cars hurried back and forth to dead-end jobs and dinner parties and kids’ dance recitals. With all of the hurrying, the large white flakes of snow were simply joining the gray slush on the ground. I already missed the glistening icy fields at home as I stood at the floor-to-ceiling glass window, watching the slush. Philadelphia is a dirty city in the winter.

He kissed my neck from behind, already rugged breath in my ear, already hard cock pressed into my back. “Someone will see you,” I teased.

“So what?”

I pressed my forehead against the glass and it felt cold against my skin. His strong arms wrapped around my waist. “Come to bed, sweetheart,” he said.

“No,” I breathed, the warmth creating a cloud of mist on the glass. “Right here is fine. Its an amazing view.”

His hands, large and rough, worked down my sides, playing with my lacy black panties before slipping them off. I stood at the window, leaning back, resting on the coffee table while he worked down my abdomen with kisses before parting my lips and inserting one finger, carefully, slowly. My breast overfilled my lowcut, lace bra, revealing perked perfect nippled at that angle. I gasped as his tongue trailed down until finally finding my waiting clit. I shuddered. He suckled, gently.


We all have Secrets

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

J* is home. He’s been gone for over a week, and today I saw him step out of a taxi, unlock the door, go into his house, throw his briefcase on the bed, and take off his pants. Why do guys do that - take off their pants like its the plague or something? I’m not complaining, though. As always, their curtains were pulled open, and I admired the viewistock_000002505840small.jpg of J* in his baby blue boxer-briefs as unbuttoned his shirt and flung it on the chair.

The girl next door wasn’t home yet, but I slipped into my lace black bra and matching thong, threw a trench over it and, feeling a bit like a flasher, walked over and rand the doorbell. It took a few seconds for J* to answer (he was throwing on his pants, I assumed), but I waited patiently, feeling myself already start to moisten as I imagined J*’s tongue playing with my nipples again.

“What are you doing here?” J* asked, as he flung open the door. Ok, not quite the sexy hello I had imagined, but he hadn’t put his shirt back on, and he had obviously been somewhere warm because his torso was tanned to the color of rich honey, sweet enough to lick.

“Just came to welcome you home…”

“Oh, well thanks. My wife isn’t here…”

“Oh.” That’s the point, dumbass. I want to see what you’re like alone.

“Did you want to come in?”

“Sure.” Besides, I’m only wearing a thong and it’s the end of September. I’m literally freezing my ass off.

I wanted into his house and he asked if he could take my coat. I paused. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. My stomach was in a ball of knots, and I felt like a teen-aged virgin, so hungry for her first sexual experience and so worried that it wouldn’t be perfect. Do it, Rori. Just do it.


The Day Before

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Tomorrow is the big party. Since my grocery store run-in with the girl next door, I can’t stop thinking about her. I’ve thought about calling, about making up some excuse to knock on her door…but I’ve settled for the view from my bedroom window instead.

And I haven’t been disappointed.

istock_000001258825small.jpgLast night, I watched the girl next door slip into a silk negligee, its blood red tones perfectly paired with her silky sin. The lace around the top showed her nipples already peaking through as her partner, J*, massaged her shoulders, ran his hands along her sides, admired her curves.

I watched as she happily sighed with anticipation, turning to grasp his face in her hands and kiss him hard, still, I’m guessing, tasting of the wine she’d been sipping only moments before. She slid to her knees, and in a moment J* was unzipped and in her mouth. He was still wearing his jeans, so it was hard to get a good look at the bulge they had been hiding all day, but it didn’t matter. The site of her in her thong, teasing him ever so gently was enough to have me licking my lips. My hand traveled down my own pants as I watched her suddenly take him in completely. J* grasped at her hair, his head bent back and his torso pushed forward, allowing her to get the best angle for the deepest suck. he reach down, fondling her left breast, as she slowly slid her mouth back from him before engulfing him completely again.

He pulled her up to standing, kissing her and undressing her from the very negligee she’d just put on ten minutes ago. She coyly led him away from the window, to my dismay, and I saw them walk into the bathroom for what I can only assume was the steamiest shower on the block. I sat back on my bed and closed my eyes, my fingers still wandering. J* and the girl next door have been the source of my most intense orgasms since I moved in last year.

shadow.jpgAs a moan escaped my lips and my thighs began to tremble, I opened my eyes to see if the couple had returned from the shower. And there she was, standing at the window in all her glory.

Looking at me. I had forgotten to close my curtains.

I froze, and she smiled, caught. She walked away from the window, leaving her drapes open as she lay down with J*, who was already dozing off in bed.

Tomorrow is the party. And I think I should still go. In fact, I’m now even more excited to see the couple, talk to them, be close enough to feel their energy.

What should I wear?

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The Girl Next Door, part two

Sunday, September 2nd, 2007

Read part one here.

The girl next door didn’t come home until it was very late. I know, because while she was gone, I watched him miss her. And by miss her, I mean chat on the phone with his mistress. I’ve seen him call the “other woman” before. My neighbor left him alone too often, and I’ve seen him pick up the phone, still in his terrycloth towel. First, I thought it was an innocent call, perhaps to his mother or a friend. But then I saw him loosen the towel and settle onto the bed. He closed his eyes and his fingers traveled where I imagined mine to be.

Twice, that I saw, she caught him. Hanging up the phone gently, she didn’t seem mad. Instead she pressed herself against him, trailing kisses down his abdomen and peeling back the towel to confirm that it wasn’t his mom on the phone. She teased him with her tongue for but a second before closing her cherry lips around him as he ran his hand through her long, wavy hair. He guided her exactly where he wanted, and she looked up at him as she sucked, asking with her eyes to be dominated.

And today? The curtain was closed. And yet I watched and waited, hoping to catch a glimpse of his defined muscles or her soft, subtle curves. As I undressed, I wondered what it would be like to be her…or him. To be a part of such a sexually dynamic relationship.

Who needs porn? I have neighbors.

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The Girl Next Door, part 1

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

She must have forgotten to close her drapes. Earlier, I noticed her cheeky bright sports car streak into the driveway, coming to a screaming halt. Her cherry red heels clacked quickly up the cobbled walk, and I saw her, through the window, kick them off and throw her keys on the nightstand. A sleek black dress hung on the back of the door, which I assumed she planned to wear to whatever tonight’s event may be. My neighbor always had plans for the evening.

She quickly unzipped the flowing summer dress and pulled it over head. Her tanned skin stood out against her low-cut cream colored bra and perfectly matched panties. Rushed as she was, she took a moment to softly stoke lotion over her smooth legs. She rested her foot on the edge of her bed and stooped to rub in the lotion, which highlighted her long, lean legs and almost caused her breasts to spill over the cups of her bra.

The bedroom door opened, and her husband walked into the bedroom, dripping and wearing just a towel. She spoke to him with a smile, and he laughed, reaching up to unhook the black dress’ hang from the door, which caused the towel to slip a bit lower, revealing chiseled lines where his legs met his torso. He helped her slip the dress over her head and zipped it from the back, stopping for a moment to kiss her neck slowly, brushing the stubble from his chin against her. She turned and longingly kissed him before rushing out the door again.

She would be back. She always came back. And until then, he was alone in his towel and the curtains were still open. Again.

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