Cum Visit Me!


Sorry to announce that I need to leave Between the Sheets. Here’s the good news though - you can still visit me at Between MY Sheets (! I promise even naughtier, sexier stories and better sex tips…I might even have a few surprised up my…sleeve

Between My Sheets will be fully up and running by the end of the week, so, please update your RSS readers and bookmarks. Oh, and drop me a line ANYTIME! I’d love to meet you, sexy :)

5 Responses to “Cum Visit Me!”

  1. Ed Kohler Says:

    Why change domains? Just curious.

  2. Ferinannnd Says:

    одумайтесь, многотысячная армия Ваших читателей не поймет Вас, не простит!

  3. Neil Says:

    Make your GF squirt - great guide reveals all

  4. Earlean Krauss Says:

    What is the deal with Miss Hilton? Someone said somewhere that she would definitely be in a Guinness World Records book as being the world’s “Most Overrated Celeb.” As if! Can she act? Is she hot as a model? Double yuck! And getting out of prison earlier? Ms. Untalented skirting her liability because of her remarkable grandfather, or was it her celeb standing?

  5. Bert Hall Says:

    I have Tweeted this post, I will keep a eye on your other posts.

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